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As we limp down the road of history, somewhere in the distance that only the Emperor will see, there will be light and mankind will walk in the sun, but for now there will be only war and misery.

In the Grim darkness of the far future, there is only war” they said solemnly, self-pityingly, naively. 10,000 years ago their was only war. Wars with great heroes, with battles of mighty warriors and fantastic ships, awe-inspiring citadels to defend and even more awesome weapons to destroy it. But above all, in war, there was a sense that war was not the sole state of the galaxy. Indeed as the armies of Chaos, the servants of the emperor, and the aliens fought each other in their romantic conflicts, they fought in the name of a destiny that however faintly could still be seen. The Future is here, but there is no war, wars have boundaries, wars have battles, and wars have ends. The remaining dwellers of the Galaxy have no dreams of destiny, of Imperiums, of Great Games, or of Greater Goods. Against the innumerable forces of the devourerors there is no war, there is only endurance.

This was originally where I kept my drafts for MidHammer 40k, but I moved it off the main site so I could instead spin it off into a different project.

The origional premise for MidHammer is that it was a softer version of Grimdark, or Grimlight. Rather than just making 40k universe less grim though, I am instead assuming that 50k is Grimbright.

  • Essentially, I am assuming that the phenomenal [Shape of The Nightmare to Come] is what will happen to the Warhammer Universe (more or less).
  • So rather than WH50k being impossibly bleak, the humans of the 51st Mellinium have significantly more resources than the already stretched Vanilla 40k

So with this endgoal in mind, I am working backwards to change the 40k and 30k events so that.

  • The Imperium structurally, technologically, militarily, administratively have more resources at their disposal
  • Humanity as a race, has more psychic and spiritual weapons at its disposal rather than these talents being supressed in 40k
  • The leadership of Humanity and The T'au are more psychologically and tempermentally equipped to face the looming threat of the 51st mellinium.

Currently this Fork Will is Called MedHammer 40k. In reference to the more Medieval theme of the project.



  • W&G Pilgrims of Ultramar Eventually planning to Wrath and Glory Homebrew for MidHammer Setting. Focusing on Royum Ultramar.
  • MidHammer 40,000 Worldbuilding Originally back ups, but now its where i keep most of the worldbuilding and setting building of ideas for embellishing the MidHammer 40k universe
  • MidHammer 50,000 Worldbuilding Seen briefly in the horrific visions of Konrad Curze, the galaxy is in shambles ravaged by new threats. Inspired by "the Shape of the Nightmare to come and Age of Dusk.

Long Fiction[edit]

  • The Golden Honey Story of Saporin and Angron as they prepare for the black crusade.
    • Status: Story complete. [1] also [2]
  • Slave to Rage Story of Angron's fall to Nurgle.
    • Status: Reworked into different parts of The golden honey. See interludes: The tree, the officer, and the betrayer.
  • The Aurelian Lorgar seeks The Aurelian's favor.
    • Status: about 60-70% done. Still need to add the intro and ending
  • Final Flight of the Maiden of Espandor Story of Tarasha Euten after the Fall of Maccragge in the great treachery.
    • Status: Not outlined. in head. Only excerpt from MH drafts so far
  • The Iron Cage Story of Dorn's defeat at the hands of Perturabo.
    • Status. Only piece on MH Drafts here now. Plan to build framing story in which post heresy Dorn learns of the tyrrannids and his path towards the Mad Castellan
  • Timeline of Midhammer 40k This is the timeline that I am using for MidHammer all the way up to 70k. Im using this to anchor the stories in a timeline.
  • The Illustrious life of Macharius Solar by Ibn Suqrat. In universe historical account of Macharius' rise from irrelevant mercenary to leading the greatest conquest since the Golden Crusade.
  • Armageddon Now A story of The Fortunate Sons
    • Status: not started
  • Metal-Clad Monsters Story set around M43 during the eldar war.
    • Status story is in pieces
  • I, Cato Sicarius: Spin off of the Golden honey that describes the redemption arc of one Cato Sicarius, and his very alternate path in this universe.
    • Status: Outlined.
  • MidHammer 50,000 Stories Stories from when the grim darkness of the far future are the bright tales of the near forgotten past.