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Things that Need to be done for this project to be more intact.

Wiki Fixes[edit]

Design Wiki according to "Epochs"
Clean up-inter wiki links
fill out the Character and Location wikis with every place mentioned.
design inter MidHammer navigation template
template for space Marine Chapters which better showcases the important information about them.

Art Projects[edit]

Heraldry Bases[edit]

Create SVG templates for the Frames, Helms, and Charges
To make it easier for others to create their own space marine chapters, ig regiments, Ancillae chapters



Charges and Attendants[edit]

  • blood Angel's symbol
  • symbol for each 13 spiritual liege
  • attendant for each loyalist legion
  • symbol for major imperial orgs
    • high lords
    • Navis nobilite
    • rogue traders
    • astra military
    • imperial navy
    • custodes

Templates for Articles
To create a "Index Astartes" esque Template that better matches the style Im going for
Trilileurs still need to be designed
Alpharius' demon form
exists in sketches, but not complete
Depiction of the Primarchs
Current plan for an early Byzantine style portrait of all of the loyalist primarchs, showing their new appearances.
fix the Magnus on the golden throne picture
image of fmr farseers taldeer and macha
picture of the ossuary of maccragge
apotheosis of tasha
image of tau
commander pure tide line work done
tau propaganda poster complete

Story Projects[edit]

The Final Flight of the Maiden of Espandor
This is an important story that i have played in my head a thousand times, but am almost too afraid to write.
The Tarrasque Play
story that helps showcase the uniqueness of the world, as well as the primarchs
Story about the Masali Zinglins
Help to showcase the changes in both the T'au`va as well as make clear that there is a dark underbelly of Ultramar's newfound faith. The Aurelian may be a chaos god on the side of the Imperium, but he/she is still a chaos god.
The Aurelian Short Story
I like this story existing because i want it to be clear that this Aurelian deity that Ultramar worships is not just a super-sayan version of Roboute Gulliman, much like how "The Shape of The Nightmare to Come" showed what the Starchild was like, the Aurelian should be strange and inhuman.
Dialogue of Lotarra and Nurgle
Again, its an important story i need to get out of my Head
Metal Clad Monsters
This is a low priority, but for whatever reason, i worked on it the most.
The Vision of Konrad Curze
This, along with the Final Flight, are two of the most important stories that showcase the MidHammer world, it will also be one of the few glances into 50k, and the distorted nightmare world it presents.
The Hydra
Plan is to have a "Song of Songs" like retelling of Hive Fleet Hydra's transformation and guidance by Lorgar.

Article Projects[edit]

  • Pitch
  • Finish summary of Great Treachery
  • Quick Bio of the Different Primarchs
  • Complete Heraldic Rules
  • Add proper section on Great Yndaria
  • Add outline and blurb about Imperium Undivided
  • Finish Macharia Bio
  • Mechanicus Bio


Pitch For MedHammer 40k

MedHammer 40k is a rework the Warhammer Universe. It started as a fork of 1d4Chan's "MidHammer 40k" but some of my ideas started running away from the oringional premise, and differences in how "Grimbright" is defined.

What is Grimbright?

As opposed to Grimdark (The individual choices don't matter, and its all going to end badly) or Nobledark (individual choices do matter, and it may not turn out great), Grimbright is one where the individual heroics dont make as much of a difference, but the world is moving I'm defining a Grimbright universe is one in which Humanity actually can stand a chance against the myriad of threats that face the galaxy. The key threats of which are The Necrons, The Orks and The Tyrannids. Neither the Imperium or Chaos has the resources or manpower to face these without a massive influx of plot armor and an entire pantheon of Deus Ex Machina's.

So the goal with this universe is to have a humanity that is prepared in a way that doesn't feel cheap. Secret troves of super weapons will be built rather than destroyed and factions within the eldar, tau, and humanity have additional resources to face the threat. Rather than doing stupid things like throwing away a blackstone fortress to destroy cadia to make a point. All of the major powers, from Chaos to the Eldar to the Tau fight more conventionally, and building up stockpiles of superweapons. Most wars end in stalemate, not because the world is stagnant, but because the entire galaxy is in an arms race for a threat they dont know exists yet.

The Heresy and Factions (Aka The Urizen Insurrection or Astartemachy)

Lorgar has significantly fewer of his brothers join his cause, and he is heresiarch by default. However this actually works to his advantage because. Lorgar and Alpharius know the Great Crusade era Imperium is in no state to fight a guerilla war.

Epochs and The Wheel of Fortune The Stories of MedHammer will have "Eras" or Epochs of roughly 5-7k years. During each era the Galaxy will have different dominant powers, while others will decline or even cease to exist. Based on "Fortune's Wheel" in Boethius' consolation of philosophy, certain civilizations will reach their height while their opponents are at their lowest point.

This decline is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact it works towards the galaxy's benefit as a whole because the civilizations that replace them will avoid many of the problems that befell it before. Humanity, The Eldar, and The Tau will undergo several changes in tactics, organization and leadership. What was the optimal organization in the 4th Epoch could be the civilization's downfall in the 5th.

Importance of The Guardsmen The other side of being more sensible with your super weapons is tchat the issues of the day are fought with Blood and Ceramite. I think what will make this universe unique among a lot of projects, is that I want to see a greater emphasis on

The Imperium in the 41st Mellinium: The Imperium is a more decentralized state. The High Lords of Terra are significantly restrained in power, as 3 primarchs have their own petty imperiums as "Segmentarchs." Want to contribute?

I dont have as many ideas for certain factions, and I would love some help.

Moar Guardsmen: The 41st Millen

Space Marine Chapters:

Commission Bounty board[edit]

These are the things i dont feel capable of doing on my own, and would like the most help with, I'll pay for the talent for it when I can.

Flags and Heralds[edit]

Fortunate Sons Chapter[edit]

I made a draft of their symbol, but i really dislike it.

T'au'Va Imperium[edit]

The T'au of MidHammer Drafts are unapologetically militaristic. The First Etherials were created from The Fire caste, and the T'au Va gained their independence through the blood of their Kroot overlords and Ultramari Puppet Masters. They are more than aware that they are in a universe of conflict, and ready to seize their place in the Galaxy.


Finished by The Awesome Autocrat image

Tallarn Haffyrxene[edit]

Secret Service of Gran Macharia, a gift brought over from The Tallarn, as a result of the Marriage of Macharios. They were personally loyal to Solar Macharios and His wife Emir Hedya Roqsenne. In fact their name is essentially They should reflect their tallarni origins so perhaps this needs to be done after an idea for Tallarn is finished.

Great Yndaria Flag[edit]

The Ynnari are much less friendly, to both the old guard eldar as well as the Imperium. Great Yndarri is an Apocalyptic Eldar sect built out of Uniting the Exodites with the growing detractor movements against the Craftworlds. From the Symbol of Yndarri, it should be clear they think Ynnead will bring the restoration of the old eldar empire, and Ynnead will only come when the last Drukhari is hung from the entrails of the last Pathfinder.


Rough Draft created.

Draft of MedHammer's Great Yindarria

Tallarn Caravan[edit]

Possible inspirations
Middle East
Greco-Bactrian Kingdoms

The Tallarn were chased out of their home planet by Rogal Dorn, who salvaged the system for his mysterious unending building projects. The now spaceborn Tallarn Migrant fleet was essential to Macharios' success. If Solar Macharios is Alexandros Megalos, then The Tallarn are Roxanne and the Bactrians. Their symbols should represent their desert warrior heritage, as well as their newfound place in the upper echelon of the Segmentum Pacificus.

Status Partially Complete
Draft of the main seal made by The Awesome Autocrat, can be used as a template for different versions.

Segmentum Obscura[edit]

Ultima Segmentum[edit]

House Van Hastfanstauffen[edit]

A Rogue Trader House that owns a substantial portion of Gran Macharia. If Gran Macharia is Latin America, then Hastfanstauffen is The United Fruit Company.

Tarrasque Peoples[edit]

The Tarrasque are the "Metis" of Ultramar. Half Ultramari, half Kroot. They have their own version of The Aurelian Cult. They also represent a more archaic, less refined version of Ultramar Culture.

WuNi Enclaves[edit]

The WuNi Enclaves or "MudCaste" T'au should be an almost nostalgic view of the primitive T'au world. They would be using archaic pre-etherial tau symbols as well as clear Imperial influences. They, like the Kroot, have their own Syncretic version of the Aurelian Cult, as well as their own version of "The Greater Good."

Kroot Nation[edit]

Gran Macharia[edit]

In this Universe, Solar Macharios was not a sanctioned Imperial Officer, but instead a renegade adventurer who carved his own kingdom out of The Segmentum. His legacy is the independent, militaristic Junta-state that is Gran Macharia.

Couple Strands:

  • The Colors of his Kingdom are Yellow, Red, and Purple
  • The influence of the state is a cross between the Diadochi Kingdoms of Alexander the Great and 19th Century Latin American Miltary leaders like San Martin, De Rosas, Bolivar, and Santa Ana.


The Black Legion[edit]

The Black Legion no longer has anything to do with Horus or his Sons, The Sons of Horus, as led by Horus Aximand still use the symbols and trappings of the Sons of Horus Legion.

In MidHammer The Black Legion is a creation of Lorgar, Heresiarch, and as such should represent his more philosophical, and less militaristic approach.

Luther And Imperium Undivided[edit]

I have a draft idea for Luther's Flag, I just hate it.

I have three main "strands" of ideas for Imperium Undivided

  • That it reflects Human Culture as it was during the Great Crusade, while the Imperium has moved on, Imperium divided, has not.
  • That it reflects Luther's emphasis on Calliban's old noble way of life, a sort of evil version of "The Knights of the Round Table"
  • That it embodies Fabius Bile's Philosophy of the "New Man," which they see as a better carry over of the Imperial Truth than the Regency.