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Imperium Undivided[edit]

Imperium Undivided
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Formerly Sotha, presently Iax.

Official Languages

High Gothic, Old Callibani
Various Pidgens and Local languages somewhat recognized


End of The Lorgar Treachery: Major Power
As of 40k Rump State


During the Great Treachery: covered large swaths of the Ultima Segmentum, From the borders of the Segmentum Solar, to Nocturne.
As of M41, it is a rump state of a few systems.

Head of State


Head of Government


Governmental Structure

Authoritarian Despotism, "Chivalric" order aristocracy.

State Religion/Ideology

Chaos Undivided. Lutherite school incorporates elements from old Callibanite Codes of honor.


Humans, Neverborn. Kroot, Vespid, and T'au kept as slave castes.

Military Force

Traitor Astartes, the Fallen Angels Legion

The Tarnished dream of a fool, who hoped to have it both ways, Luther's once mighty kingdom attempted to find a third way between the inhumanity of Lorgar's Chaotic Dominions and the Myopia of The Imperial Truth. However, as the mellinia have progressed, his efforts have been in vain as his Empire is chipped away from Chaos Infighting and Disinterest, and Fanatically revanchist Ultramar. Now reduced to a small collection of planets, the small state has consolidated its forces and is preparing for the Tyrannids and T'au to launch the final death blow.


During the Great Treachery[edit]

Betrayal of The Fallen[edit]

Death of Roboute Gulliman[edit]

Formation of Imperium Undivided[edit]

Expansion and The Seige of Nocturne[edit]

Victory and Post War Consolidation[edit]

Zenith of Imperium Undivided[edit]

The First Black Crusade[edit]

Luther, Heresiarch[edit]

The Raven War and The Rise of The New Gods[edit]

Rapid Decline[edit]

The Ultramari Crusade[edit]

The War of The Beast[edit]

The Lorgar-Luther Schism[edit]

The War of The Beast, had left many planets of Chaos in shambles, with many of the Astartes Lodges forced to rebuild their planet's infrastructure from Scratch. In addition, the Khornate and Tzeentchian disciples of Imperium Undivided, already in a tentative relation with The "The Grand Alliance of Chaos" had threatened revolt. Of particular concern to Luther Was "Amit's Ultimatum" Nasir Amit of The Flesh Tearers came to Luther with a list of Luther's Crimes against Khorne, and threatening to take all of the Khornate nobility to join the rogue Khornates in open revolt, and claim Sotha for The Skull Throne.

Of in Lorgar's realm near the Eye, similar troubles and dissent could be found among the Black Legion. Borrow a page from his Father, Lorgar called a black crusade against Terra. This Black Crusade, he hoped, would reforge the Armies of Chaos with renewed since of purpose, and encourage a rapid militarization and rebuilding through Imperial Loot.

The Kroot Revolt[edit]

The T'au Revolt[edit]

T'au Founding[edit]

The Infamous T'au Founding, or Lord Gulliman Vendee's rapid expansion of The Cultus Astartes has largely been seen as a failure by Imperial Historians and scholars (with some exceptions, see The Lotus Hearts Chapter). However, in the greater sense it did accomplish its goals, but perhaps not in the way it was meant to. It did succeed in halting the T'au expansion. In fact it did this so well, it lead to a power crisis in the fledgling Tau Hierarchy and led to the end of the First Au'Va, and the Fire Caste's fall from grace.

The chief way it did this, was by reinvigorating the otherwise rapidly stagnating Imperium of Luther and their Astartes Gentry. By the time of The Tau revolt, Imperium Undivided was suffering a decline in its army. Oringionally intended to preserve Luther's strength by saving it from the Crusades, Luther's break with Lorgar and The Urizonites seemed to backfire on Luther. The Imperium was gaining in strength, and lacking the bulk of Lorgar's troops Luther's forces could no longer penetrate deep into imperial worlds, thus resorting his men to become self-sustaining or resort to the low hanging fruit of raids. Raids that were getting increasingly harder as Vulkan and Ultramar patiently rebuilt. The Astartes nobility and warrior lodges had already begun to turn inward, and the genestock of their followers was declining faster than Fabius Bile could repair them.

This all changed when suddenly a mass of chapters who were fighters first disciplined second entered the Ultima Segmentum. Their general arrogance and unorthodox ways were a far better fit to Luther's Imperium than it was the high lords, and it did not take much effort to persuade many of these chapters. Luther decided to take advantage of this to call for a "Grand Campaign" promising rewards to all the planets conquered from imperial and tau territory. Aflush with new chapters of space marines in (then) state of the art imperial armor, the new tau founding chapters were let loose upon the Tau worlds reclaiming hundreds of systems under Luther's Aegis. The Tau accustomed to more winning devastating surgical strikes was now faced with a two front war, and was forced to attempt to stamp out hundreds of different incursions. Add to that the sheer barbarity and horror of the Astartestide against soft targets, the Tau had become severely demoralized and began to turn against their leadership. The end result was a revolt from the watercaste. The head of the fire caste had been found dead through a variety of accidents, and the Water Caste took command of the Tau. The fighting force of the Tau broken, the diplomats and spies sought instead to buy off the chaos raiders. This further emboldened Luther's Imperium, and lead to the Tau entering a dark age of endless raids and contraction of the Tau Empire, as it recentralized and reconsolidated.

Rump State[edit]

Ultimately the Tau founding offered a boost of energy to Imperium Undivided, but it could not save it. All of the problems that plagued Luther's Imperium before: the estrangement from the rest of Chaos, growing Ultramar, and disobedient leadership were only amplified by an influx of aristocrats.

T'au Expansion[edit]

Rebounding Imperium[edit]

The First Tyrranic War[edit]

State Ideology[edit]

While Luther and Ahriman, while embracing the service of Chaos, and a rejection of the Imperial Truth, were apalled by the blind dogmatism, and beliefs of the Zealous Word Bearers. And while they agreed that the Ruinous powers must be served, and their words obeyed, they were as opposed to Lorgar's vision as they were to the emperor's. Thus shortly after The Revolution (The Desolation of Lorgar, as the Imperium of Man calls it), there was a schism between Luther and Lorgar, with each side agreeing to disagree and govern their own region as they saw fit. While Humans near the Eye of Terror, and practiced either undying servitude to the Ruinous powers, or to Chaos Undivided as understood by Lorgar, Luther and Ahriman tried to mix the best of their Material lives with their new found faith, leading to the School of Aryelism.


Also called Callibanism, Ahrimanism, or Luther indivisis .

T'Au Va Imperium[edit]


The T'au Empire divide their history into 6 "Au" or "eras"

Primitive Era
Slave Era
The First Fire Era (Also called the Vre'Au or "Heroic Era")
The Etherial Era
The Water Era
The New Fire Era


Fall of The Etherials[edit]

The Water Caste Period[edit]

The Fall of The Water Caste[edit]

Purtide and the Rise of The Fire Caste[edit]

Great Yindarria[edit]

Adeptus Mechanicus[edit]

Adeptus Mechanicus
Adeptus Mechanicus.jpg


Official Languages

High Gothic, Martian, Binary


End of The Lorgar Treachery: Major Power,Allied with Imperium
Ultramari Forgeworlds split in M35, at the Konor Schism
Breaks with Imperium M43


Superpower governing millions of Forgeworlds.

Head of State

The Emperor of Mankind

Head of Government

Fabricator General of Mars

Governmental Structure


State Religion/Ideology

Machine Cult of Mars



Military Force

Skitarii, Legio Cybernetica

The Mechanicus, The only true rival to the Imperium's claim in mastery of the Human Race, the Mechanicus has its own empire of Forgeworlds and systems throughout the Galaxy.