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Questions, comments, complaints? I'll listen. I might even act on them!

Archive of stuff from 2012

Archive of stuff from 2013

Another Defacing Idiot 2014[edit]

I have encountered some vandals in the A.I. Quest discussion page with the and tags. Is there anything that can be done about them? i am still new to 1d4chan, so i hope i am at the right place to ask about this. --

Blocked him/them for a day. To be clear: I don't mind (and don't much care) that they don't like what you write. However, editing somebody else's talk-page posts is over the line.
Finally, you can sign your messages with the date and time as well as your username by using four tildes (~~~~). I (and many others on this wiki) also like to put two dashes in front of the signature to set it apart from the rest of my post, but that's a style choice. --AssistantWikifag (talk) 00:01, 25 March 2014 (UTC)

Trip Into Hell[edit]

So, that you for trying to restore the trip in hell page, but they're at it again. - Gundamguy

I wouldn't say "they" since it was only The guy's made productive edits elsewhere; I hope he swats the bee in his bonnet and either accepts Trip Into Hell's existence or more clearly explains his objections. --AssistantWikifag (talk) 17:34, 1 January 2014 (UTC)
Looking at his previous edits to that page (before he started blanking it), he claims that he had a part in writing it and didn't like the ending. The former is completely unprovable, and the latter simply means that his actions can be chalked up to "STOP LIKING WHAT I DON'T LIKE, GAIZ!".--Newerfag (talk) 20:47, 1 January 2014 (UTC)

Since my ban has lapsed, allow me to explain myself and the reasoning for wanting that story removed. I’ve had contact with the original author, and in fact helped him out from time to time with other projects, and I know that he’s deeply ashamed and loathing of the story that he wrote. It’s caused nothing but misery, not only for himself but also for the other writefags who used to work with him, who have had to deal with the backlashes caused by this story and in one case the massive dislike one has for the story. The story has even driven him to a mental breakdown. He’s gone on record as wanting this story removed, and has already deleted every copy he could get his hands on. So I decided that for his peace of mind, and so the other authors would not have to deal with this story anymore and the endless arguments, fighting and issues over it I elected to have it put on the deletion list. If you want conformation on the self-hate, breakdowns and loathing the author has for this story and the misery it has caused him and those who associated with him, you can ask the other writers, Someone Else and ILikeCommas. They’d say the same thing I have. This story is poorly written, has caused massive issues with other authors trying to write within the setting and is better off removed and deleted so they can write PD fanfiction without having to be forced into fighting with the author of this story over his characters and story. I do hope you will see why this is necessary and go through with deleting this piece of work. -- 22:53, 7 January 2014 (UTC)

If Ahriman's Aide has a problem with Trip Into Hell, he can put up the delete template himself. If he has forgotten his password, he can email Wikifag about resetting it (I don't have the permissions to execute such a request). --AssistantWikifag (talk) 06:12, 10 January 2014 (UTC)
Why hasn't the page been deleted yet? The OP put his request in for its removal, and yet nothing has happened.
As I said on his talk page, the way he phrased the message gives me the impression that he thinks I have something against the page, when I don't at all. I want to be sure that he wants it gone for himself, if that makes sense.
Part of this is probably my natural inclusionist instinct. You may have noticed that there are a lot of pages in the "deletion" category that I haven't deleted. When I delete a page, I feel like I'm sending a message: "We, the entirety of 1d4chan, don't want this page, and we don't want pages like it." That's something that I'm very hesitant to do, unless it's something with tremendous consensus against it, like spam, or the author personally requests it (as with various old campaign articles that GMs put up for deletion -- the reason I don't delete all of those at once is because I'd rather the "tone" of the recent changes stay focused on editing and contributing, not deleting, and because they don't cause any harm while they're here, unlike spam).
Am I making sense, or should I just stop worrying and hit the delete button? --AssistantWikifag (talk) 05:12, 26 February 2014 (UTC)

Would this be considered spamming?[edit]

I noticed earlier that one of the users (User:Malak) here was putting up an external link to his EBay account with the intent of advertising on his user page. While I have noticed he has made a couple of other edits to other pages and removed the offending link for a short time when I noted that he might be mistaken as a spambot on his talk page (which makes it unlikely that he is a spambot), I do not wish to force a needless confrontation with him if he is in fact a legitimate user. What would be the best course of action be in this situation?--Newerfag (talk) 03:38, 11 January 2014 (UTC)

An eBay store with 40K models for sale is not exactly "unrelated". I would have said that I'd feel better about him advertising his store on this wiki by buying an ad, but he's done just that. I think that, by keeping the link on his user page or in an ad, there's no endorsement implied (it's "his" page, leading to his store). If he had, say, linked to his sale of Centurions from the bottom of the Centurion page, I'd have considered that over the line, but he didn't, so I'm not concerned at this time. --AssistantWikifag (talk) 17:56, 11 January 2014 (UTC)
That makes sense- I didn't realize that ad for cheap 40k models was him until now. Thanks for clearing that up.--Newerfag (talk) 18:37, 11 January 2014 (UTC)

Articles under assault[edit]

Assistantwikifag, I let wikifag know but i was hoping you would be able to help if he was unavailable. An unregistered user has been vandalising Games Workshop and Minorities in the Imperium of Man, motivated by some desire to remove all mention of race and racism from the articles. He deleted a lot of content unnecessarily so I reserved it but he has reserved it himself and seems ready to make an edit war of it, which of course I don't want it to turn into. I was hoping you could advise what to do about this? - Alorend, 00:03 28 January 2014

I've blocked him for a few days to let him cool off. I suspect he's most interested in causing trouble, but if he has an objection to the Minorities in the Imperium of Man article, he should explain it on its talk page. --AssistantWikifag (talk) 03:25, 28 January 2014 (UTC)
And he's back with a different IP address doing exactly the same shit that got him blocked earlier. He's either a troll who's too dumb to quit or a castoff from /pol/, and either way I doubt he's going to stop willingly. Maybe he's just a racist?--Newerfag (talk) 19:02, 29 January 2014 (UTC)
I blocked that address (a little longer than the first) and protected the page for what I hope is long enough for him to lose interest.
Funnily enough, his most recent IP address is located in Israel. gb2/pol/ indeed. --AssistantWikifag (talk) 20:12, 29 January 2014 (UTC)
Amazingly, he still hasn't learned a thing. I just caught him vandalizing the Games Workshop article again with a third IP address. He could be using a proxy or a dynamic IP to bypass the blocks- nothing else makes sense.--Newerfag (talk) 00:28, 30 January 2014 (UTC)

Question about Fanfiction/Codices[edit]

I've been reading 1d4chan and had a chance to read stories based on games and such (amusing stuff). Also been reading fluff in regards to WH40K (I like it). My question is: is writing not based on anything existing allowed to be posted here? Does it have to be based on existing games/writing/movies, etc?


Derka Der (talk) 22:22, 11 February 2014 (UTC)

The way I see it, it's not really my job to curate content -- I only delete things that other people mark for deletion (obvious spam aside -- I'll delete that on my own initiative if I catch it) -- so you shouldn't be asking me this question at all. Arguably, you shouldn't really ask the question to anyone -- if people think something shouldn't be here, they'll let you know directly.
That said, in terms of what content is acceptable, this wiki is meant for things that are /tg/ related, which in the broadest sense means "things that /tg/ finds interesting". This is not limited to only tabletop games -- see HFY as an example of work that originates on /tg/ without being derived from any particular work that already exists.
Short answer: go ahead and put it up. You might put it up on /tg/ first to get some eyeballs on it before archiving it here, as that's the usual pattern, but nobody's going to stop you from making the page here first if you want. --AssistantWikifag (talk) 23:47, 11 February 2014 (UTC)
If I might chime in, I might note that putting your real name on the page you made and your E-mail address on your userpage is not a good idea for quite a few reasons. If I were you, I'd suggest removing that kind of sensitive information, if only as a safety precaution. Spambots do tend to show up here every now and then and I'd hate to see them harvest your e-mail address or something like that. --Newerfag (talk) 02:34, 12 February 2014 (UTC)

Point taken. Thanks for the response.

Derka Der (talk) 12:58, 12 February 2014 (UTC)

Board Games page under constant vandalism[edit]

Hey AssistantWikifag, how can you deal with the constant Spammers that has been constantly deleting pages related to Boardgames? Even though you have blocked a number of them, it seems that more clones are still popping up trying to violate the page. This is the IP of the reported SPAMbot---->, hope that helps.Derpysaurus

Got them both. Thanks for the heads-up. I'm not going to protect the board-tans page, since that only got hit once and it's changed relatively recently anyway, but that might change.
Unfortunately, this latest batch of spambots isn't trying to add links or create pages, so they don't trip the challenge questions. Fortunately, they also seem to have a very narrow set of interests. --AssistantWikifag (talk) 16:14, 7 April 2014 (UTC)

Spammers are now targeting other unexpected pages and violating users account pages[edit]

Derpysaurus here again, now the Spambots are targeting pages we do not usually see much violation from, such as the Chaos Pretty Marines. Furthermore these spambots are now targeting user pages now such as Indonesian gentleman, which as we all know, is illegal in this wiki. Here is the IP for one of the Spambots I digged out----> . Hope that helps bring in the Banhammer.

It was that one bot that did both, actually. I'll probably see these when I look through the list of recent edits (they are helpful enough to leave odd text strings in the edit reasons, and you all usually add "undoing spam" or whatever to the edit summary when you undo their work), but thanks for the heads-up.

Yeah I am back again with a new Spambot, this time he is plagiarizing the My Little Pony page. Here is his IP number-----> ,. Hope that helps. Derpysaurus

"Plagiarizing" refers to copying content without crediting it to the original creator, and "spambots" are automated users that add spam content to pages (usually links to sites that sell dodgy things). is neither; what 203 did is properly called "vandalism".
I suspect that 203 is, like other users before him (My Little Pony is one of the pages I keep a closer eye on since it's been vandalized before), simply expressing his frustration that /tg/ likes things that he doesn't like (well, maybe /tg/ doesn't like My Little Pony for the most part, but they certainly think enough about it to make an article about it here). If he persists, I might block him for a few days to give him time to cool off, but otherwise, it's not possible for a regular user to actually remove information from the wiki, and someone has already undone his edit, so I'm not inclined to block him at the moment. --AssistantWikifag (talk) 16:34, 25 April 2014 (UTC)

accidentally uploaded a copyrighted pic[edit]

hi, i accidentally uploaded a copyrighted pic. could you delete it for me? [deleted -- AssistantWikifag (talk)] thnx --Kapow (talk) 02:04, 4 June 2014 (UTC)

Done. For future reference, if you want me to delete anything else, just put the {{deletion}} tag on it (though asking on my talk page will certainly get me to respond more promptly). --AssistantWikifag (talk) 01:56, 5 June 2014 (UTC)[edit]

The user for that IP has gone back to vandalizing the Bioware page again after his ban expired. Perhaps you should consider protecting the page and/or giving him a longer ban? (I would suggest the latter, as I have also seen him leaving threatening messages on other users' talk pages.)--Newerfag (talk) 23:14, 8 June 2014 (UTC)

So This Is Where The Heretics Reside?[edit]

It appears that User:Dtortor attempted to recreate the deleted page "So This Is Where The Heretics Reside?" [since deleted --AssistantWikifag (talk) 14:26, 26 August 2014 (UTC)] and does not seem to understand why it was deleted in the first place (if his peculiar comments the talk page is any indication). Would you kindly explain to him the rationale for its deletion on his talk page or the article's talk page? He does not seem willing to listen to reason so far, and while I assume it is frowned upon to recreate a deleted page I think he might calm down if you made it clear to him why it was deleted.--Newerfag (talk) 21:21, 18 June 2014 (UTC)

  • Recently, the above user has begun to post insults directed towards me in the talk page of the disputed article. While I would like to believe that I have been quite reasonable towards him thus far, the fact that he believes that the page should have been "replaced" after you deleted it is itself a sign that he is unwilling to make constructive edits to the wiki. I am currently at a loss for what to do about this situation for the time being and do not wish to see this dispute escalate any further, but I have no reason to believe that he will be willing to engage in a civil discussion at this point in time.--Newerfag (talk) 21:48, 20 June 2014 (UTC)[edit]

Blanked the board-tans page, so I restored it. That is all.[edit]

Apparently this Butthurt bot has been plagiarizing my old fan-fluff The Glassing of Djangoris Alpha IV, without any of my permission nor notice to prior hand, and just deleting a massive amount of content and then replaced it with "Humanity Fuck Yeah!" Wank and 19 Megajoule Lasgun bullshit. All because I was in a relatively pointless and petty debate with Erebus Kain over Carapace armor/Mjolnir armor comparison. Right now he is being an annoyance and irritant. What can you do with him/her/it? Can you protect this page and anything related just in case?Derpysaurus

UPDATE: And apparently his calling me a troll and constantly deleting the fan page after I called him out that his edits are not acceptable, he is accusing me of not doing any calculations (What calcs, I have no idea) and re-igniting a stupid edit war that I tried to avoid via deleting the debate in the first place. Can you backhand this uncompromising, butthurt idiot who is jerking off his WH40K cock so much and throwing out language in which I have to respond back equally; to the extant that I am absolutely embarrassed that he likes the same subject as me? Since I tried to calm things down and compromising the pointless issue initially, and then he started these abominable edits because some people don't agree with his bullshit.Derpysaurus

MORE UPDATE!: As you can see, his editing skills are reminiscent of trolling, I kept most of my cool here but apparently, our poor little bot is getting all pissy and upset over a fanfic. He is still asking me to prove calcs (Which I have no idea what calcs he is asking me) despite the fact that the only thing he got was the 19 Megajoule Lasgun bullshit in which I tore down due to the absurdity and contradiction if it were true. He still have the hubris to call me a no-life or fanboy despite him having a massive rage boner over as something as petty as a cross-over. Can you hurry up and maybe ban this irritating maggot to teach him a lesson here?Derpysaurus

- 19:18, 21 June 2014 (UTC)

  • Derpy, I hate to sound like a hypocrite, but I think the best solution here is the one one you might like the least- just take the story off of 1d4chan. I'm sure you put a ton of work into it, but if it's attracted someone this persistent in vandalizing it then it may not be worth keeping up in the first place. As far as I can tell, whatever problems he's supposedly causing are between you and him, and AssistantWikifag isn't likely to ban someone just because they have a grudge against you. (Plus, if he's an anonymous IP he could just go and reset his router to evade the ban. It's been done before quite a few times.) For now, I suggest transferring what you've written to a seperate site (I suggest pastebin), placing the delete template up on the page, and waiting at least a couple of weeks before putting it all up again. The anon will likely be appeased by this and move on, and you can restore it like nothing happened. --Newerfag (talk) 06:00, 7 July 2014 (UTC)
  • Unfortunately, this stupid edit war was created over a stupid Lasgun calcs, apparently this page is a battle ground over this pointless and immature debate. I don't think it has to do with the contents of the page but what I stated that Lasguns are 16KJ, but unfortunately this bot has de-evolved himself into a nonsensical troll over Lasguns. I'm not sure whether he is actually trolling or being serious, but his actions are essentially breaking almost every rule in this sight, he does not want to compromise nor let it go and is just there to wank the ever loving shit out of Lasguns. This is why I am tempted in the banning of his IP, since he is non-cooperative, rude, butthurt, can't edit for shit and all around pathetic and he is just using this fanpage as nothing more then a placeholder for a pretty stupid debate. Derpysaurus

Aaaannnnddd....its confirmed, this bot is a troll. Derpysaurus

  • All the more reason to remove the page for the time being. With nobody to debate with, he'll get bored and leave on his own. Every snippy edit summary you make just provokes him further, but deny him his soapbox and he'll go away. --Newerfag (talk) 06:42, 7 July 2014 (UTC)
  • Unfortunately he is spreading and vandalizing other people's talk pages. Yeaahhhh...I don't think my fanfic is now the main target here. Even if I deleted the fanfic, I bet he would most likely come back so can anyone use the Banhammer now?Derpysaurus
    • I disagree- his own comments suggest his behavior is directed exclusively at you. Incidentally, it may be possible that he and Erebus Kain are the same person, as this anon appeared shortly after your disagreement with him. I still suggest trying to take it down for a while, if only as a precaution against further vandalism until you can be assured of its safety. --Newerfag (talk) 06:59, 7 July 2014 (UTC)
      • It's not me, but I personally know him. - Erebus Kain.
  • Of course I know he is directed at me, but what I'm trying to say is that he is going to other people's talk pages to escalate the situation. Also, everyone knows its not you Erebus Kain, you were a pretty cool guy to debate with until that raging anon came, don't worry, I consider you cool. :) Derpysaurus
  • And he's back, doing exactly the same shit. Best permaban him, since he learned nothing from the first ban. Erebus, if you know this guy could you please tell him to let it go?--Newerfag (talk) 00:01, 14 July 2014 (UTC)
  • Yah, I came over to let you know as well.
Sorry for not being on the wiki to catch this user "in the act". I'm forgoing blocking him for the time being since he seems to have lost interest (and so blocking him now would be a bit like closing the barn door after the cows leave), but I've put your page on my watchlist, so if he messes with it again, I'll see it more quickly. --AssistantWikifag (talk) 15:18, 19 July 2014 (UTC)[edit]

Looks like we have a fella blanking out the work on Dranon's Delight. Don't believe he's from Tumblr, but probably your garden variety troll.--Boss Ballkrusha (talk) 21:01, 8 July 2014 (UTC)

Harem of Chaos edit war going out of control[edit]

I'm doing my best to revert vandal edits on the page, but it's happening too quickly for me and I can't keep it up forever. Given that the original author has said he doesn't care what happens to the page now, it would be wise to just delete the page and permanently block the vandals. The sheer persistence they've displayed so far gives me the impression that they will not stop under any circumstances unless they have no other alternatives, and at this point the history is so cluttered with vandal edits that there's hardly anything left to salvage of the original page. I have the feeling that the vandal may be using multiple IPs, as some of the vandal edits have come from IPs that have not touched any other part of the wiki.--Newerfag (talk) 00:52, 27 July 2014 (UTC)

  • By looking back at the edit history, the Vandal bot is indeed using multiple IP's to continue with his failed attempt at trolling. We should probably just delete the page as you said and possibly ban all the past IP's the bot has been using to hide behind, just in case if he comes back on the previous IP's. Derpysaurus
  • If it was a bot it would have left something in Chinese or Russian, and it certainly wouldn't be smart enough to keep reverting the page after I undo its edits. It's definitely a human with a bee in his bonnet. (I've been on 4chan long enough to know what trolling is, and I can see that he's not trolling anybody but himself.)--Newerfag (talk) 06:18, 27 July 2014 (UTC)

More problems[edit]

While I have personally noted that Nlstrong's contributions were of questionable quality in the past, but recently he has begun vandalizing the (admittedly poor) Jews article with rants decrying anti-semitism, posting copyrighted content directly from books, and advertising the games he has made himself within articles. Would you be kind enough to go and smack some sense into him? He doesn't seem to be willing to listen to other users, and I do not believe he will stop on his own.--Newerfag (talk) 01:06, 5 August 2014 (UTC)

Copyright woes[edit]


I'm an artist, and on of the clients I work for is Hasbro, who creates Magic: the Gathering. Once upon a time, I did a bit of my own fan-art of two of the characters I've helped make popular, and it has since plagued me to no end. The image on this page is my work, and permissions have never been given to anyone to use it. Yet it gets used, on bootleg merchandise and all sorts of things. And every time it does, I have legal troubles requiring my time and money. So beyond simply stealing the work to turn a quick buck, they're literally costing me directly by using it.

I'm trying to get as many instances of the image removed as I can. I know, I know: it's the internet. But I've got to do what I can to at least slow these people down.

Can you please, please, remove this image from the wiki?

Thank you so much,

Steve Argyle

Done. Given that it is relevant to the articles in which it is (was) used, is it available on a site of yours for us to link to? --AssistantWikifag (talk) 02:20, 19 August 2014 (UTC)

Thank you so much. Unfortunately, I myself am also under an order to keep the image off my site. Thanks again.

Jews- why do we even have this article?[edit]

The Jews article may be better written now compared to what it was before, but its relevance to this wiki is still nominal at best, and at worst it's a flamewar waiting to happen or an open invitation for vandals to fill it with antisemitic screeds. Additionally, I have yet to see a single thread on /tg/ that has ever seriously mentioned Jews in regards to making them a playable race/class, and the stat block that was originally made for the page doesn't seem to have been made on /tg/ at all. At the very least, I would like it if you made some kind of statement as to whether or not its continued existence is justified or not. --Newerfag (talk) 20:37, 24 August 2014 (UTC)

"Why do we have this article?" Because somebody cared enough to create it.
Regarding the Jews page specifically (which I see was deleted way back in 2009, before being recreated in 2013), maybe somebody on /tg/ (most likely in jest) suggested generating a stat block for them a while ago, and only once. Or some /tg/ user made it for fun and put it up here instead of posting it on /tg/ first (which is not how I would have done it -- I'd rather put something up on /tg/ for discussion and then archive it here -- but that's hardly enough to delete a page over). I see somebody on Talk:Jews asking if we are "the History Wiki", but there is a heavy basis of many RPGs and settings in history. I wouldn't have thought we needed an article specifically about swords, but then I just saw a thread where someone demonstrated iron smelting and then talked about how that iron could be worked into nails, swords, and other things, to great interest from other fa/tg/uys. The list of "things that (some portion of) /tg/ finds relevant" is not small.
I feel like we've had this conversation before, and maybe we just have different ideas about how the wiki ought to be administrated. I don't see it as my place to make calls on whether a page's existence is justified or not, since it is (it ought to be) the users who decide if a page ought to be deleted, and then they flag it for me to perform the actual deleting function. However, since you've asked for a personal statement, I'm what Wikipedia calls an "inclusionist"; even if a page is substandard, I'd rather leave it here so that someone can improve it. If a page is marked by flame wars or spamming, I can protect it until the vandals lose interest. We're not running out of disk space, and I assume that Wikifag would say something if we were -- he does come through now and then to update MediaWiki if for no other reason, so I assume he checks then.
I'm also slow to delete pages in general because I think that it is better that the majority of the edits visible in the "recent changes" section at any time are page creation and editing, rather than the admins deleting stuff. It's a little detail, but when I go to a wiki for the first time it's the first thing I check to get a feel for the "tone" and health of the wiki.
I get that you think the page ought to go, but looking at its talk page (and on other talk pages of articles you have nominated for deletion), I don't think you have consensus on your side. (I could also envision deleting the page if having it would cause actual trouble for the wiki, but that doesn't seem to be the case either.)
What do you think? --AssistantWikifag (talk) 14:04, 26 August 2014 (UTC)

Spambot Reports 2015[edit]

It just wouldn't be a new year without more spambots! was just tinkering with Monopoly/OccupyBoardwalk. --Not LongPoster Again (talk) 17:54, 11 January 2015 (UTC)

Thanks for bringing it up. --AssistantWikifag (talk) 21:38, 13 January 2015 (UTC)

pervasive vandalism from[edit]

On the Ork tactica we've been having a problem with a user stripping profanity out of the article. Now, I can see why someone might want to set the tactics page into a more serious tone, but this is 1d4chan. Also, they aren't rewriting the article, they're effectively vandalizing it. Replacing swears and 4chan colloquialisms with bowdlerized forms even when it reduces the readability of the section. Previous edits ([1] ,[2] ) from that IP reduced phrases like "Can carry a metric fuck-ton of orks and royally fuck up the shit of anything it gets in the way of." to "Can carry a metric fat man ton of orks and royally fat man up the shit of anything it gets in the way of." and then again to "Can carry a metric bubbles ton of orks and royally bubbles up the buttocksof anything it gets in the way of."

Other examples of similar behavior can be found on the tyranid tactics page, where they replaced "FUCKHUEG" with "huge". In that case at lease, the meaning and readability was maintained.

Their most recent edit is here [3]. I'mma revert it, but I figured that this might be worth bringing to your attention. The comment on their last edit suggests that they aren't going to take a revert lightly. (edit: someone else beat me to the punch on the revert.) --Hiddenkrypt (talk) 15:19, 17 March 2015 (UTC)

I wouldn't call that vandalism. I wouldn't even call it edit-warring. Like many matters which are brought to my attention, it seems to have resolved itself without my intervention, which suits me just fine, but for future reference, I will probably come down on the side of less profanity. I've got no fucking problem with profanity in general, but overdoing it makes pages hard to read, which is especially problematic on pages which are supposedly intended to inform, such as tactica. --AssistantWikifag (talk) 00:25, 22 March 2015 (UTC)

Image rot?[edit]

I put this on Wikifag's page, but no one seemed to notice. Anyway, every now and then an image will just no longer exist out of nowhere. Case in point, the C.S. Goto picture. This seems to happen most often with images who have spaces in their filenames. 18:33, 28 June 2015 (UTC)

I've noticed that as well. Not sure what I can do about it, but it's annoying.--Newerfag (talk) 19:06, 28 June 2015 (UTC)
Man, that is a bummer -- I liked that image. I feel like we've tried resolving this sort of thing before (you may notice that most images have a "Importing image file" edit from "Maintenance script"), but short of re-uploading or re-importing stuff, or resolving some kind of bug with a MediaWiki or server update (which is Wikifag's thing more than mine), I don't know what we can do. Sorry. --AssistantWikifag (talk) 01:40, 3 July 2015 (UTC)
I think I still have it with me. Let me try reuploading it- it's not the ideal fix, but it's better than nothing. --Newerfag (talk) 02:44, 3 July 2015 (UTC)


Hey Derpysaurus here, should we permaban anon He has been harassing the user page of Boss Ballkrusha for countless time already, we have warned him multiple times but has ignored it. Please permaban this troll faggot's ass already. Derpysaurus

I can't help but notice that he doesn't contribute much either, all the IP Address has done so far is vandalize Boss Ballkrusha's user page, and he's been doing so several times over the past week. This is clearly a personal attack on someone. Evilexecutive (talk) 18:49, 24 July 2015 (UTC)
Sorry to miss this one -- obviously 192.etc. got bored, but I'll keep an eye on Boss Ballkrusha's page for further vandalism. --AssistantWikifag (talk) 03:07, 31 July 2015 (UTC)

Requesting permaban for[edit] has been blanking random pages, and adding "Trigger warning" to them. Evilexecutive (talk) 01:07, 4 August 2015 (UTC)

Issue has been resolved, thanks to another user(Whose name I suddenly forgot literally the moment I moved away from his userpage >.<)Evilexecutive (talk) 02:45, 4 August 2015 (UTC)

Political matters: Putting a stop to unwanted political disputes[edit]

Lately, I've noted multiple disputes over articles such as Female Fantasy Armor, Tumblr, and the like- normally I'd call it a flamewar or acts of vandalism, but it seems to be a byproduct of a general sentiment that political concerns (especially in regards to contentious issues such as racism, sexism, and so on) in general and the issues that crop up around the so-called "Social Justice Warriors" in particular have no place on the wiki. In order to maintain order and keep users from going at each other's throats both in talk pages and in articles, I would like to suggest a rule against bringing up political concerns in the wiki- we shouldn't need to worry about an article breaking into a tangent on why the depiction of X is "problematic", nor should we have to care about the percieved inequalities or discrimination in fictional settings. --Newerfag (talk) 00:21, 22 August 2015 (UTC)

The situation regarding the Female Fantasy Armor article is worsening rapidly; half of the talk page is being taken up by ad hominems directed at the editors involved in changing the page, and the main article is looking as if it will be soon subject to a major edit war. It would be best for everyone to either protect the page or intervene in the discussion before it grows out of control or spreads to other pages. --Newerfag (talk) 17:07, 22 August 2015 (UTC)
For what it's worth, I don't think anyone involved, including Asorel, whom I freely admit that I have personally attacked, is edit warring or planning to at this time. I would like to revert to my previous edit, which streamlined the discussion and removed the real life section, but I've asked for TheWiseDane's permission first. --SpectralTime (talk) 17:24, 22 August 2015 (UTC)
Good to hear. However, I get the feeling it might just be part of a larger problem that an official statement from AssistantWikifag would be able to clear up better. Otherwise this little drama will just replay itself on other pages instead. --Newerfag (talk) 17:31, 22 August 2015 (UTC)

Without diving deeply into the specifics of those pages, I think it's safe to say that argument in an article (vs. a talk page) is poor form. I hesitate to make an absolute statement against political content in pages, because (I think) an article about a controversial topic would be incomplete without some mention of the controversy (and who's to say what political content is anyway?), but I guess if a page does spiral out of control, the only "fair" option available to us (the admins) is to squash the section in question and replace it with some wishy-washy statement that "there is controversy on this topic". Since I'd rather not be a judge of content, my primary criterion for doing this will be arguing in the article. I'll look into these specific pages in the next day or two. --AssistantWikifag (talk) 02:24, 25 August 2015 (UTC)

That is a good answer.-- 03:19, 25 August 2015 (UTC)
I concur, and commend even those I've disagreed with for (mostly) avoiding editwarring and in-article argument on the subject. --SpectralTime (talk) 03:37, 25 August 2015 (UTC)

About That Spam..[edit]

Not shown: humans tearing their hair out at CAPTCHAs that spambots are better at solving than humans.

It seems that hidden amongst the recent spam texts is a set of generation keys used for botnets. While I doubt it's harmful for anyone viewing the page(But it could be if the spammers decided to get clever and upload fucked up image files and embedding them in pages), it looks to me like someone's using these pages to control botnets. Reddit had some problems with this too, where people were using the site to store keys that deceptively simple programs used to generate entire botnets and self-replicate.

I would highly suggest looking into making the spam filter not solvable by a bot that can distinguish between "What chapter bjorn belongs to", and "what chapter does indrick boreale belong to", and apply one of literally two possible responses. If I can make a bot in under 50 lines of code that can solve the damn spambot filter, it should probably be replaced. Replacing it with randomized math wouldn't work well either, bots are pretty good at that too.Evilexecutive (talk) 05:46, 6 September 2015 (UTC)

You mean what recently was done on Template:Board Games? Straight-up text editing doesn't get sent to the filter, and we can't block that sort of thing without blocking all anonymous users from editing (which is why I don't protect it permanently, even though it is a frequent spam target).
The filter is probably not changing. I can't change it myself because that's on the server/MediaWiki side of things, which Wikifag controls, and I don't think Wikifag is planning to change it because the trivia-based system is performing objectively better than the typical garbled-text Captcha that we used to have. The latter system failed to keep the bots out (see the picture to the side) and was a hindrance to humans. It's true that the current system is brittle, depending on the fact that the typical spambot dictionary doesn't contain traditional-gaming-specific terms (we've had to switch up the questions a couple of times) and that no attacker feels like going to the trouble of changing this, but since we switched over, the spamming has reduced by orders of magnitude -- I think it's been years since a spambot has created a page or account or posted a direct external link (which do fall under the filter). --AssistantWikifag (talk) 07:53, 6 September 2015 (UTC)
*Chuckles quietly at that picture*, that's fairly amusing actually. I'm just worried that someone might put something malicious in the wiki; as annoying as it is to have images that download shit onto your computer the moment you try to render them, they can be pretty bad. There's actually two methods I recall to making a spam-bot that can solve captchas, the first being the complicated method of using Machine Vision Programs to figure out the contents(Which is something a university student would do, not your average internet-taught spammer), or just.. Buying a bunch of chinese people to solve them by hand. Evilexecutive (talk) 16:16, 6 September 2015 (UTC)


Hey should we warn or at least ban His edits consists on rapid unfunny dick jokes that has no informational value whatsoever other then being an unfunny, childish, space waster. Derpysaurus

"[W]arn or at least ban" is an interesting way to phrase things.
I gave a day-long block -- that should let the novelty wear off, and we'll see how things go from here.


So, I get that Asorel and I (and others) have different ideas about what's /tg/-related, but given that there's a Batman Miniatures Game, there is no way that the Batman article should be reduced to a redirect to Konrad Curze. --Not LongPoster Again (talk) 19:32, 17 November 2015 (UTC) The existence of a Batman mini game allows for the creation of an article on the Batman miniature game. An article on Batman with two sentences about the game thrown in for justification does not qualify.--Asorel (talk) 19:36, 17 November 2015 (UTC)

The article mentions Batman just enough to bring people up to speed on the miniature game. If you don't like it, rewrite it, don't delete it. -- Triacom (talk) 20:04, 17 November 2015 (UTC)

Reducing the article to a redirect was absolutely over the line. While I'd like to see more attention paid to the game itself, it's definitely appropriate to include some context on who this Batman fellow is, the world he lives in, and why they made a game based on it. (Also, the Alignment page has a couple of Batman-related images that would go nicely in the article.) --AssistantWikifag (talk) 01:45, 18 November 2015 (UTC)


Hey I found another timeless troll here. Shall we request permabanning him? His name is Derpysaurus

He's gotten a time-out. Thanks for the heads-up.
For future reference, it's easier for me if you link to the contributions page of an anonymous user, like so: Special:Contributions/ --AssistantWikifag (talk) 19:11, 22 January 2016 (UTC)

Spambots creating Spampages[edit]

Hey its Derpysaurus again, now the Spambots are creating Spampages. Here are the bots responsible:

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the heads-up. They're blocked, and I'll delete their pages over today and tomorrow (so as not to fill the recent changes with delete messages). --AssistantWikifag (talk) 22:30, 17 February 2016 (UTC)
Heh, I don't see what the problem is with flooding the Recent Changes pages with delete logs. The way I see it, any day is a good day when your name is plastered across the entire Recent Changes Page. You're doing the God Emperor's work, keep it up!Evil Executive, CEO of Evil Incorporated (talk) 06:20, 19 February 2016 (UTC)
You don't need to worry about filling up the recent changes, since the update all similar updates are collapsed automatically so your edits will only take up one line if you do them all in one day, and will actually take up more space if done over multiple days. -- Triacom (talk) 07:46, 18 February 2016 (UTC)
Thanks for the heads-up on that feature (I usually just monitor the RSS feed, which is not so advanced). Deletions are all done! --AssistantWikifag (talk) 14:27, 18 February 2016 (UTC)

Another spambot[edit]

Hi, I just found this spambot and undid its edits.

Hope it helps. -- The Hat That Was

You missed a couple. ;)
Thanks! --AssistantWikifag (talk) 20:39, 24 April 2016 (UTC)

Spambots attacking another page again[edit]

Here's a spambot attacking several pages.

From. Derpysaurus


There's a jackass defacing the Archaon page. Redmaw (talk) 21:08, 26 May 2016 (UTC)

Some of that is just the usual churn, but the taco bell nonsense was over the line. --AssistantWikifag (talk) 22:07, 26 May 2016 (UTC)

Current editwar[edit]

There is currently an edit war going on at the Ollanius Pius page, which has lasted since the past 3 or so days. Evil Executive, CEO of Evil Incorporated (talk) 17:42, 3 June 2016 (UTC)

Permaban 2602:306:36DA:52F0:48CD:952:B247:3EB5[edit]

Hey. Found this idiot (Special:Contributions/2602:306:36DA:52F0:48CD:952:B247:3EB5) vandalizing both Biggus Berrus and my user page. Says he is not a bot, but his actions speak louder than words. Request banning his sorry ass permanently. Derpysaurus

We have a mass deleting asshat[edit]

Found another mass deleting bot called Special:Contributions/ who have vandalized a couple of pages now. Derpysaurus

Board-tans pages being vandalized again[edit]

Looks like the Board-tans pages are being vandalized by this bot. Special:Contributions/, do we need to have the page protected again? Derpysaurus

God-Emperor of Mankind talk page dispute[edit]

Since November, there's been a growing flamewar on the talk page of the God-Emperor of Mankind article regarding making references to Donald Trump as a previous identity of the Emperor. Nobody's willing to give it a rest, and it's led to at least a couple of edit wars that I think might be motivated at least in part by real world politics. Would you mind stepping in to defuse the whole thing (or at least locking the page so people can cool off)?--Newerfag (talk) 18:51, 21 December 2016 (UTC)

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I haven't even touched the Emperor page at all since november. The only thing I've done is undoing edits that REMOVE content from the talk pages, since that violates rules of the wiki. People don't get to censor other stuff on the talk pages. Evil Executive, CEO of Evil Incorporated (talk) 19:59, 21 December 2016 (UTC)
You (Evilexecutive) are correct, but why did you feel the need to proclaim your innocence when Newerfag made no mention of you? (That's a rhetorical question.)
As for this and any future disputes over the modern-day secret identities of the God-Emperor of Mankind: he will reveal himself when and how he chooses. It is futile to speculate what he might be up to right now, and while surely he is leaving his stamp on history, such is the subtlety of his actions that his impacts cannot be noticed with less than a thousand years of hindsight. (inb4 flame-war over whether Muhammad was the Emps if Jesus was. inb4 flame-war over whether I'm the Emps.)
There doesn't seem to be an active flame war now, but I'll keep an eye on it going forward. --AssistantWikifag (talk) 04:57, 22 December 2016 (UTC)
Cute, now you're banning random anons over your own political views. That one person had precisely 1 edit, and probably came here to make the same joke that 20~ other people have wanted to make since 2015. No warnings of any kind, just up and ban for a few hours. You could easily just post on his talk page like a normal person. Evil Executive, CEO of Evil Incorporated (talk) 18:14, 24 December 2016 (UTC)
I did not ban the anon, I blocked him (from editing) for two hours. My intention was not to punish but to enforce a cooling-off period, so as to break the "feedback loop" that drives edit wars. (I may have been a bit hasty in doing so, that's a fair criticism.) I only bothered blocking at all because I noticed the edit very shortly after it happened -- I wouldn't have bothered if I'd noticed e.g. two days later, because there would be no need to enforce any cooling-off. Looking at the timestamps with the benefit of hindsight, I probably shouldn't have blocked him at all -- it was more than a few hours after his edit, and clearly no edit war had broken out.
Thanks for your feedback. --AssistantWikifag (talk) 14:47, 25 December 2016 (UTC)


Special:Contributions/2a02:fe0:c100:3:34cb:4d9c:5570:db1b‎ has launched a campaign of purging slang and jokes from several pages, like replacing every occurences of "vidya" by video game. Some jokes may be bad but they are long timers. I've already reverted what he'd done on the Blood Raven page, but since he edited a few page, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to revert in bulk his edits. 07:49, 29 December 2016 (UTC)

If there were productive elements to those edits, I would say you're probably not supposed to simply undo them, but simply changing the tone (when informality is kind of the order of the day here) is not what I'd call productive. Some of 2A02's edits (e.g. on The Last Church) are more-or-less productive, so I'm not inclined to block him for any length of time, but I've left a note on his talk page that if he wants to change the wiki's style, he should talk about it on the main talk page to get consensus first. --AssistantWikifag (talk) 15:41, 29 December 2016 (UTC)

Repeat Offender is repeating their offense[edit]

Special:Contributions/ is once more blanking pages and engaging in behaviours befitting a jackass. Judging by his/her history, they have done this before.--Naeondaemon (talk) 07:39, 31 December 2016 (UTC) , Randumb edits[edit]

See Rick Priestley. I tried to get them to go to the talk page, but they just reverted it. I get that we are meant to be humorous, but the randumb stuff in articles about actual people is counter-productive. Dies to Removal (talk) 14:44, 2 February 2017 (UTC)

Thanks for the heads-up. I've got my eye on that page (and a couple others 81 has edited) and left a note instructing 81 to stick to reality when writing about real people. If he doesn't get the message, I'll give him a break from editing for a while. --AssistantWikifag (talk) 16:00, 3 February 2017 (UTC)

Requesting a ban for user Blackcap/[edit]

I'm requesting a temporary suspension for Blackcap/ as their main contribution to the wiki recently is to repeatedly delete the exact same paragraph on the 30k tactics page. They've refused to have a discussion about it, and according to them their main reason for removing a tactic is because the page isn't a tactics page. It does not seem as if they're going to stop anytime soon either and when I told them they could discuss it or I'd request their suspension, they told me to go ahead and request their suspension. I'm hoping a suspension will help them clear their head, and if not then I'll have to ask to ban them. As they seem to be nothing more than a troll right now I'm requesting their ban, as their only contribution is deleting that paragraph without explaining why. Originally I posted this over in Wikifag's discussion page, but I figured I'd bring this here too since Blackcap/ are not even bothering to defend themselves. -- Triacom (talk) 11:26, 20 February 2017 (UTC)

Requesting I don't get banned for user Blackcap/[edit]

Referring to above comment. I'm currently trying to edit 2 minor changes to a paragraph within the 30k Legions list. Above user wants me banned because... I don't know, because he doesn't have a real say over what I edit... maybe? Probably that. Requesting that you ignore user Triacom. Here's my explanation why I want those paragraphs edited: 1: "according to them their main reason for removing a tactic is because the page isn't a tactics page". I said it wasn't a tactica, yes. But what I meant was that the paragraph in question was not suited to where it was. It put the character/model in a hypothetical scenario with a unit that a player might not even want to be part of or even have. The character/primarch is a versatile tool. To write up how to use any of them would easily take up several dozen lines of what units they go well with or they don't. Which is kinda pointless since a user will put them in any unit they feel like or think will suit their playstyle. 2: I wrote the paragraph. Which is some weird bullshit to be quite honest that I can't delete something that I wrote that I now think is now redundant, and other users are hell-bent on keeping it in. 3: The other paragraph was erroneous, what the original user had wrote would not work in the game. As those units they had (Proteus with Augury Scanner and Damocles command rhino would be held in reserves, and their benefits useless until at LEAST turn 3+. I added a little note at the end saying this, etc etc. But of course someone had to just delete it for no explanation. Then they decided to delete the whole paragraph. And left a single line that now doesn't make a lick of sense. I deleted it, saying it should be explained further or removed, asking if there were alternatives. User Triacom stuck it right in again with a simple "Yes". And he says I'm not trying to discuss or explain myself...

That should wrap it up. Thanks for reading. And please don't ban or suspend me. Thanks!

About fucking time you came here. I've only been asking you to come to the discussion pages for several days now. I've asked for you to be suspended and then later banned because nothing short of that has gotten you to go to the discussion page no matter how many times I've asked. Now as for your argument:
1) A tactics page is a tactica, simple as that. Yes it's talking about a unit combo that a player might not take, but guess what? It's not saying that's the only way to use them and tactics pages are full of hypothetical situations and useful symmetries. Deleting it because you think somebody else might not want to use it shouldn't be done, and as far as that logic goes you might as well delete all unit entries and even legions because other people might not want to use them.
2) Do you have any evidence that you wrote it? Your username doesn't show you as having wrote it and neither does your IP address. Other users are hell-bent on keeping it in, not just me and you're the only person who seems hell-bent on deleting it because that paragraph doesn't give a bad idea of where to put Dorn, especially if you use the Stone Guantlet RoW.
3) The other paragraph mentions that there's ways to increase reserve rolls without Polux, which there is. You once again kept removing that and ignoring repeated requests to take it to the discussion page, and I told you I'd be willing to discuss it if you took your issues to the discussion page.
4) If you check the discussion page for the 30k tactics page you'll see that I actually made a section on it specifically for you where I replied to your argument in an attempt to get you talking, but you refused to have any sort of discussion. If you're not going to go there then why do you keep reverting the edits? All that'll happen is you'll just be seen as a troll, which is why we are here now. Keep in mind that when I told you I'd come here if you didn't go to the discussion page, you told me to go right ahead and come here, so don't try and make it look like you're the victim. -- Triacom (talk) 23:05, 20 February 2017 (UTC)
And here comes Tricom like a dog looking for whipped-cream covered cock.
1) It's a not very helpful tactic to say what squad a primarch should be in. I didn't say he should go in with a squad of Tartaros terminators with storm shields and power axes and a forge lord with rad grenades so they can ID space marines with his furious charge while riding about his Aetos Dios , picking them and dropping them off, did I. Why is it he, and only he (to my imminent knowledge) has to have advice on what units he should be in? Does Perty have that issue? Do I have to tell people that he goes well with Siege Tyrants with a Damocles in the backfield so he comes in 1st turn on a 2+? Do I say Angron is good with red butchers and should be stuck in a kharybidis?
Naw. I didn't. Why? Because that's fucking dumb. Tactica blah blah blah. If you want to do a comprehensive guide on how to run a particular primarch, how many sentences would that take? 10? 20? 30? 40? Everyone will use their primarch however they bloody want. Alpharius in a squad of quad thudd guns? Why not with a squad of grey slayers? Why not with a squad of red butchers? etcetcetcetc. It would be a never ending cycle of people adding what they wanted or saw what they thought best for their characters. I don't want to scroll through commentary about how some guy used X with Y. I'll use them however I want.
I put it there because I was like "hmmm maybe that shit gun of his might be useful in X situation with a squad of breachers using Stone Gauntlet." But then I realised, its in the wrong. fucking. place. If you were to put him in that scenario, put him in the Stone gauntlet section as an example of how to use his benefits to buff his legion with that ROW, making it tougher. I WAS going to make some edits to the Stone gauntlet part. Mostly say that with army wide LD10, some soul might want to have a T5 army with rerollable 2++ behind an aegis defence wall, while also having D3 combat resolution etc etc. But oh nooooooo. Someone is so hellbent on having that section shitting up RD's personal info. Guess we need it there. How else will readers know what to do with their primarchs. How else will they survive the 30k universe.
2) It's donkeys old. IPs change.
3) Where then? what are they? Does someone have to go on a treasure hunt to get that info now? Either you tell the reader where/what(or how) it is or remove the sentence. At the moment, its just hanging there, doing fuck awwwwww.
4) Victim? Youre the one bitching and moaning about a few lines of text.
And what about you though? You've offered next to fuck all regarding why that text should be where it is?'s a better defence than "I think someone might find it useful". Where I guess you've got too used to this place being your personal diary where you can do whatever you want and then complain when things don't go your way or when someone doesn't bend over when you ask.
Here's my compromise, why don't you do what others have done in their primarchs' section. Add a weakness paragraph. Remove the section you seem so cock-ravished for, mention his shit gun needing a defensive, non-CC, unit (like breachers! And why not say breachers are good with Stone gauntlet?? Fuck, I wish I was smart enough to do that. But I bet some cunt would just delete it).
And then how about you name some sources for buffing reserves outside of Polux? Or someone. Anyone who isn't too busy making fan-wanks or making long winded tirades about toys or rules.
Deal? You get to keep my fantastic paragraph on your little blog, reworded for the benefit of the humble reader.
How about that, you text-fiddling wankerous wordsmith of the men's bathroom gloryhole. Easy and simple.
Ooh, careful, you might cut yourself on that edginess if it wasn't 13 years old and already dull.
1) Of course it's a very helpful tactic to say what squad a Primarch should be in. This is a tactica and all infantry have certain places they should/should be in, which includes Primarchs. He's not the only one who should have advice on which unit he's in, and nobody said that was the case, so I've got no clue where you're getting this from. Yes Perturabo does in fact have a squad issue, and if you read his unit description you'd see that he's very vulnerable to being tarpitted. If you want to say he's good with Siege Tyrants or that Angron is good with Red Butchers then you should absolutely add that in (though Angron with Red Butchers is kind of overkill).
I do like how you seem to think it's dumb that a tactica would include tactics on how to use units though. Yes people are going to run their own units in their own ways, however the point of the tactica is to try and find good ways of running the units and wether or not they're worth it. If somebody was going to get a support squad with rotor cannons for example then they should be aware that it's not nearly as efficient as any of the other options. If there's a combination that doesn't work then it should be removed, otherwise a combo being removed because somebody might not use it is just stupid, and like I said with that logic you might as well delete all the units you don't like, because you think somebody else might not use them. If you want to use them however you want and say 'fuck symmetries' then why the hell are you reading a tactics page whose goal it is to tell you the best way to use the units?
Why should a tactic that needs Dorn to be present not be included in his unit entry? If you want to include it under both then that's fine, however there's no rule that says it can only be included in only one spot, and never before did you say you were going to move it from one spot to another. In fact, you said the opposite, you said you were outright removing it and I'm calling bullshit on this claim of yours. At any time previously you could have simply moved it, but you refused to time and time again regardless of who restored it. This is on top of the fact that the paragraph is Dorn specific, and isn't reliant on using the Stone Gauntlet, so it obviously fits Dorn's entry better.
2) So you have no proof and for all we know you could be lying, just like you're lying when you claimed you planned to move that section. It doesn't take hours to remove a section from one place and paste it into another, just like it doesn't take much to read that you said you wanted that paragraph gone. Not moved, but gone.
3) Simple, you can get Warlord traits that buff reserves or you can use the Shattered Legions to get other characters from other legions (such as Captain Remus Ventanus, Strike Captain Alvarex Maun, as well as any White Scars character) to help with reserves. Yes the sentence is hanging there doing nothing, and I was trying to use it to get you to come to the discussion page so we could talk about it, yet you refused to do that.
4) You deleted your fourth point before my response became public, however that doesn't mean I didn't see it: I'm not going to have an argument with these people in the history section of the page. He hasn't attempted to even offer discussion or add anything meaningful to explaining why it should be included. Because I'm the villain here right? Obviously I'm not one for discussion, which is why I told you that I didn't want to take things this far and why I made a topic on the 30k discussion page about it. Also you say I'm the one bitching and moaning over the text when you just wrote several paragraphs about it. You cannot pretend that you're not involved.
I've told you before why it should be there, it's a good combo. Just like Motarion's command squad with combi-grenades and heavy support with frag missiles are good combos, just like we've got an entire section discussing Warlord Traits for Fulgrim that makes for good combos and explaining how units work and finding good combos should be the purpose of the tactics page. I participate in a lot of discussions in this wiki, and I'm pretty sure I've started the longest one on here (a discussion that went on for over a month over an edit I did) because I like to take other people into account when making/editing articles on here. There's many articles I'd like to see gone, just as there's many sections in various articles I'd like to remove, however I don't because I know that just because I don't enjoy something, doesn't mean it should be destroyed.
As for your compromise, I've never added a weakness bit for Dorn because I never felt a need to, and I still don't feel a need to. If you want to add that then go right ahead, and if it's wrong it'll be corrected. I don't see why that paragraph would be removed when it already mentions his rather decent gun being good in a unit like breachers, and breachers are already mentioned to be good with the Stone Gauntlet.
As for the buffs, I'm mentioning them here, not that you'll seem to care for it. For your deal, I'm going to have to say no. Even ignoring everything else you've stated your 'deal' still keeps the removal of that paragraph for some reason and you still don't have good enough justification for it. If you don't like a particular tactic then that's too bad, add one you might think is better or explain why it doesn't work.
I'll make a different deal to you: Explain why putting Dorn in that unit is a bad idea, and try to do it without sounding like a teenager with tourettes. If you can do that, then I'm sure we can come to a reasonable deal. -- Triacom (talk) 02:55, 21 February 2017 (UTC)
Just popping to tell the new guy that if he's trying not to get his ass banned, he's doing it all wrong. You're not supposed to make demands when you're the one who needs to prove his innocence. --Newerfag (talk) 03:54, 21 February 2017 (UTC)
Innocence... Lol.
Says the guy digging his own grave. Don't say I didn't warn you. --Newerfag (talk) 13:41, 21 February 2017 (UTC)
1) I said " what others have done in their primarchs' section. Add a weakness paragraph." And you say he does have a weakness of being tarpitted, which is true. And what is Dorn's greatest weakness? I'd say his gun of course. Since he can't charge after shooting it, so what did I say he should have? A "defensive, non-CC (orientated), unit". And that unit? Breachers of course!
I said "It would be a never ending cycle of people adding what they wanted or saw what they thought best for their characters." And it's already starting with you: "though Angron with Red Butchers is kind of overkill". Heaven forbid some pour mentally challenged person comes along and says: "He wrong, will remove, never overkill with world eaters." And with you so keen to keep my little paragraph in, I know you'd go full potato to keep yours in.
2) What happens when I take something out of a box? I remove it. It still exists outside of that box.
3) That's a shattered legions list, and you can't take allies. Name those warlord traits then. Easy-peasy. Paragraph done.
4) "Also you say I'm the one bitching and moaning over the text when you just wrote several paragraphs about it."
Allow me to greentext:
>Bitch about a section long enough: "Take it to the discussion page"
>I proceed to provide an argument in discussion page
>"You're providing too many arguments! reeeeeeeeeeee"
5) "As for your compromise, I've never added a weakness bit for Dorn because I never felt a need to, and I still don't feel a need to."
So no weaknesses for Dorn? Nothing? But you've done it in other paragraphs, right? I think you're the sort of person who would just delete it anyway. Don't want someone to ::::complain about Dorn when you have your own gripes with your fave character, right?
1)Yes, all of that is a fair point that should be included in his section which is why I don't get why you're trying to delete it (except saying that Dorn being unable to charge is a bad thing since he's mostly defensive and a buffer to his army). Yes adding that could lead to people adding in a lot of what they thought was best for their characters, which is a good thing considering it's a tactics page. A tactics page should state what's best for their characters and if it's wrong information then it'll be corrected. The difference between me and you however is that I'll actually have a discussion on whether or not Angron with Red Butchers is overkill, since I've yet to see units that Red Butchers don't destroy when they charge them barring some of the tougher Mechanicum units (admittedly I've yet to see the Custodes in action).
2)Except it doesn't exist outside of that box except in the view history section since you didn't add it back in anywhere else.
3)They're not considered to be allies in a shattered legions list. Also the Warlord Traits are Strategic Genius and Master Tactician. You're wrong on both points here.
4)When have I ever complained that "You're providing too many arguments!" I've never done that, I've always done the opposite and I was calling you out on your hypocrisy since you were saying that I was the only one who was bitching and moaning, when your entire section here is just bitching and moaning that people aren't agreeing with you.
5)Dorn does have weaknesses, but very few and as I've stated before I didn't feel like adding them, and you know what? I still don't, because I'm not under any obligation to do so. Also if you read the discussion pages you'd notice that I've said before how I was confused about why the Imperial Fists were considered to be one of the best legions, and you'd also know that my favourite Primarch to use is Mortarion (because he covers a lot of bases and does them really well) because I mainly play Death Guard.
When you next reply please think before you type. Try replying to my arguments because so far you're doing nothing but trying to straw-man me and it's not doing you any favours. You're not doing anything to convince me that you're not just a troll who's convinced that tactics don't belong on a tactics page and it seems that I'm not alone in this aspect, both here and on the 30k discussion page. -- Triacom (talk) 17:43, 21 February 2017 (UTC)
You boyos seem to have move quite far away from what the argument should be about, you're having a Horus Heresy rules argument when you should be deciding whether this Blackcap fellow should be banned or whatever. Unification (talk) 00:50, 23 February 2017 (UTC)
If I'd intended to block anyone, I'd have gotten it done quickly. Blocking someone a week after the incident (which has not exactly resolved itself, but is no longer boiling over) wouldn't do any good. Blackcap and Triacom are probably too combative for their own good, but as far as I can tell, they're both working in more-or-less good faith, so there's no need to block anyone permanently, and since their tempers have cooled somewhat, there's no need to block anyone temporarily. (That said, I would like future HH rules discussions take place on the appropriate talk pages.) --AssistantWikifag (talk) 04:21, 23 February 2017 (UTC)
As far as I'm concerned the argument should be about the Horus Heresy rules since the only reason I brought it here was to try and get Blackcap to talk about it. I'll fully admit that I'm combative, however I also like a good discussion, and I've tried to get Blackcap to go to discussion pages so many times before this point over several days that I was left with no other alternative. I do not like to see new users get banned so if we can resolve this issue Blackcap has with a tactics page having tactics on it without getting them banned then I'll be perfectly happy. -- Triacom (talk) 07:31, 23 February 2017 (UTC)

Requesting a suspension for user[edit]

I'll admit I do not read the angry codices that users make on this wiki, namely because they're always changing around the rules and I'd prefer to try to get into something when it's finished rather than going through constant updates. That being said, user seems to have made it their only purpose to troll on one of these pages, changing one of the characteristics without rhyme or reason, seemingly just to annoy the other users on that page and this has been going on since December. They were asked to take it to the talk page and haven't listened (or done anything else beyond edit that one number) so I'd like to request a temporary suspension on them to hopefully get them to realize they shouldn't do this, and a full ban if that doesn't work. -- Triacom (talk) 09:15, 2 March 2017 (UTC)

I believe we need a suspension on Carol Chen[edit]

Hey, I found this User called Carol Chen (His Special:Contributions/Carol Chen) spamming links to any mention to clothing. I would like maybe a warning on him, but if he continues with his habit I believe he should be suspended. Derpysaurus

  • An update, another User coming under the name of Angela888 (His Special:Contributions/Angela888) is also spamming the same links. I suspect they are sock puppets made from a bot. I request not suspension but an immediate ban. Time to bring out the banhammers. Derpysaurus
Thanks for the heads-up, blocked and blocked. --AssistantWikifag (talk) 23:25, 3 March 2017 (UTC)