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VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk):

Dear Chaledy

I hope you don’t mind that I’m making edits to the sons of malice codex. I thought that it was an interesting project and I’ve gotten a bit stale with my other projects (now the Doc has disappeared i have no one to make crunch edits to the angry marines). I appreciate if you prefer the codex to be your project. Even though this is an open platform we both appreciate that the creators of a page hold a certain power over said pages, so I will stop editing if you wish.

Kind regards and all the best


Chaledy (talk):

Don't worry Blue, you can edit this codex as much as you'd like (and the other ones too, though for them you just need to tell me what you would like to change so we can discuss it). The reason I've been creating these codexes is to give the community a more balanced and diverse set of rules to play WH40k with, hoping that the community would use them in a similar way to AoS 9th edition, so the more people work on them, the more "balanced" and creative these rules become. So keep going, your ideas are very cool and original and fit the theme of the army very well, maybe I'll just rephrase some rules so they are more intuitive but other than that everything is ok. Also, if you need help with the Angry Marine's Codex, tell me, it would be an honour to work on such an iconic and famous project.

Stay well


VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): You have an open invitation to work on any of my projects don’t worry, that and 40k is now so vast and updating so fast (I know right, GW actually updating their work and making it all round better, who’d have thought it) that I by myself cannot keep up. I think a lot of the space marine (loyal and heretic) chapters will get rules at some point, but I think the sons of malice will never receive an update (as it would make malal official, instead of being a grey area).

Kind regards


Also, would you be kind enough to have a look at the Codex - Da Warp Gitz I’ve been working on. Because of how powerful the units are I’m not entirely sure how many points to charge per model, so I don’t know if the units are too cheap or expensive.

Hello, I am a simple fan of the orks with some goals, some theories and some ideas. My goal is to build an ork army without relying on the green tide. I have a really plausible theory that many orks left the galaxy after the sky war, bred, and are now returning home, and some orks have noticed. I have the idea of ​​a codex in which the orks behave like a geanestealer cult (in a way) in which they try to accelerate the arrival of the WAAAGH and their leaders have had visions / mutations to feel the arrival of the WAAAGH (new units). Of course, each ork would have X ways that should be done now. Think of this as a NO marine supplement from another codex. With normal units and new units with a special role ... There is a thought lore, sub-factions, fun stratagems, rules for many units, and it all makes a lot of sense without needing to say:"Because they are Orks"(except in X moments) .

Problems? Although I love the placement of the other fanCodex on 1d4chan, I have no idea how to replicate them, and I am totally useless in that regard. I don't know much English either, I'm from Spain and it's really easy for the Angry Marines to come here to screw me about the spelling ... It's better that someone check everything I write ... And most importantly! It doesn't matter how smart you are or how much you have thought things through, if you do everything on your own it is very possible that you will get a Codex Matt Ward. And nobody wants that .... So I ask for help and a good way of communication.


Chaledy (talk): Sure mate, I can create a template page for you and then check your progress and correct some errors. How do you want the codex to be called? Codex - Boyz of the Ztarz

Alright, although we need to associate it to the other /tg/ codexes so would "Codex - Boyz of the Ztarz: /tg/'s 9th edition" work? Perfect!

Chaledy (talk): Here you have it: Codex - Boyz of the Ztarz: /tg/'s 9th Edition. Have fun!

Hello! I'm not sure how this discussion thingy works so I hope I'm not doing any mistakes. I've been working on a few homebrewed codexes for Warhammer 40k 9th edition, in particular a Q'Orl Codex and a Corrupted Tau codex. I was wondering if I could put them here, or if there was anything I should do before that. I don't wanna overdo this message so I'll leave it at this, thanks in advance!


Chaledy (talk): Hi! Yes, sure! Though I would need to see them to see if more work needs to be done to adapt the appearances to the standard /tg/'s edition codex one. But don't worry, you can put them there no problem
Thanks for the quick answer!
I'm not sure how to send them over to you to let you check them, or where to put the text at; is there a way to link a text file or something here?
Chaledy (talk): No, just put them in the Category: Codex /tg/'s Edition and I'll watch them later and tell you
I'm gonna need a few hours to format it in the correct way, it was in a google doc so yeah I'm pretty much rewriting it wholly - I'll update this message when I'm done, sorry for the delay
Chaledy (talk): Don't worry about it. I can set the codex up for you with the correct format so that you can just rewrite it around it
Aaand I'm pretty much done, it's missing all the descriptions that I slowly gotta add; I did write a bit of fandom lore about the Q'Orl and I think I'm just gonna split that up on all the different bits n places where I can add descriptions, leaving the rest for maybe a "lore" tab or something. Thanks for the help man!
Chaledy (talk): No problem! I'll just make some wording changes here and there an maybe add some stratagems and the last two psychic powers. Anyway, great codex and good job with writing it the right way!
Thanks a lot! Also yeah, feel free to make all the changes and additions you want - I got another Codex that's basically complete, for Chaos Tau, but that one is still missing a few units and things like that, so prolly gonna be staying in the cooking pot for a little while longer. Thanks again for the help man!