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Hey Duke;

Really like your work on Scrollhammer - it's really awesome, and seems not too unbalanced, either. I've been making a few copyedits to some of the descriptions on the units - just in the fluff text, but there are a few grammar errors etc., and sometimes unit descriptions don't quite flow as much as they could. Hope that's OK - it's nothing major, but it's fun to help out, if only with a little bit of stuff like that!

Also - quick rules question that came up in testing. Does Bosmer 'stealth +1' stack with the normal common-or-garden USR stealth, or do they overlap? I mostly ask because as it stands it seems like Bosmer Cultists of Jyggalag are going to be sporting 2+ cover saves even in close combat and hitting people with bound daggers, which while immensely cool, is a bit much imo.

Thanks for all the great work so far,

Curved Sword