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hi i am How Is The Doc.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Hi Doc

How have you been doing? Just messaging to see how your doing, it’s just been a while since I’ve seen you make any edits. Also, what do you think of the art halolamana has been producing?

Kind regards


How Is The Doc (talk): hi Blue.

Firstly I'm try to get control of my life and my circadian rhythm again. and I haf started to play D&D. so I have not wanted to play warhammer or work more on Codex - Angry Marines. I have also long ago reached my minimum goals for the Codex.

about the art Halolamana has made, Very nice! Very nice indeed. it was just what it lacked, som awesome art!

Best regards your Doc(tor :P).

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Current progress on the last (for the meantime at least) angry marine photo halaolamana isn’t working on. It’s a good thing I have a fairly good job because otherwise I’d be poor as fuck after all this comissioning, I could have gotten a custodes army, but the thing we do for our hobbies. Angry marine battle against chaos demons.jpeg

As it stands I’m planning on putting it on the top of the angry marines main page once it’s done, your thoughts?

How Is The Doc (talk):

Angry marine battle against chaos demons makøre 1.jpg Angry marine battle against chaos demons makøre.jpg

Firstly, why the fuck does a Master of Mindfuckery have a book hanging there? (marked with black and white rings) let me quote "These fuckers are the Angry Marines' equivalent to Librarians. Except they aren't called Librarians. Because only BORING FUCKERS read books. Unlike other Chapters, in which Librarians are in charge of the Chapter's history or BORING SHIT like that, the Masters of Mindfuckery have the job of FUCKING with the SHIT-FOR-BRAINS ENEMIES' SHIT BRAINS on the battlefield. And that's all you need to know!" end of quote.

Secondly, I've never heard of Angry Marines using cherubs (marked with a green ring).

Thirdly, this guys with a Chainsword looks too much like a re-colored Black templar, because of that helmet he has on (marked with a blue ring).

I assume that there is still graffiti missing on the Angry Marines. but overall it looks awesome.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Firstly, the graffiti is the last part (I think it’s about half to three quarters done) and we’ll probably mess around with what the graffiti will be. As far as the cherub is concerned I rather like it, there’s nothing in their fluff as far as I know, and it adds to the grandness of the scene. I don’t think this guy has done any black Templar art, so I think he’s just using different power armour styles as he sees fit, and the angry marines do (if not like as such) then at least accept and appreciate them. But as far as the book is concerned your right (unless it’s the codex angry marines, but that’s just a chunk of metal pretending to be a book more than anything else, so I’ll ask him to remove it, all the works done in layers so it shouldn’t be too hard or time consuming to remove. I’m surprised you didn’t point out the leviathan dreadnought, as until he made the draft image there was no fluff about the angry marines having such dreadnoughts.

Also, how would you feel about a codex officio iratus, a codex for the few units that don’t really fit into the codex angry marines like inquisitor badassious. I was also thinking of having angry versions of the assassins and maybe a few other units from the imperium and adeptus ministorum lists to represent some of the humans who are associated with the angry marines.

How Is The Doc (talk): a codex officio iratus sounds like a good idea.

so it's a leviathan dreadnought .. haa .. I thought it was an extra bulky Venerable Dreadnought.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Hi Doc, how are you doing?

I’m currently writing in a daughter for John Fuklaw for the officio iratus, and I was wondering if you had any suggestions for the potential mother of such a child. Also, for the pistol butt improvised weapon is it supposed to be ap +1? As a normal weapon is ap0 I think it would be more appropriate for it to just have -1 to hit.

Kind regards


SO ANGRY[edit]

Hey there Doc.

I'm Dashofpepper from DakkaDakka, ShelixAnakasian from Reddit and Imgur. I'm having an entire angry marine army commissioned. I'm having illustrations of all my angry marines commissioned for each of the unique dioramas. I have backstory. I even had a manufacturer in China make 5,000 dice just so I could have some angry dice.

I just created this account - how do I contribute? Can I e-mail stuff to you or something?

For example, here's the story behind TECHPRIEST-CAPTAIN TEMPERNIUS IRASCUS:

Here's a picture of him. Here's another picture.

Here's an illustration of him punching the dickface techpriest who refused to make his Grundlecrusher.

Here's an illustration of my WIP Company Ancient.

Here's my angry dice.


I have a ton of content. How do I participate?

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk):

Hi Doc, how are you doing, I haven’t heard from you in a while. Things have been busy in your absence, there’s a whole host of tg stuff going on, we’re even working on a boardgame.

How Is The Doc (talk): hello to you too, Blue. I can see you've done a lot. what boardgame are you working on?

Angry Marines codex reorganization[edit]

Chaledy (talk): Hello, I'm Chaledy, the one who's making the changes to the 8th edition Angry Marines codex and the creator of the various /tg/'s 8th edition codexes. All my changes are being made with Blue's permission to reorganize the codex and make it more like the /tg/'s codexes and easier to read. You don't have to worry, I'm trying t mantain as much as the same "style" as possible in my edits so you can rest assure the codex will remain mostly the same. Also, don't worry with the point value for the weapons, on the bottom of the page there will be a board with all values.

Have a good day -Chaledy

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk):

Hi Doc, how are you. Further to what Chaledy has said he has been helping me bring the angry marines codex into line with 8th edition stylings as a whole and in line with the other tg fan codexes. Chaeldy and I have been working on a number of different projects over the past years or so (some of them are really cool so give them a look) and he’s agreed to give me a hand on the codex in return. In the current climate (aka corona) I also need the help because work is busier than normal.

It’s great to have you back editing pages, but the changes chaeldy are making are to improve the page structurally, which is even more necessary if the rumours about GODDAMN 9th EDITION is on the way are true.

Kind regards


How Is The Doc : hello Blueand and Chaledy. sorry i have against work you guys. but that's because you've removed mange priser på våben som ikke er includeret "Angry Marines Armoury List". such as "Hand Flamer of Wrath, Flamer of Wrath, Heavy Flamer of Wrath, Force axe, Force stave, Force sword, Heavy bolter Gatling cannon, Rageus Ironhail heavy Stubber, Ironhail heavy Stubber, Kragstorm grenade launcher, Heavy bolter Gatling gun,Twin Heavy bolter and Twin Heavy Plasma cannon".

Chaledy (talk): don't worry, the renewal is just at its beginning stages, once it's done every weapon will have its points value listed somewhere, just like the other /tg/'s codexes