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Hektor Heresy Stuff[edit]

I checked back in after a little absence. The rules you've added are great! It was a pleasant surprise to see a write-up for Pallas Eugenesis, especially such a good one. On the off-chance that you're keen to keep writing these profiles, let me give you links to other characters who might deserve rules; the Father of the Army Gufarnus Altmakar, Lumey's champion Fabrice Diallo, Vrach's vile henchmen Wilmut Sachs, Nikephoros Galen, and Tribulus Bercilak, Ku'Motsk, the Void King and his fellows in the Harakien Eldar Empire, wily Visant Le Gall, and the madman Vilyon Luthier (though I would hold fire on the other Autopostates, as they may be revised). The mighty Abdul al-Sherar could use a re-write to be special rather than just rule-breaking. Thanks again for pitching in with this stuff, I really liked reading it and will be sure to point it out to friends who half-follow the project. --Lumey (talk) 14:12, 6 October 2016 (UTC)

I was starting to sketch out some more stuff on the Vardhana and I noticed that your rules don't give him a jump pack or jet bike option. Would those mobility options make him unbalanced, or did the fluff note just seem like a tangent? --Lumey (talk) 14:41, 27 October 2016 (UTC)

Chain Fire TOO broken[edit]

Okay, so that's a bit odd. Right now the way I see it, Chainfire seems to be pretty stupidly broken on Primarchs. Basically the gist of this would be that chain-fire gets exponentially more powerful with your ballistic skill, to a point that a BS10 Gunslinger Primarch with 2 Volkite Serpentas(Give them rending too so he can molest tanks), would be throwing 72 shots downrange at anything. He could gib primarchs too if you make them plasma pistols, just give 48 plasma shots to whoever you don't like, and win before melee even starts. I would just remove chain-fire from the list of abilities you can give a primarch, as it's entirely too broken. Evil Executive, CEO of Evil Incorporated (talk) 14:44, 6 October 2016 (UTC)

But isn't Chainfire restricted to 12 shots total now? And stuff gets hot on a 1&2 and the Primarch can't charge. A Primarch using his melee weapon would cause more damage. -- Zerghalo2 (talk) 15:09, 6 October 2016 (UTC)
Makes sense. I'll play around with some rules limitations to see if I can find a viable way of making it work, and if not I'll just remove it. I did note in the entry that it's horribly broken, so perhaps I'll just remove the points cost altogether and point out the fact that adding the rule makes the points cost basically meaningless. Josman (talk) 02:48, 7 October 2016 (UTC)

Inquisition in Hektor Heresy[edit]

OK. First things first.

1. We agreed on a "hands off the Emperor" rule fairly early on, to avoid people looting his story for accolades. It was quickly expanded to Malcador. So, as they're the bright minds behind the Inquisition, it's safe to assume that the origin (including Grey Knights) is the same.

2. The rest of the Chamber Militant is up for grabs. Personally, I don't favour Sisters of Battle as the CM because there have been fluff conflicts over the years. I think it's enough for the Sororitas to be at the service of Inquisitors the same way as any other Imperial force.

3. Currently the candidate for filling in the Power Armour gap in the Chamber is the Eyes of the Emperor. Their story and theme supports them as a "secret army" after the Reformation, but I could certainly entertain alternatives.

Primarch of the Operator Marines[edit]

Heh, sure why not, I'm gunna take my own crack at this silly system. Let me know what you think of this entirely stupid idea. I wanted to make a homebrew chapter that consists entirely of everything /k/, complete with SNEEKI CHEEEKI BEEKIZ, CHEEKI BREEKI IV DAMPKI, REMOVE XENOS, and such. Their primarch is a sneeki motherfucker who is the cheeki breekiezt of them all. He's essentially a glass cannon sneaky motherfucker that eats entire squads with a primarch-sized mosin nagant, and then dies like a bitch if anyone SOMEHOW gets in melee with him. As for defenses, he has Stealth, Shrouded, Splitfire, and Infiltrate. Good luck killing him in shooting.Evil Executive, CEO of Evil Incorporated (talk) 03:01, 23 October 2016 (UTC)

"Ivan Chesnokov, Primarch of the Operator Marines":

Primarch: 445 4 10 6 6 5 6 5 10 4+/6++

Special Rules: Adamantium Will, Bulky, Eternal Warrior, Fear, Fearless, Fleet It Will Not Die, Master of the Legion, Shrouded, Stealth, Move Through Cover, Infiltrate, Split Fire, You See Ivan

Wargear: His manly Russian beard, The Moistest Nugget... And some Vodka... Lots of vodka.

The Moistest Nugget: S4, AP2, Heavy 20

You See Ivan Ivan Chesnokov has the ability to do... SOMETHING, for like 20 points. I dunno, I'll think of something later.

Criticism that's humorous and constructive. Cool. Josman (talk) 03:13, 23 October 2016 (UTC)

Upon the subject of my homebrew[edit]

Unification (talk) 00:41, 5 January 2017 (UTC)

  • Kharn laughs at your Lion's duelist rule.
    • Kharn laughs at everyone who's supposed to be a great duelist.
  • Your Emperor needs deepstrike or he'd NEVER reach combat.
    • Gate of Infinity
      • Fair, I forgot that existed. Not a Grey Knight player.
  • Your Emperor can be killed by a single round of shooting by any Titan variant. You should consider giving him a rule that modifies S:D hits against him.
    • He can, in theory, be killed by eight boltguns.
      • I mean that he's statistically likely to, not that it's just possible. Considering he's one six on a D attack from death, it's just something to consider.
  • Emps automatically knowing all psychic powers is fluffy but would be so ungodly broken on the tabletop that it might literally be easier on your opponent to bring a Warlord Titan instead. You want a T10 model with 1+, rerollable 2++, 3+++, 5++++? You can do that if you know all the psychic powers. He'll still die to 1 round of shooting from a Reaver or Warlord though.
    • Maybe he should be Warlord priced then. There's a reason he's not priced.
      • That's certainly an option, but it might bear considering that a warlord titan with AV15 and void shields + a 5++ is less resilient than your Emperor. There's no problem with that, but it does create some dissonance when the guy will survive a billion plasma shots but will go down to a single lucky turbolaser shot. There's a dissonance there.
  • Your Khan can only throw a spear the equivalent distance of three times his height?
    • Yes, and lasers can only shoot a scale 5 times his height
  • Russ has "canon" rules now, not sure if you've seen those. They stand as something of a placeholder right now though, so yours are probably better.
    • I have seen those, hence why just about everything possible is copypasted, and why the names of the special rules are the same.
  • Talon's of the Emperor
    • Yes?
      • Talon(')s
  • Malcador is T3 despite laughing off getting slapped by Mortarion.
    • With a 3++ invun, EW and 3 wounds, remember he's just a regular guy physically with insane psychic power.
  • (LR) Bringer of Ruin: ?
    • It's marked (WIP) for a reason, most Primarchs only have 1 super unique rule (other than sire of the x) so I'm at a lost.
  • Constantine Valdor, the dude who shitkicked Horus, will lose to half the primarchs.
    • I would hardly say shitkicked, and wow, if he beats half the Primarch he needs toning down.
      • My point being that if the guy can beat the greatest of the primarchs, he should be able to handle himself a bit better.

Thanks for taking a look at my Homebrew! I assume everything you didn't note here is good?