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Story/Art Requests (don't expect me to reply)[edit]

:Please format with :colons for every new request

Editing Questions or Disputes[edit]

:Please format with :colons for every new question or comment

You should really make it clear to folks that you're a gay brown loser when you write shit like some of what I'm seeing coming out of you. -- /pol/fag

If you checked the logs you would see that I'm not the OP. I didn't write the article, and I don't get enough fucks about RaHoWa to fix the article right now. However, this wiki isn't for /pol/ bs, it's for tabletop games, and I'm trying to keep the page clean. I've already asked a couple of experienced wikifags for help, so if you're just trying to troll to point out flaws in /tg/, just fucking wait please. If you (using multiple IPs because you're a grounded 12 year old) or your friends (trying to conduct a semi-organized raid) continue trolling, I, or a more experienced user, will get the admins involved, will block all of your IPs, and will editblock the page. Please stop, you're wasting all of our time, so far mostly mine, and it's going to get you nowhere. --Kracked Mynd (talk) 06:02, 4 December 2018 (UTC)
This is the kind of response that only makes them more determined, it's better to either ignore them or mock them, for example this extra special contributor took a screenshot of your userpage and uploaded it to the wiki because they're too stupid to figure out how the view history tab works, that's pretty hilarious. -- Triacom (talk) 06:56, 4 December 2018 (UTC)

Have you tried not constantly responding the way you are to every halfway vandal and troll whose edits you're undoing? You're literally just encouraging them at best. -- 15:14, 22 December 2018 (UTC)

I egged on the RaHoWa vandals unintentionally, sure, but I haven't responded to the Guardsmen trolls any more than Triacom has, and only mentioned trolling once. If it pleases you, I won't comment at all, but I haven't made a big deal of these shitheads. --Kracked Mynd (talk) 19:41, 22 December 2018 (UTC)

Friendly Non-Board Discussions[edit]

Namefags only please. Anons shouldn't need to address me, they can ask me as an Anon on the board (yes, I know that wouldn't work). :Please format with :colons for every new question or comment