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So this is the power of 2018 /tg/ writefaggotry.. woah[edit]

Just got finished reading through your work and it's just as banal and derivative as I suspected it would be from the beginning. Your namesake Primarch was a particularly turgid piece. Transhuman Robspierre wank. Words fail. I would suggest that if you plan to hail a character as a great writer and thinker that you keep it vague and restrain the urge to include numerous snippets of their "great works of literature", "keen political insight", and "memorable quotes". It quite ruins the illusion when the examples exhibit none of the supposed genius at work. I assume you probably ran off all or near all other contributors as the majority of the entries exhibit the same patterns of weakness. Working on them people skills might serve you well in any future projects.

Merrill's Legion structure[edit]

Stashing this here for my own reference.



Sacred Band
Early Campaigns
Primarch Discovery


  • Include the relationship between the Legion, its Primarch, and the Emperor here
  • Their views on psykers should be mentioned as well
Homeworld (s)
Recruiting World(s)
Notable Members


Legion Tactics and Strategy
Arms, Armor, and Equipment preferences
Legion Makeup and Organization
Auxilia and allies
Unique units within Legion
Disposition of Forces on the eve of the Heresy
Major/flagship vessels
Void Strategies and tactics

Gene-Seed and Successors

Mechanicum notes[edit]

Possible titles

  • Doctor (per D.D.)
  • Fabricator-Provincial
  • Coadjutor (co-assister)
  • Custos (2nd tier), perhaps styled as Custos-Director? Custos-Palatine?
  • Viator (messenger/traveller)
  • Tutelary (defending/defender)
  • Tutor (in all its senses as a teacher, guardian, and ward of minors)

Fabrikator-Meister for Werkerde

Rebel worlds for Al-Sherar: Mukhayam (military), Kanz (mining), Qalea (military), Khamm (mining).

EZ FW could be called Massalia for the Lazarus connection. Their organisation is probably onion-like, with the lay brethren on the outside, the Tutelary cohorts (relatively familiar Mechanicum military types) serving as a barrier to the interior, and the humble Children of the Machine at the center. The saintliness of their elect makes a good impression but this conceals a shocking laxity in the rest of the organisation.

My reference & links[edit]

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So I hear you're heading up the inquisition equivalent for HkH, or at least in charge of concept. Is this correct? If yes, what do you have so far? Josman (talk) 02:01, 14 October 2016 (UTC)