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VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Dear Naut I was wondering who had made those photos, they show up all over the place (especially as cover images for you tube videos), but I guess that’s part of putting stuff up on the internet. The pictures I’m after at the moment are specific ones for all the angry marine units, I’ve got one guy working on it at the moment (Halaolamana), although some of your pictures would be useful as illustrations for some of the stories, the angry marine page as a whole needs more colour to break up the wall of text. You are of course, entirely welcome/heavily encouraged to create more art, at the moment the only codex ones which have been completed is the one for the black brothers and the one for sergeant mccuntface, with the one for the angry drop pod currently a work in progress, everything else however, is free reign. The relics in particular would benefit from pictures (although the one for the head of ward would be very gross), and if your work is good I can bung you some cash, as I said to Halaolamana I appreciate that not much new art is going to be made for the angry marines without some money being changed hands. Drop a line drawing of an idea or two on here (or on a Patreon etc if you have one) and we can work it out from there, I only ask that you keep to the current art style we have going (admittedly the work you’ve done already is already of the same style). My apologies for not replying sooner, but work means that I can’t put as much time and love/anger into the angry marines as I once did. Kind regards Blue

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Dear Naut

Life is a bit shitty when it comes to work, especially in the creative industry because a. It’s competitive and b. It’s difficult to find people who want what you have. Angry marine stuff in particular because, as it stands, there’s only really me on the internet who’s actively looking for such stuff, all I want is an updated codex. What I’ve pulled together so far has reminded me of the first times I ever opened a codex, it’s just a shame that it’s going to take ages to get enough stuff together (and probably a few hundred pounds out of my own pocket).

How was your new year by the way? I was in Bielefeld for new year, new year in Germany is something rather special, mostly because you put fireworks everywhere. What are you planning on working on next? The head of ward would be cool but it would be a truly disgusting sight to behold.

Kind regards Blue