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Yo. Feel free to leave Knights Inductor feedback here. I'll see it, and respond to it if I can.

Misc. questions[edit]

How far out have you planed out the settling of the aprior sector? I'm writing a story now about a pacification, should I finish and post it or send it to you to be reviewed?

What you see is what I've got, for the most part -- go for it!
For future reference, you should end your talk-page posts with a ~~~~ to "sign" them with your username and a time-stamp, like this: Not LongPoster Again 01:14, 14 March 2012 (UTC)
Ah okay, in case it wasn't obvious I'm a bit new, the story itself will be posted as soon as I can finish it. 17:54, 14 March 2012 (UTC)
It's up now, let me know how good, bad, or ugly it is. 21:49, 22 March 2012 (UTC)
I like the general outline of the story -- convincing both sides that the Knights Inductor are their friends is a nifty trick, and if they can talk the enemy into defeating themselves before committing to combat, they will do so. That said, I feel like you're trying to say too much in a very short space. Pacifying a world is a huge undertaking -- think about how many of our conflicts have been unresolved for years, decades, and even centuries -- and I don't think it's possible do it justice in a single short story. As it is, the pace of the story feels rushed and extremely dense, which makes it difficult to read (not helped by the fact that the text is also literally dense).
Yeah, I'll Re-write it, it was meant as an answer from an assistant, not a battle brother, to an unasked question. I did sort of write it and post it as quick as I could.
The tone of the story is not inherently bad, but Space Marines are generally formal when they speak. As I'm writing other stories (and revising those I've already written), I'm trying to keep Dawn of War in mind -- the Blood Ravens were familiar with one another, but they were also not what we would call "casual." If the tone were more formal, it could be a believable after-action report (something you might find on a page in a Codex, for example), but I feel like too much has been told and not enough shown to make it a proper story.
Finally, the mechanical errors prevent the story from flowing well. Missing punctuation (especially at the end of dialogue) is a common error, as is inconsistent capitalization.
tl;dr I like the idea, but the execution is lacking. --Not LongPoster Again 07:50, 8 May 2012 (BST)

Another question, given the progressiveness of the knights inductor, how much of their social policy can I base on the social justice movement(s)? 04:48, 28 March 2012 (BST)

A fair amount, especially when it comes to dealing with mutants, variant Imperial cults, and other underclasses. The Knights believe that any human can serve the Imperium, and that they're all worth protecting. They also believe (with good reason) that citizens who feel that they are important to the Imperium, and serve voluntarily, will serve better. A relationship built on respect benefits both Imperium and Citizen.
That said, they also believe that it is every human's responsibility to serve the Imperium -- the Aprior Sector definitely has a Heinleinian "Service Guarantees Citizenship" feel. Exactly what "service" means (how self-sacrificing it has to be, etc.) depends on who you ask, but some have much shorter fuses and higher standards than others. There is also disagreement on who gets to be part of the club -- how much mutation is too much (and what about non-humans)? What is the boundary between heterodoxy and heresy? I've got some short story ideals bouncing around in my head which deal with these points of contention. --Not LongPoster Again 07:50, 8 May 2012 (BST)

We know that the Knights Inductor are 3 times the normal size of a chapter, does this mean they have 6-9 battlebarges and a similarly oversized strike criuser force? If so, I forsee some trouble for a certain crusade if the knights and battlefleet Aprior are able to pin it in one place... Blackjack217 22:33, 25 May 2012 (BST)

They do have a larger-than-usual fleet (they were fleet-based to begin with, and they've gotten some new ships along the way -- though I haven't thought too hard about their actual fleet disposition), but they generally aren't in one place.
Damnos does get trapped and bled out over a particularly well-defended planet, and only destroys it after taking a heavy beating himself. He splits his crusade immediately thereafter in order to prevent it from happening again. --Not LongPoster Again 03:36, 27 May 2012 (BST)
Interesting. Anyway, I've always thought Battlefleet Gothic needs more love and I was thinking that maybe I can flesh out the naval side of things for you with a "Battlefleet Aprior" supplement. It'll have fun stuff like finally giving the Dark Eldar an actual fleet, a few "inovative" designs by Battlefleet Aprior, sneaky Ork ships and maybe even a look at a fleet for Exodites that are tired of being nuked from orbit. Blackjack217 15:28, 27 May 2012 (BST)
I haven't looked at BFG in a while, but some ideas for upgrades to Apriori ships:
  • Automation. This might make it easier to pass Command checks, or reload ordnance, or repair damage, or fire weapons when the crew is disabled (at a penalty to firepower or chance to hit?)...
  • Trained crew, as opposed to conscripts -- at least at first. Possibly better leadership, or better boarding value (probably a fair amount of overlap with the above)...
  • Experimental weapons, like self-guided torpedoes -- 0-1 per army, unless you've got a Mobile Forge (or Forge Ship, or whatever it gets called).
And some ideas for Dark Eldar toys:
  • Some sort of weapon that disables enemy ships' systems (haywire torpedoes/cannons/batteries/whatever? Ion pulse?).
  • Portable Webway portal (possibly part of a large ship/station).
I'd like to hear what you have in mind! --Not LongPoster Again 21:48, 27 May 2012 (BST)
Okay, first the Exodites. I figure the main thing that would seperate them from the craftworld types is the have a planet. Planets don't move, and are rather hard to hide so any enemy can pin them down by making a run on the planet, largely negating the traditional eldar speed advantage. Therefor Exodite ships have to be built much tougher, and slower, than their craftworld counterparts. First they have a pair of air space fighter bommers that launch from hidden bases on the planet. Then if they feel it necessary they scale up their defenses to include escorts, cruisers and possibly even a battleship.
Next the orks. They just need a special sneaky ship to allow them access to Apriori worlds.
Craftworld Eldar need an extra battleship probably a carrier of some kind.
Dark Eldar need more ships. First a battleship of some sort is a clear requirement, as they currently have none, and some sort of carrier, with attached firghters and bombers. The battleship will probably be designed for planetary assault.
Now for Battlefleet Aprior. I imagine they don't like ramming or boarding as a tactic very much. It's too much lke that old "drive me closer I want to hit them with my sword" nonsense for the Aprior to like it. So they probably employ heavy long range firepower and are proportionately weaker up close. The real question is whether they are a fleet of specialists that work together seemlessly or a fleet of generalists ready for any situation. Blackjack217 22:07, 28 May 2012 (BST)
I am writing now about some of Battlefleet Aprior, and I initially thought that the fleet would be smaller and instead rely on civilian militia fleets. The two ships that serve as the primary setting are an Imperial Overlord Class battlecrusier and a Demiurg bastion class crusier. The two add up to 500 points, so they might be incorporated somehow. When I figure out the names I'll edit them in here.
Also I am actually looking into playing Battlefleet Gothic now, likely playing imperial navy. One idea in particular for the Aprior would be heavy use of the lunar class crusier, as it's described as unassuming but powerful. What I imagine is that there are more modern ships with a focus on dealing long range damage, while older ships are more standard imperial, and used to keep close up enemies such as the Necrons away from the newer models. Also Battlefleet Aprior might have access to xeno ships, particularly Demiurg, in a way that most sides do not, such as the ability to squadron with them as long as they have not fired yet, or exceed normal restrictions on the number of allied ships. Another thing might be named admirals with restrictions on where they can spend their re-rolls in exchange for a greater number of them, so long as it does not become a game breaker. For example, if we write a codex and include enemies of Aprior, the Gore Queen would have more re-rolls per 50 points, but she could only spend them on boarding actions or damage rolls. On the flip side, if Chapter Master Zakis Randi takes the helm of his battle barge he too gets more re-rolls per 50 points, but can only use them on rolls regarding special orders, or rolls to hit. 02:41, 6 June 2012 (BST)
(I'm assuming you mean "doesn't become a game breaker"?) Alternatively, named characters could grant bonuses to certain rolls or characteristics. --Not LongPoster Again 01:42, 22 June 2012 (BST)
Yeah I fixed it and got a username (not in that order). Also I've kinda been trying to get my story off the ground and I have an idea, but there's a lot of smaller details I could use, in particular a character mentions the percentage of ships in battlefleet aprior that are standard imperial versus new designs, so while I'll check with Blackjack217, I get the feeling things might still be up in the air. Voidsman 05:34, 22 June 2012 (BST)

Look what I found [1] --Blackjack217 00:26, 19 June 2012 (BST)

Okay new guy here, but this is too damn awesome. 03:53, 21 June 2012 (BST)
Way cool! --Not LongPoster Again 02:41, 29 June 2012 (BST)

If I was interested in writing a codex for the Order of Reason's light and ASIS, would that be something worth doing? In particular, I have some ideas about aprior variants on the Officio Assassinorum operatives, although they will have to be high point, high power units.Voidsman 17:44, 25 June 2012 (BST)

Mmm...I don't think the Aprior Sector is home to any of the temples (not that they aren't, but the Inquisition doesn't exactly publicize their locations, so they might as well not be in the Sector), so they wouldn't be proper Assassins (i.e. not WS8/BS8), but ASIS definitely does have elite Agents, not to mention a (very small) number of troops (=Veterans/Stormtroopers).
ASIS and the Order won't use some of the more extreme options available to their more mainstream counterparts. For example, Sisters who have fallen short are disciplined according to their crime, which may include a restriction of privileges (e.g. solitary confinement), a reduction in rank, and/or remediation, but generally does not involve becoming a Repentia or Penitent Engine. ASIS is even worse off -- they're Codex: Grey Knights without the Grey Knights!
So, you'd need some new units to set them apart. Access to more diverse weapons and vehicles of course (I once saw a piece of fanart depicting a Sororitas wielding a "sniper flamethrower" -- not that I think that's a good idea, but some kind of man-portable ranged support would be good), maybe some kind of dedicated crowd-control unit for ASIS (like the Adeptus Arbites -- with cyber-mastiffs?), and deputized militias to fill out their numbers. Maybe ASIS could get a bike unit -- that would help set them apart from the Guard.
I'm most worried that they'll end up as Space Marine/Imperial Guard clones, or with bare Codexes. They're not really "armies" in the traditional sense -- the Order of Reason's Light still train in the art of war, but they're more like the Ecclesiarchy's SWAT force than anything else (when heretic cults start trouble, and ASIS can't nip them in the bud covertly, the Sisters are the ones to put them down, but they're certainly not a crusading force), and ASIS is basically the FBI. --Not LongPoster Again 02:41, 29 June 2012 (BST)
The fact that they are the FBI/CIA/DEA/ATF/EIB/oh sod this, is why I want to do this codex, but at the same time means they will be somewhat limited. The Guard holds territory and the Knights are the Vanguard forces, so there are few battlefield situations where ASIS would be really useful. One way to help this is having units that scale, where I have some ideas but it needs some more work.
The first idea that I had was an Eversor equivalent, a basic human in a fully enclosed suit of power armor that only displays a human body in terms of physiology(I.E. showing the circulatory or nervous system, but nothing to identify the individual), so that it might inspire the same level of terror, but in a different, quieter package. And while any trained operative could use it, veterans, augmented individuals, and veteran field agents who decide to boost their abilities with mechanical augmentation, would give more power in exchange for higher points and provide options in higher point matches. Another bit of crunch that I've been trying to think through, is a Micheal Weston/ Jason Bourne type of agent who can use their surroundings to devastating effect. As for the cyber-mastiff idea, I love it and will find some way of making the acronym for it H.O.U.N.D. Additionally a bike or jetbike unit would be interesting, I'm not sure how to get it to mesh with the rest of the fluff, but I'll figure something out in that regard. One last thought, that will likely be thrown into something else, would be Pegasus Knights in the mold of those in the Fire Emblem series fast, damaging, and resilient to magic, but somewhat vulnerable to anti-air fire.Voidsman 07:29, 29 June 2012 (BST)
Another idea that I am writing currently are Apriori Partizans who will be the cheap units, loosely speaking, as I want them to be fragile but damaging, so I'm thinking of making them like conscripts by way of stats, but with the ability to take melta bombs or something similar to give them a good shot at damaging or even killing marine equivalents. The idea is that they are similar to the French and Italian resistance fighters during WW2, not an army, but civilians who have become adept at not dying or failing that, taking the enemy with them.Voidsman 23:29, 4 July 2012 (BST)
Maybe instead of assasins they have Thunder Warrior knock offs? If the knights inductor had encountered one of Arik Taranis' post heresy labs it might explain their somewhat rebellious nature, and their determination to do the right thing. Well since I was already writing a story about a top secret aprior lab being trashed by the Novamarines I bet I can fit it in somewhere. Once I find a way to write around the Emprahsque. --Blackjack217 22:41, 5 July 2012 (BST)
hmm, I'm afraid I'm not as familiar with those, what we may want to do is move this to my user page as I have bugger-all there now.Voidsman 23:17, 5 July 2012 (BST)
Why not both? (Assassins and armored humans.)
As for the Emperasque...that was sort of a spur-of-the-moment thing. If you have to contradict it to write a good story, I won't lose any sleep. One revision to Return of the Reasonable Marines that I'm considering is that, rather than referring to the Emperasque specifically, Chapter Master Randi only hears that the Grey Knights were severely censured for their lack of restraint. --Not LongPoster Again 00:35, 6 July 2012 (BST)
  • Well the idea was to have both as the same unit type, but for different point values to give the codex flexibility which is was I suspect this codex will turn into, the Inquisition without Grey Knights, without Officio Assassinorum, and without Deathwatch. Instead I'll have to come up with some specialized units that are then supplemented by some generalist units.
  • An idea that occurred to me earlier that I'm glad I remembered was to have three potential named commanders that each make a certain unit type troops. For instance, whoever the Canoness is for the Order of Reason's Light might make the sister's of battle troops, but under another commander they might be elites. If this works properly it will be easy for someone looking to play a certain style that is not currently served with either Aprior Guard or the Knights Inductor can instead play ASIS, but it will drag out this project somewhat as I'll be writing a three in one codex. Also I'll copy and paste this to my talk page, I'm sure you both don't mind, but I figure we're kinda developing different pieces and it might help to give each their own space.Voidsman 04:59, 6 July 2012 (BST)
Not sure what a tumblr is good for, but thanks for the thought. I've got some "Thoughts for the Day" on my scratchpad for adorning Codex pages or other such uses. --Not LongPoster Again 04:13, 15 October 2012 (BST)
  • Well I'll admit it is equal parts tumblr that I use to follow people of importance to me and a potential way of advertising the codices once we are happy with them.Voidsman 10:18, 16 October 2012 (BST)
  • Did you have anything in mind for the current head of ASIS or the Order of Reason's Light? If not, I have some ideas, but I'd like to keep everything internally consistent. Voidsman 23:47, 12 November 2012 (UTC)
The Canoness Superior of the Order of Reason's Light has last name Derosa (she's a very distant relative of Elena Derosa, from Dawn of War II). The Order itself is forbidden from crusading outside the sector (Canonesses Superior past have mobilized Crusades within the sector to e.g. protect an Ecclesiarchy asset or fight a particularly nasty cult), though it is the acknowledged authority on putting down heretic cults in the Sector and a vital component of the Sector's defenses against Chaos. Their shrine (or cathedral, or whatever it is an Order uses for a base) on Dvi-Marion is the bulwark securing the hubward side of the Sector, and a center of learning and religious devotion.
The Director of ASIS ... I got nothing. He or she will usually work at the Panopticon, frequently teleconferencing with the Directors of the Subsector and Planetary Divisions and/or with ASEC, and almost certainly not work in the field (far too valuable, far too knowledgeable, and rather advanced in age...though you don't get to be an old agent by being a bad agent, so that probably isn't so much of a factor), though it is not unknown for a high-level administrator to take a day off to crack heads in the field, and circumstances have forced even desk-jockeys to take up a laspistol and hold the line in the past. ASIS is the "cloak-and-dagger" branch of ASEC, preferring to neutralize threats before guns have to be drawn, though this often puts them at odds with everyone else. The militaries hold a stereotype (with some basis in truth) of ASIS agents being withdrawn, shifty, untrusting and untrustworthy, while ASIS agents tend to view the military as a disruption to their carefully planned operations. This is especially a source of tension with the Sisters; imagine, ASIS is trying to investigate a movement, when suddenly Battle Sisters crash in and burn everything down, driving the movement underground. Everybody goes home unhappy: the Sisters get yelled at (and some of them feel bad about stepping on other agencies' toes), the ASIS operation is ruined, and the poor heretics are now on fire. --Not LongPoster Again 04:54, 14 November 2012 (UTC)
  • Okay so the Cannoness is Derosa, I'll figure out a first name later, noted. As for the director, my plan is that nobody outside of the Panopticon and ASEC sees whoever it is on a day-to-day basis and so very few people know who the director is(adds to the untrustworthy perception). While they hold that job title, they are known solely as the director, and their lives are very carefully managed for security reasons. Once they leave the job, they do get some benefits and personal security, but are often in the cracking heads model of retirement. Obviously a sufficiently diligent individual could conclude who the current director is based on a record of hires and fires(if there are five people in the running for the job and only four show up to work the next morning... yeah.). Also except for the director and a few linchpins of ASIS there are few classified things as once something has ceased being useful, a cover ID or operation, it is immediately declassified unless there is a really good reason to keeping it hidden. Ardi, for instance, is going to remain classified until the warp freezes over.
  • Also I'm thinking a cathedral is more appropriate, as shrines are very personal whereas a cathedral is very public and creates a relatively welcoming environment. Also there are going to be the usual jokes, such as the difference between modern day Scotland and Dvi-Marion is that the women on Dvi-Marion are more domineering. And while I'll keep the friction between the different branches, I'll have ASIS and the Order of Reason's Light be the most willing to work together and have the least friction(relatively speaking) otherwise, why would they share a codex? Finally while ASIS will have some cool stuff to field in combat and are the best there is and what they do(sneaky-stabby stuff), they are going to rely more on manipulation and playing enemies off of one another. I'll add a section for fluff on my page, so feel free to update anything you think of there.Voidsman 12:54, 20 November 2012 (UTC)
I suppose the relationship between ASIS and the Order has improved over time, especially as ASEC got more mature and the various forces started taking joint operations seriously (maybe a heretic bust gone bad, of the sort that I described, is what convinced them to get off their high horses and talk to each other). Cooperation is still a challenge, though; if ASIS goes to one of the other armed forces to bust a cult, they feel like they're admitting that they failed and got in over their heads. --Not LongPoster Again 07:44, 10 December 2012 (UTC)
I'll make sure to include those aspects, I'll have to update the fluff with a specific incident which got ASIS and everyone else to co-operate fully. Although there's probably going to be some kinda of mocking term for some one doesn't co-operate with other parts of Aprior Security.

Okay a very quick tdlr version of what I have steched out: Damnos recieves intelligence of super top secret lab but doesn't know what is in it. He figures that what ever in in it must be really damning if they hid it from everyone. So he sends the novamarines (who are more here because codex and spiritual liege than any other reason) to wreck it from one end to the other. They proceed to do so in the process killing a knights inductor dressed up as an ultramarine. Immediatly after they do so they learn it was actually an R&D lab working on said spiritual liege's sleep issues. And about that fake ultramarine... --Blackjack217 23:07, 14 July 2012 (BST)

Thanks for covering my backside on the sisters order creation tables, I've got a lot more work to do. Also I hope my codex and fluff is to your standards.Voidsman 23:08, 4 December 2012 (UTC)

The tone of the fluff seems a little too casual, compared to GW's codices, but otherwise the characters seem pretty good so far. Regarding the order creation tables, there's an archived thread where an order was created using a slight variant of the Space Marine Chapter tables, which can be a good source for more table ideas (funnily enough, the Order created there was called the Order of the Guiding Light). --Not LongPoster Again 07:44, 10 December 2012 (UTC)
I know, I felt a bit scooped, I'll update that page soon.

Codex: Knights Inductor[edit]

Look to the Dornian Heresy Ultramarines for inspiration. Thinking about the progressiveness of the Knights Inductor made me think about them. If you read (or have read) the Index Astartes on them, I think you'll find some great material to graft onto the Knights Inductor. Like the Knights these Ultramarines are progressively minded (for the most part) and had a good sector system made up. Look 'em up! Remoon101 23:11, 10 December 2011 (UTC)

Added descriptions to some of the wargear, added more to all relevant sections of the Special Rules, Unique Units, and Unique Wargear. Also, if you want, take a look at the Silencer/Librarian powers I've drawn up for the Knights Inductor specifically. I'm reaching the limit for unique wargear (there's only so much goodness I can stuff in), still need to replace/add unique units, and still need to figure out what to do with their 24man squad organizations Remoon101 22:24, 14 December 2011 (UTC)
Maybe something like, a squad starts with 1 Sergeant and 5 Marines, and can take up to 18 more Marines, with the possibility of upgrading one Marine out of 6 to a Veteran or Sergeant (same stat-line -- Vets/Sgts get special wargear, like signums, powerfists, combi-weapons, target designators, and such). If they choose, they can split up into as many combat squads as they have vets/sergeants, minimum combat squad size of 6. If you want to keep the divisible-by-5 theme, I could bump the maximum size to 30, or drop it to 20, and make the vet/sergeant upgrade available for every 5 Marines.
Alternately, you could have the Knights' tactical, devastator, and assault squads keep the same size as Codex Marines, re-naming them as "Fireteams" (as they have already split up before battle); then, the full 24-man (or however many) Squad could be left as an Apocalypse formation. --Not LongPoster Again 20:36, 18 December 2011 (UTC)

No, I like the 24man scheme, and dividing by 5 is too common amongst Space Marines to be unique. I made it so a squad can have up to 12 Marines, and two full squads of the same type can combine into a single 24man unit (and then split into three 8man fire teams). Going back, a full 12man squad may instead choose to break down into two 6man squads. It's not necessary for a squad to only take 10 Knights.

However, each unit can take a special/heavy weapon per 6 Marines, so in order to gain the second tier weapons, they must have up to 12 Knights. This means they can't take Rhinos. I think a Drop Pod can fit that many, I'm not too sure. And a single Razorback could comfortably transfer one fire team. So tactical squads, for example, could take up to twice the amount of special/heavy weaponry that normal Tactical squads can, but it'll cost a little (as opposed to completely free for flamers/missile launchers) and it forces the player to purchase an additional two Knights. It raises an interesting amount of options as one could also minimize, buy an extra Knight, take the special/heavy weapons and stuff it all into a nice Razorback.

I'm starting to complete the pages and transfer them into PDF form. Do you have an email which I could send them to? Remoon101 02:43, 19 December 2011 (UTC)

You can use scribe [dot] inductor [at] no-spam-plz gmail [dot] com (Not Not LongPoster, you can reach me here as well).
So, you mean that a six-Marine Tactical Fireteam can take a special weapon and a heavy weapon? Hmm. The problem that I see with that is that heavy weapons can't fire if anyone in the squad moves, and special weapons aren't any good unless you're up close (though, I guess you could take a twelve-man squad, and split it, sending the two special weapons with one team and two heavy weapons with the other).
I had thought that drop pods could only fit ten, but I was wrong -- they do fit twelve! This raises the question of how they fit twelve when there are clearly only ten harnesses, but whatever. Maybe Chimeras are also available to the Knights (better front armor and weapons, though it has worse side armor, BS3 [upgradeable to a BS4 Space Marine crew?] and doesn't have Repair or default defensive weapons), or they use Land Raiders for large squads (should Land Raiders be a Dedicated Transport option for a sufficiently large fireteam?), or they have a special pattern of Rhino that fits twelve? --Not LongPoster Again 14:12, 19 December 2011 (UTC)
Codex Ultramarines and friends drop pods carry 12, most other marine codexes/codacies/whatever only carry 10. I don't know if this matters to your codex but if you were interested. SkyDog 16:43 16/12/2011
For simplicity the Knights' Drop Pods can carry twelve. And it is 1 special/heavy weapon per 6men. So a full blown 24man squad would or could have 4 special/heavy weapons. I'll take the Chimera and Land Raider ideas into consideration. Also, you'll be able to upgrade a squad member to a Sergeant once the squad numbers a total of 24 models.
Also, the squad combining is turning out to be too complicated, squad limits are going to be bumped up to 24, and you can split from there. I'm also trying to make a decision about 12man Rhinos, but I'm not too sure about it. It'll need fluff to back it up. And it somewhat conflicts with the fact that the Apriori can't manufacture Dark-Age perfectly (more bulky in some cases, as certain high-density materials can't be replicated yet).
I'm sorry, but "special/heavy" is not clear; do you mean a special weapon, and a heavy weapon? Also, the Sergeant upgrade -- is that in addition to the Squad's original Sergeant?
Otherwise, things sound like they're under control. I've been busily re-reading the various Codexes and Imperial Armour books -- I especially like Forge World's style -- to try and get myself in that mindset. I look forward to seeing the page! --Not LongPoster Again 04:13, 20 December 2011 (UTC)

My apologies for not being clear, a Tactical squad can take one heavy weapon and one special weapon per 6 Knights. The Sergeant upgrade essentially replaces one Knight with another Sergeant, an additional one, once the Tactical squad is at the 24man cap.

I suppose you can have a special variant of the Rhino that can fit 12 Knights, but cannot Repair (there's just not enough room for auto-repair systems at that point). Remoon101 20:11, 20 December 2011 (UTC)

Other ideas: an increase in points cost, a restriction on available upgrades, or some representation that the Rhino is really not meant to hold that many Marines (the Rhino may have restrictions on moving or shooting on a turn it embarks/disembarks passengers, or maybe the 12-Marine unit treats the Rhino as Difficult Terrain, or have restrictions on moving, shooting, and/or assaulting on the turn it disembarks). Maybe this could be an "upgrade" available to the Rhino: "Extra Capacity: By removing redundant and optional systems, the Techmarines of the Knights Inductor have managed to tease extra carrying capacity out of the Rhino's chassis. The Rhino attains a transport capacity of twelve models [other effects here]."
That still raises the question of why nobody else has bothered to modify the Rhino in this way (probably because losing self-repair is considered too great a loss); I would say it's also plausible for the Knights to say "screw it" (or "frak it" or "feth it" or "Omnissiah blast it") and use Chimeras, Land Raiders, and Drop Pods instead.
Speaking of Drop Pods, do you think it makes sense to allow a sufficiently small (6-Marine) unit of Terminators to take a Drop Pod? Drop Pods can take Locator Beacons, which lets Termies Deep Strike within 6" of them without scattering (which is a little better than Inertial Guidance System), but allowing them to actually be on the Drop Pod reduces the number of reserve rolls that have to be made (or eliminates them entirely, if the pod in question is included in the Drop Pod Assault), and eliminates the possibility that the Drop Pod be destroyed before the Terminators arrive. I ask because the Drop Pod is not specifically listed as an option for Terminators in Codex: Space Marines.
Finally; I have received the draft Codex pages; I'll reply to your email in a few days with more specific critiques (though they are generally pretty good). --Not LongPoster Again 06:15, 21 December 2011 (UTC)
Please note that I just recently changed the Captain's special rule from Voice of Reason to the Macharius Stratagem. Each turn the player can pick one friendly Knights Inductor unit and grant them one of the following special rules: Furious Charge, Hit and Run, or Stealth until the next time the player chooses. Also have made tiny tweaks to the Captain's fluff to back that (as well as spelling checks). Upcoming Codex entry right now is Incursion squads (Assault marines), with their modified jump packs allowing them to Overtake the enemy. I'll add in the "What'sthenameforit" Variant for the Rhino. It won't be that significant of an upgrade; it's only two extra Knights. So maybe even just as simple as no Repair and +5pts cost. Also finishing up on a pre-Codex draft of the Captain Darren entry Remoon101 13:03, 21 December 2011 (UTC)
I have a few critical questions about the characters I'm working on: Who is the current Chapter Master? (He will have the title of Lord Adjudicator by the way). I'm currently giving the guy Draigo style stats (with the exception of WS7) along with a strategical special rule and a power "normal" close combat weapon wargear. Is he a Psyker? Regular Knight? Does Captain Roland Darren have the Empyrean Anathema?
Change of rank names: Marines > Knights, Sergeants > Arbiters, Chapter Master > Lord Adjudicator, Honor Guard > Unbiased Mendicants. That's all so far. I'll have the draft Character codex entries done after I get feedback on those questions I have on them.
The current chapter master is Zakis Randi. He, like all (normal) Knights, has the Empyrean Anathema special rule (Psykers and Blanks become Librarians and Silencers, which are part of the Librarius and thus outside of the normal chain of command).
As far as the ranks go...I'm not sure. I feel like your fluff entries for the draft codex pages have been a little over-done, and pulling titles and such out of thin air is pushing that even further. (I'll have more specific feedback when I get back home from vacation.) I guess that part of that might be the fact that the Codex is supposed to talk up your army, but it still feels a
I guess I've been trying to think of how to make it clear that, for all their ideals, the Knights are still a Space Marine chapter, and that the Aprior Sector is very much on a war footing -- "if you desire peace, you must prepare for war," and all that. Think "Starship Troopers" and WWII America (which heavily influenced Heinlein as he wrote Stership Troopers) -- they are willing to talk, and it's generally a nice place to live, but there is constant vigilance and readiness to use force, and lots of it. Not LongPoster Again 02:50, 27 December 2011 (UTC)

Thanks for the info for the characters. The fluff is always subject to change, based on the feedback I get. As for being overdone, they are mainly based off of the original fluff from Codex: Space Marines, and Codex: Angry Marines, just modified to fit the Knights Inductor (or as much I could). You might even be better at writing it than I am; just send me proposed edits for the fluff on the appropriate codex entries and I'll change it.

As for the ranks, I only recently pulled them out on a string of inspiration. I like the meaning in the "Arbiter" title at least, I might just move that to the Chapter Master's subtitle. The Unbiased Mendicants was almost random, I'll admit that. The Khazet Honor Guard was more what I had in mind. I'd rather refer to the individual Marines as Knights though, it goes with the name of the Knights Inductor. Sergeants can stay as Sergeants. The titles/ranks I had made seemed more fit for a "crusade for GREAT JUSTICE!" kind of Chapter, rather than the Knights Inductor at a second glance

Zakis Randi, Chapter Master of the Knights Inductor, the "Arbiter". Knights of the Chapter, led by Sergeants. The Honor Guard however needs a unique name, just putting that out there. If the fluff is overdone, I can do my best to tune it down then. The original Space Marine fluff was over-hyped anyhow. Remoon101 03:05, 27 December 2011 (UTC)

"Arbiter" sounds like a situational title; maybe Randi only uses it when he's presiding over a court-martial (who else would judge the guilt or innocence of a Knight accused of a serious crime?).
Honor Guard names... "The Chapter Master's Own", "The Grey Hand",...? I'm trying to avoid Space Wolf syndrome (Wolf Guards riding Thunderwolves with Wolf Wolfborn from the planet Wolf...). --Not LongPoster Again 05:01, 28 December 2011 (UTC)
Sounds good for the Arbiter title. Presides over the major decisions of the Apriori sector, as well as major court-martials like you mentioned. It's a heavy burden to bear at times... As for the Honor Guard names: Partinax Guard?
I only got a few more pages done, which were the ones I gave you again? Remoon101 20:16, 3 January 2012 (UTC)
Um, Partinax is taken by the Obstinate Marines. Honestly, I'm not sure why the Honor Guard entry needs a special name. They Guard very important people, and it is an Honor to be one of them (Zak Randi doesn't pick just anyone for the job!) -- Honor Guard perfectly describes their function.
I have Army Special Rules, Tactical Squad, and Captain. Since you've said you're making revisions, I'll hold off the spelling/grammar nitpicking, though I may end up sending some counter-offers for the fluff sections. I'm curious; what program did you use to make these pages? I use LaTeX, which is very capable of auto-generating page numbers, tables of contents, and the suchlike, though I like the formatting you've managed to achieve; not sure how I can make that happen -- what font and layout did you use?
On the fluff side of things, maybe Randi could be called "Lord Arbiter" or "High Arbiter" when he's doing his court-martial gig, to set him apart from run-of-the mill Arbiters (High-Gothicky title for judges?) -- sort of how Commander is a rank in the military, but the President (of the US) is the Commander-In-Chief.
Also, possible fluff entry for the Sword of Pacification: "The name of the first Master of the Deal is lost to history, but he seems to have possessed a dark sense of humor; while Masters of the Deal are highly trained in sub-lethal combat, the peace brought by the Sword of Pacification is generally that of the grave." As an aside: I say "sub-lethal" rather than "non-lethal" because anyone tangling with a Space Marine is going to get severely roughed up (and thus stand a substantial risk of dying), even if the Marine isn't out to kill his opponent.
Alternate fluff entry for Voice of Reason: "Be it threats, bribes, or appeals to better nature, Captain Darren [or whoever it is who gets this ability] knows just what to say to take the fight out of the enemy."
I've been trying to think about how to put the spotlight on some of the ordinary (and not-so-ordinary-but-non-Space-Marine) humans of the Aprior Sector; I'll let you know when I get some ideas for them. --Not LongPoster Again 06:44, 4 January 2012 (UTC)

Ok, I'll be sending to you Incursion and Suppressor squads codex pages (Assault and Devastator roles, respectively) as well the revised Captain's entry. The Captain no longer has Voice of Reason, and I've already replaced it with the Macharius Strategem: Precision execution of any facet of this battle plan is said to let the inspired tactical genius of Lord Solar Macharius flow through their battle, turning the tide [in their favor; didn't have enough room to put those last three words]. At the beginning of the player's turns, he may choose any one friendly Knight Inductor unit to have one of the following special rules until the beginning of the player’s next turn: Furious Charge, Hit And Run, or Stealth. As for the alternate Voice of Reason fluff entry, I might move it over to Captain Darren's Intense Negotiator special rule description.

Honor Guard will have to do, though I'm still giving them the cool halberds I had in mind :P I've already made the decision: Zakis Randi will be called the Lord Arbiter as well as Chapter Master of the Knights Inductor. The title suits him.

Sorry to break this to you but I've decided I'm ultimately going to move the Sword of Pacification to Zakis Randi as part of his wargear, and giving Darren a different weapon I've had in mind. So the fluff for the Sword will be slightly modified. As for the humans I can always include may two or even three special characters for them, so keep that in mind.

I've already decided the kind of fluff going into the Terminators: Hostage Rescue being a top priority of theirs, as well as escorting negotiating parties of the Knights Inductor. But the Dreadnoughts need a little more background backing them up; any idea of any special functions they have in the Knights Inductor? As leaders or advisers? What of their Empyrean Anathema aura? Should that be somehow bolstered by the state of body that they are in?

Finally, about the layout I'm using, I've "reverse-engineered" the codex pages I was working with on the Angry Marines Codex version 2, using Microsoft Word Processor. Now I don't know how THAT guy managed to pull it off in the first place but basically I moved around text boxes and tried different fonts to match the pages that I had from the AM Codex. I managed to make a single Codex Page STC and created other formats like the Army Rules page, Wargear pages, and Army List pages (which are pain, mind you). Basically through a bunch of wasted paper and ink. But the format is the closest to the "real deal" codex pages, with slight differences in dimensions due to the size of the pages that the GW codicies use. I compensate for this by making the font between paragraphs, rules, etc. like 5 or smaller so I can fit a few more sentences of fluff in.

Basically, it's a custom layout that I copied off of someone's else fan-made codex. The font for fluff is usually Calibri, size 9, and the other bolded stuff is of various fonts, depending on the page. Remoon101 20:49, 4 January 2012 (UTC)

Sorry it's been so long!
Terminators are, as with most Chapters, all about precision destruction. Beam/drop in, wreck stuff, and beam out -- think Mobile Infantry from Starship Troopers (the book). Terminator Suits can be made somewhat stealthy to disguise their deployment (useful for ambushes, or that fluff piece where Darren packs a room full of invisible Terminators), and they certainly make an impression as part of a negotiator's retinue, but they're not well suited for Solid Snake-style infiltration -- they're just too big and too rare. Those types of missions (e.g. rescue, recon) are more the domain of Veteran and Scout Squads (and Veteran Scouts).
Dreadnoughts are very valued as advisers. Being half-dead causes some loss of coherence, but if you're a Space Marine Captain in need of some wisdom, you can look at what a bunch of armchair Chapter Masters have written about this or that battle, or you can talk to the Marine who was really there! I wonder if the rules for Furioso (Blood Angels Psyker) Dreadnoughts might be useful? For regular Dreadnoughts, perhaps an available upgrade will let them extend the range (to 12") and/or intensity (to -2 Ld modifier) of Empyrean Anathema -- if they are mutually exclusive, I'm not sure if the player should choose every turn, or choose before deployment (and stick with it through the battle).
Finally, an idea for unit rules: Veteran Squads (and maybe other squads?) can get benefits based on which company they're from (chosen per-squad before a battle, and/or based on a special character?). Sixth Company could get Preferred Enemy: Necrons, for example. I really need to get that character section finished up. --Not LongPoster Again 07:57, 8 April 2012 (BST)
Sorry as well! Haven't been working on the Knights as much lately, aside from cooking up and bouncing around new ideas to use!
In any case, I want to be giving Terminators a unique kind of feel in the way they operate apart from other Chapters. Their cloaking will be probably be represented by them allowing to appear from 12"/18"? away from any enemy units as if they were coming in from a table edge. I still am interested in having them be the centerpiece of high-priority missions such as hostage rescue, when sending in scouts/regular veterans is too risky.
Alright, thanks for the basic fluff for the Dreadnoughts, they will be amplifiers of the basic Empyrean Anathema rule and will project an aura of discomfort that gives friendly units within 12" defensive grenades, or probably 6" will be more reasonable. They must take a Ld check to actually assault the Dreadnought as a result. Hey, "Dread"nought! Kind of works out, huh?
I'm still agonizing over Veteran squads, probably will have Vanguard WS5 and Sternguard WS5, and the option to have one or the other in a command squad or whatnot. If you want both WS5 and BS5, I'm adding in Captain Apprentices, you may recognize them from the Captain's Codex entry. Feel free to come up with a better name for them, but that's what they are, trainees for Captainship! As for rules for these Apprentices, I'll still have to think about that, I only thought up of them a couple of minutes ago.
Adding one more thing, the Chapter Champion is going to be a duelist whose main function is to honorably represent the Chapter in both single combat and in larger battles. He will be on the same power level, if somewhat cheaper, than the Grey Knights Brotherhood Champion. Possible fluff is that he was used to pacify tribal, feudal, or savage worlds where they only recognize honorable single combat to show might or power. Let me know what you think of these ideas, and I'll try to work on Terminators/Dreadnoughts/Veterans, whatever's next. "Remoon101" not logged in at the time
Veterans will now have the following profile: WS5 BS4 S4 T4 W1 I4 A1 Ld9 Sv3+ (variable). Aspirants (apprentices to captains) WS5 BS5 S4 T4 W2 I4 A2 Ld9 Sv3+. And Marksmen (I'm looking for a better name as of right now) WS4 BS5 S4 T4 W1 I4 A1 Ld9 Sv3+. That's all for stats. Aspirants will most likely be able to be taken as bodyguards (65ish points each, maybe more) for Captains, or as a collective HQ choice of their own (2+ Aspirants in a squad). They will most likely not be Independent Characters in any case. Veterans will be streamlined like in regular codicies and I can still fit in a BS5 unit to the fill the obligatory Sternguard Veteran role (which can be upgraded to a Silent Hand squad).
Terminators will have Infiltrate, or the ability to come from anywhere on the board that's at least 18" away from a nearby enemy unit. Still pondering over that. I'm also considering allowing Terminator squads to be upgraded with Aspirants (similar to Paladins from GK) though that'll make them pretty expensive. In place of a Ironclad Dreadnought I'm adding the Bulwark Dreadnought with an in-built Guardian Shield that... well, still working on what it'll do. But basically it's supposed to grant defensive cover or bonuses of some sort to nearby units. I'm concentrating on working on the above and just wanted to post what I'm making up so far.Remoon101 20:16, 7 May 2012 (BST)
I also just sent the Dreadnoughts page now, complete with shaky fluff and proto-special rules. Remoon101 13:42, 8 May 2012 (BST)


Damn man, you are a cleaning machine. --NotBrandX 02:51, 19 August 2011 (UTC)

Thanks; I just like to see things done right. Not LongPoster Again 03:38, 19 August 2011 (UTC)

I sincerely enjoy what you write[edit]

what the headline says, And were i in anyof their sectors, i certainly would sign up for it no questions asked.Jack Archer 15:56, 1 October 2011 (BST)

Glad to hear it. Check out the Aprior Sector Timeline to see what I have in mind for future stories! --Not LongPoster Again 06:08, 1 October 2011 (BST)

Checked em out, all i can say is NICE! And i wouldn't mind volunteering to help out in anyway possible ( editing wise anyway, I'm pretty new to WH40k, and have read up on a bit of the warhammer articles here.) Though, i do have a question, how many dreadnoughts are there any dreadnoughts in the Knights? because there's been limited mention of them in both the time-line, and The second mention of them.Jack Archer 15:56, 1 October 2011 (BST) (Jack's note: Moved from Not LongPoster to Not LongPoster Again. Lulz may ensue if there is an "Again Not LongPoster Again")

Don't worry; I've got both this page and the other one on my watchlist, so I'll see it wherever you post (I know I said "I won't see any of that" up there, but that was written before I discovered the magic of the watchlist).
The Knights Inductor do use Dreadnoughts, like most other Chapters; they just haven't been important in any stories yet, and Timeline is focused more on events than individual characters. (I may end up adding events pertaining to Chapter leadership and other important personalities, like when they joined, or what they did that made them stand out, but that's a little ways off).
As far as editing goes, the best way you can help me is to leave feedback on what I've written -- either here, or on the discussion pages of the articles in question. Also, whenever I write new material, I make a thread for it on /tg/ (using the name "Not LongPoster...", including the ellipsis, and with the Knights Inductor pauldron as the thread image), and I would be very glad to have some feedback there, too.
It's great to hear that you enjoy what I write -- knowing that people like what I write is what keeps me writing! --Not LongPoster Again 16:39, 1 October 2011 (BST)

Thanks! Ill be sure to check out /tg/ oft for any new KI fluff And since they're the slight polar opposite of the angry marines, can we call them... say... Reasonable Engines? Jack Archer 16:41, 1 October 2011 (BST)

I'm not sure what you mean by "Engines," but the Knights Inductor have been "Reasonable Marines" since their very inception -- they were first named in a story called "An Investigation into the Heresy of the Reasonable Marines".
And, as far as the next Knights Inductor thread goes, I'll put a link to it on the Knights Inductor page when I make it -- it may be some time, but it shall happen! --Not LongPoster Again 23:16, 1 October 2011 (BST)

Angry marines Call their Dreadnoughts Belligerent Engines, so Reasonable Marines may as well call em Reasonable engines or something to that extentJack Archer 05:56, 2 October 2011 (BST)

The whole idea of dreadnoughts seems a bit cruel to me, and so I wonder if and how the reasonable marines would try to do that. If they did though, they'd probably just be "dreadnoughts" or "Heavy weapons platforms" 04:34, 28 March 2012 (BST)
Interning a battle-brother into a Dreadnought is not a decision made lightly, precisely because it is so painful (not to mention chancy) to be dragged back from the brink of eternal rest, but his experience may be extremely valuable. For those cases when the balance is in favor of internment, the Knights do try to make the transition as simple as possible, and look after their brothers' mental health. One idea that is rattling around in my head is some kind of remotely-operated humanoid platform to let said brothers experience some semblance of normal life between missions.
In any case, the combat platform itself is still called a Dreadnought, because it is of that class (although they may make a few enhancements). --Not LongPoster Again 07:02, 8 April 2012 (BST)
If you'd like, I'm willing to write the fluff on that. 01:45, 11 April 2012 (BST)
If you've got a story, write it and put it up! I'm really flattered that people like what I write enough to write about it themselves. --Not LongPoster Again 14:48, 11 April 2012 (BST)
I'll get started, the idea I'm going to go with is to focus on the rogue traders of Aprior and then include one of the remote viewers for the dreadnoughts as part of the crew. Sound good? 17:44, 11 April 2012 (BST)
You will definitely need to address why a Space Marine -- a Dreadnought, of all things -- is with a Rogue Trader crew. It's not a typical arrangement. (I'll sit back and let you write the story now -- just bear in mind the little setting details.) --Not LongPoster Again 08:45, 12 April 2012 (BST)
I'll figure something out then email the scribe.inductor email, as the distance between the words in this sentence and the margin is getting a bit silly. 05:08, 13 April 2012 (BST)


Hello there Not Long Poster, it's Not Not Long Poster. I think instead of me making a new thread for each chapter I create; I'm going to make multiple chapters then post them. I think three or maybe four chapters. That should take me some time though, I think about a week or two before I'm finished with creating them. I'd like to share my proposed ideas with you, for Apriori and the over all story and I think that I would benefit from your input greatly. But I also was thinking if you wanted to share ideas that would completely spoil the story for a reader but not for a fellow writer like me I could definately share my input with you. Send me a email to this address: --User:Not Not Long Poster 12:43, 18 November 2011 (CST).

Sorry for taking so long to reply -- I've been swamped with school-work (finals and such); I promise I'll get in touch soon. --Not LongPoster Again 06:53, 18 December 2011 (UTC)


The story is codified; some twat decided to add his badly written alternate ending. When was there a liberty to alter and pervert what isn't yours.

-- Hitler 17:46, 12 December 2011 (UTC).

If it bugs you that much, go ahead and break it out onto its own page, I guess. (And please link it to ROE, and link ROE to it, so the articles don't end up on the Orphaned/Dead-End Article lists.) --Not LongPoster Again 18:00, 11 December 2011 (UTC)

Double spaces[edit]

A difference of a opinion. Double spaces drive me crazy. I will happily stop if you want ... or we could make this a ridiculous argument that ends with us agreeing to a 50% double spaces 50% single spaces rule for the stuff I edit and one of us vowing to find and kill the other one. Unless you see another option-- 01:15, 21 March 2012 (UTC)

Eh. I like to keep my sentences apart, but in any case, the wiki software doesn't render the extra spaces. This sentence has many extra spaces between words in the source code, but they don't show up on the user-facing page.
I don't care too much if you remove the double spaces from a page that you're fixing up in other ways -- I was more curious than anything else. --Not LongPoster Again 07:12, 21 March 2012 (UTC)

External Link Tag[edit]

Thanks for adding the link onto the Toyhammer page. I couldn't figure out how to. --Gundamboy 12:01, 22 March 2012 (UTC)


The wargear book was one of the four manuals in the basic second ed set (Rulebook, Wargear, Codex Imperialis (the first book actually called a Codex) and Codex Army Lists). I don't think strictly speaking it's a Codex, though it is a rulebook. Tim 07:04, 29 May 2012 (BST)

Marines-Codex and cats[edit]

I actually am aware that Template:Marines-Forces comes with categories included. It's just a personal pet peeve on not seeing the physical category present (there should at least be one) but it's not something I'm willing to fight over. -- SFH 19:22, 11 November 2012 (UTC)

Regarding spam pages[edit]

I hope you don't mind, but I paraphrased your answer to Polyesterpeanut regarding spam pages on the main Help page; I didn't want it to be lost when I deleted the talk page you wrote it on. --AssistantWikifag 19:11, 14 November 2012 (UTC)

Fine by me. --Not LongPoster Again 02:05, 15 November 2012 (UTC)

"You spambots really need to learn your audience better..."
Stop that. I almost broke my neck pulling a ROTFLMAO manoeuvre. --FourierSeries 22:42, 13 December 2012 (UTC)

Overabundance of 40K pages[edit]

I feel that the number of 40K-centric pages you're creating for the wiki are swamping other categories and turning the /tg/ wiki into more of a 40K wiki. I like your dedication to the wiki and I think the work you put in is amazing, but your efforts seem to be pointed in the wrong direction. --Dr. Thompson 05:33, 5 February 2013 (UTC)

> implying 40K wasn't swamping the other categories already
I understand your concern, but refraining from writing a good article just because it's about 40K won't make the wiki better. I've written articles on non-40K topics (e.g. Lolth, Phyrexia, Innistrad, Mantic Games, Element, Rock-paper-scissors, Lich, Help:Link, the Millennial King) and tried to make articles about potentially ambiguous topics not 40K-centric (e.g. Medusa, Monolith, Lance), but in order to write an article I have to either know about it already or be able to learn about it easily. 40K fits into both of these categories. If Wizards of the Coast published one-stop-shop lore sources about MTG's planes like Games Workshop's codexes, I'd write more about them (especially Ravnica and all of its guilds -- now that we're in the Return to Ravnica block, they're relevant, and they were the first plane I ever read about with the City of Guilds novels, though I didn't know they were part of the MTG universe at the time), but as it is, doing the research to properly write an article about them (and most non-40K articles -- I'd like to contribute to the Campaign:TG Meta Quest article, since the Knights Inductor were involved, but I'd have to go through over 135 archived threads to get it right) is exhausting.
In any case, my real-life workload is about to take a hefty hike, so the pace of article creation is going to drop. If you want to gain ground on non-40K articles, now would be the time. :) --Not LongPoster Again 13:43, 5 February 2013 (UTC)

PLEASE, MORE KNIGHTS INDUCTOR : Sorry if this is inappropriate[edit]

I love the stuff about Knights Inductor. I thought that the expanded story in "Return of the Reasonable Marines" was abso-FREAKING-lutely brilliant. It was an interesting, thought provoking, and hilarious read. BUT, due to the cliff hanger ending, I am DYING to know how Apriori does in the coming purge. Hopefully they will survive. :-) (Note: I assume The Emperasque's Verdict comes after the Crusade or is "non-canon" in the sense that you decide what is canon for Knights Inductor (in other words, not referring to GW canon)).

Anyhow, I really really would love to see more from the Knights Inductor. Actually, . . . just please write more stories in general. I don't think I have come across a story with your ID on it that I didn't like.

Best regards, Osiris

I'm happy to hear that people enjoy reading what I write. I'm busier than I was when I wrote Return of the Reasonable Marines, but I've not stopped writing, just slowed the pace a little (believe me, I want to write more stories, too -- I made it the first entry on my To-Do list for a reason!). I've got no shortage of ideas, just time and energy.
I will probably not be writing a sequel to Return of the Reasonable Marines any time soon -- I've got a sketch of an outline for one, tentatively titled "From Darkness, Light", but I've got to get myself psyched up to write a work of that scale. They will survive, but I don't plan on making it easy for them -- Inquisitor Damnos is the most pressing foe, but the Sector has a Necron tomb world ruled by an Overlord who is not keen on sharing "his" Sector with humanity, and of course the forces of Chaos and the Tyranids are always a present threat. Not that the Apriori are without allies -- the Eldar of Lida and certain factions of the Tau Empire are aware that, while their relations with the Apriori are not always pleasant, they are better neighbors than anyone else in the galaxy, so there might be some unexpected aid from those quarters. (And you're right, The Emperasque's Verdict is set after the Crusade, if it even happens at all...I basically wrote it in less than half an hour on a whim, so don't take it too seriously.)
For the time being, most of my writing energies will be focused on a couple of smaller-scale stories:
  1. "Squire Inductor", which focuses on Roland Darren, Isaac Rico, and a few other characters who will be important later in the series, as they go through training to become Knights Inductor. Think "Captain America: The First Avenger" IN SPESS.
  2. A yet-to-be-titled work (possible titles -- which I might use for chapter titles, if not the work as a whole -- include "Path of the Guardsman" and "Joined Fates") that is basically "Birdy the Mighty 40K" -- inspired by a picture someone posted on /tg/ a few weeks back of a Guardsman getting turned into a Farseer after picking up her spirit-stone. There's more detail here (I wasn't posting as Not LongPoster at the time, because it wasn't KI-related, but I will use my name when I have a real story), but basically a Guardsman and a Farseer get trapped in the same body and have to fight Chaos together. The Knights will almost certainly not be involved in this story -- if any Space Marines appear, they will either be Chaos Space Marines or Grey Knights (as the Inquisition starts poking its nose in).
So that's what I've got in the works. --Not LongPoster Again (talk) 16:32, 26 March 2013 (UTC)

List of Warhammer 40k novels article[edit]

Thanks for the edits on the article! It was pretty screwy looking when I was last with it. --MercWithMouth (talk) 20:43, 17 May 2013 (UTC)

Codex 6.0: Knights Inductor[edit]

It's happening, using the STC I've got from the Codex: Angry Marines page and basing it off of that. I've finished all the generic HQ's, got all the special HQ's I can think of, and will be working on finishing up the experimental wargear section and armory section.

Tyranid Objection[edit]

I think the Knights Inducter stuff is really, really great overall, but the tame Norn Queen thing doesn't work for several reasons.

Nulls are incredibly rare, one per planet if that, but it is a bit of a stretch that no Hive Fleet has ever acquired the Pariah Gene anywhere else in the galaxy. Even if luck had it that the first time it happened was in the Aprior Sector, the sequence of events doesn't match to how Tyranid genetic sequencing works in canon nor to how genetics works in reality: either way a far, far more likely result is the Norn Queen engineers some Nullgaunts, the Hive Mind fails to connect to them, and the entire idea is trashed or reserved for special Tyranid variants engineered to not use Synapse to coordinate with other Tyranids. Tyranids simply do not spread grabbed genes willy-nilly across everything at once without a specific motivation for doing so. They test new genes in a suprisingly scientific manner, or apply clearly understood genes en mass for specific purposes. (ie reworking the troops on the ground to survive extreme cold on Super Freezing World)

Even if the Tyranids did handle their genetic incorporation in such a mindless, random manner, the scenario described in Return Of The Reasonable Marines flatly contradicts canon anyway. Rippers are one of the only Tyranids actually dependant upon Synapse for their ongoing survival, with most Tyranids being functional, intelligent organisms in their own right when separated from Synapse. They become concerned with their survival rather than their mission and cease coordinating with other Tyranids, but retain the general notion of what life forms are Tyrannic allies vs what life forms are enemies/prey, they do not simply lay down and die from a lack of impetus. Cutting an entire Hive Fleet off from the Hive Mind would have a dramatic effect on the Tyranids, but only truly mindless Tyranids and maybe Synapse Creatures (such as taking the Hive Tyrant description literally and assuming its heart only pumps because the Hive Mind wills it rather than being an autonomous process) could be argued as straight up dying from the lack. Tyranids under Synapse are the Hive Mind's marrionettes, yes, but most Tyranids still function outside Synapse, and some function quite well.

And even if both of these pounts are ignored, Null Norn Queen does not logically lead to Curious, Possibly Friendly Norn Queen. Tyranids are directly controlled by the Hive Mind, but much of Tyranid behavior is "hardwired" such that they serve Tyrannic agendas whether they have Synapse or not. A Gaunt of any kind is still a vicious, predatory animal when left to its own devices, and I see no reason to believe a Norn Queen would suddenly cease being a Tyrannic monster just because it stopped having psychic impulses directing it. Probably much of its behavior would remain unaltered.

It's also just inconsistent to say Gaunts lie down and die of basically depression while the actual Hive Ships keep on trucking. Hive Ships are equivalent to inanimate objects (eg Battlebarges), that doesn't mean they ARE inanimate objects. If the entirety of the Hive Fleet's ground forces laid down and died from sheer ennui, the Hive Ships should also cease making an effort to continue their survival.

tl;dr version: Null Norn Queen (and associated bits) is bad writing taking the Knights Inducter from Reasonable Marines to a realm of complete fantasy.

Again, I like 90+% of the Knights Inducter stuff, but this is too jarringly wrong. I wouldn't have written the Tau defector situation this way myself, but it's plausible. This is not.

I get where you're coming from, especially about the instinctive behavior (I'm wondering what your source is on the genetic splicing -- I know that Norn Queens do it, but are there sources with more detail on the process and decisions involved? I remember mention made of Hive Fleets that fought lots of plasma-using foes making plasma-proof Tyranids, but how did they discover that gene sequence?), though I think that the "higher-level" Tyranid organisms do possess some level of curiosity or creativity in order to be effective thinkers and leaders -- which might be directed by the Hive Mind towards destructive purposes, but who knows what "personalities" they might have without the Hive Mind (some might be "nice", some might be "mean"...this gives me some ideas for a better way to handle Tyranids who are isolated from the Hive Mind, if I end up retaining such things). In any case, the parts about Adelind aren't strictly necessary for the Genestealer hybrid ward section of the story (they would try to put Genestealer infectees in a Warp-isolated ward anyway), so I could drop those without much difficulty (Return of the Reasonable Marines is old enough that it's due for some revision anyway), but I'd still feel bad if I didn't give "Reasonable Tyranids" a sporting chance. I'll have to think some more on this.
Thanks for the feedback! If you've got other thoughts, I'm happy to hear them. (For future reference, you can sign your posts with th date, time, and username with "~~~~" [I put "--" in front of that to set the signature apart from the rest, but that's up to you].) --Not LongPoster Again (talk) 03:24, 4 October 2013 (UTC)

I'm... actually posting anonymously. Given the spam problems I'm surprised it's allowed, but I have no account/profile/whatever it's called. I'd guess a signature would still place date and time, but I shouldn't have a name for it to use. I guess I'll try the tilde and see what happens.

As far as the details of how Tyranid genetic splicing works, I have no specific source in the sense of a book or codex explicitly stating it works X way, I'm running with how canon always handles it, with a secondary component of logic. (very secondary, since canon often throws logic out the window. 'Biomass' is unrelated to reality, and yet it must be true for canon to function) They can't simply be stealing every gene they find and activating it willy-willy, because if they were Tyranids would constantly mutate at basically random. Instead, in canon Tyranids generally only mutate either in a purposeful manner (planet is so cold the Gaunts are dying, make them better at handling cold and send the next wave) or in the manner of being distinct Hive Fleets. (which is never clearly defined thst I've seen) They also could not engage in selective engineering if they worked that way: they could not eat Orks, decide they like Ork fungal reproduction, and then throw out everything else that makes an Ork an Ork. Or put another way, if they lacked controlled splicing, a Hive Fleet eating a ship of humans would become uncontrollably more humanlike in completely random ways. This does not happen in canon: Tyranids explicitly pick and choose traits.

As far as "nice", "mean", "curious", etc, the problem is that there's really no sensible reason for Tyranids to be engineered such that they stop serving Tyrannic agendas when out of Synapse, and more than that canon, both fluff and crunch, has Tyranids remain loyal to their Hive Fleet when out of Synapse. The difference between a "nice" Hive Tyrant and a "mean" Hive Tyrant would probably be that the latter is quicker to bully or treat as disposable its minions than the former. A "nice" Tyranid would probably still be a fundamentally vicious monster intent on devouring and/or slaying all non-Tyrannic lifeforms. Or put another way, the Imperium is full of people who are Nice Guys that still hate xenos, mutants, etc. The Tyranids replace culture and brainwashing with body puppeteering and genetic engineering. Why would the godlike Hive Mind be worse than the Imperium at ensuring absolute loyalty when it has better tools for doing so? And, again, Tyranids out of Synapse don't scream FREEDOM! and start shooting their hated slave driver Hive Tyrant in any piece of canon, anywhere. Tyranids out of Synapse behave more like Guardsman denied vox: they don't know what the battle plan is or if there even is one, let alone what their place in it is. Guardsman that happen to be vicious carnivores.

Certainly, it is possible that Tyranids are peaceful, gentle animals when fully removed from the Hive Mind's influence. (and worse yet I've seen two or three bits of canon suggesting this is the intended idea) But it fits poorly both to observed/described Tyranid behavior and to what is logically possible for Tyranids to do: engineering fanatic devotion into baseline genetics is going to be more reliable than taking an existing person and brainwashing them.

One elegant solution to my objections has, however, occurred to me.

The entire scenario makes perfect sense if the Hive Mind is playing some long game and deliberately duping the Knights Inductor for its own reasons. I cannot imagine a particular goal in which this plan makes sense, but then I'm not a godlike alien intelligence with access to unimaginable amounts of knowledge. 19:50, 4 October 2013 (UTC)

  • And that's why they have Silencers. Just in case. They play merry havoc with Synapse networks so if anything happens, the Knights will be ready. Also everybody gets gene scanned so even if the Hive Mind was doing underhanded work with Genestealers they'd be quickly rooted out (and have been rooted out). Remoon101 (talk) 00:06, 5 October 2013 (UTC)

I didn't mean anything like that. I meant as in: Adelind's fleet committing Null-icide in a bizarre way, Adelind being friendly and curious, etc, all being a plan the Hive Mind developed and is implementing with no further Synapse directives by virtue of just being that good at anticipating what kind of response will be generated. Basically, Death Note's Just As Planned arc, only as a plot the Hive Mind hatches, and replacing amnesia with loss of Synapse.

Maybe the Hive Mind is trying to make the Knights thing the Null gene can be used as a superweapon on other Hive Fleets. Maybe it wants them to become convinced friendship with the Tyranids is possible, and lure them into a trap later. Maybe it just wants to occupy certain key figures while something else entirely is going on. It doesn't have to be Genestealers or other classic Tyranid trickery. We're talking an intelligence with access to information on an intergalactic scale and smarts to go with it, not to mention an alien mind.

Silencers don't do anything to counteract the problem of dealing with an obscenely huge intelligence that regularly treats nation-sized populations and larger as individual chess pieces while also precisely micromanaging the individuals within the hordes. They don't dumb down the Hive Mind or wipe previously planted instructions from Adelind's brain. In fact, since the entire situation with Adelind revolves around the Null gene cancelling out Synapse anyway, Silencers are completely irrelevant to the situation.

Also, yay, tilde works and even provides a link to what else I've done. 02:09, 5 October 2013 (UTC)

The problem with the "long plan" idea is that I'm not sure how to make it work from a story perspective -- it's not like the Hive Mind is in the habit of monologuing about its plans the way Light was ("I'll take a Silencer...and eat it!"), and while springing an emergency on the Knights to say "ha ha, you fell right into the Hive Mind's trap" would be in-character for the grim, dark future, I'm not sure how to build up to it.
I've also just thought of another problem with a Null Hive Fleet -- no possibility of psychic contact would make communication basically impossible. Oops. I guess that route is out for getting friendly Nids. I once had an idle thought about a Hive Fleet sending a sort of super-deep-infiltration Genestealer (as in, forgets/never knows that she's actually a Tyranid inside until the Inquisition starts chasing her and the Tyranids start trying to retrieve her) just to live among people, experience "this thing the hew-mons call 'love'", the whole shebang, and find herself torn between her desire to continue living her life (because of course she finds love) and her mission to re-unite with the Hive Fleet to share her experiences with them and enable human-Tyranid cooperation. I could probably make a decent story out of it, but it wouldn't be very 40K.
That said, I did (still do, I suppose) have an idea for how the Pariah gene could benefit the Hive Fleet. By making specialized "Nullanthropes" (not splicing the Pariah gene into the whole fleet, just a few modified Zoanthropes) and placing them around a Hive Ship, it could give itself a sort of biological Gellar field, which it could use to travel safely through the Warp (getting into the Warp in the first place by launching a specialized spore pod filled with Zoanthropes which overload themselves and tear a hole into the Warp, which the ship then plows through, and then follows a Genestealer hive's psychic signal like an Astronomican). That would be a huge strategic win for the Swarm, and an interesting adversary -- maybe the Nullanthropes inhibit the link with the Hive Mind, so the only way for this Hive Fleet to tell the others about it is to find them and communicate directly...naturally, as soon as they see a Hive ship make a warp jump away from their planet, Battlefleet Aprior is quick to give chase, to stop them from completing their nefarious errand. Reasonable and villainous Tyranids. Alternatively, maybe the fleet that first evolves this capability can still talk to the Hive Mind and other Hive Fleets and tell them about it, but to actually get the sequence, a fleet needs to either generate it (not likely, considering how anti-competitive it is -- it inspires disgust in "normal" humans, imagine what would happen to a Null 'Gaunt in its brood) or get an actual Null and cut them up, which leads to a different set of headaches for the Aprior Sector.
As for friendly 'Nids, I've had an idea for a small-scale temporary cooperation between Agent Olson and the Genestealer infectee he showed to Inquisitor Immam -- basically, Inquisitor Damnos's crusade has reached the Panopticon, the wards are demolished, and there's daemons and Grey Knights and fighting everywhere. With the wards down, the woman's faculties return as she detects her child and the other members of her cult, so she works with him to get the defenses back online and get her child back. Not sure how that partnership ends -- their ultimate goals are mutually incompatible, so either she escapes or the wards come back up and she gets subdued and re-captured (with Harald hoping she gets cured) -- but that's an idea that I think is relatively plausible (the infectee might bring about the Sector's destruction eventually, while Damnos is working on bringing it right now) and can also be applied to other situations. Getting a whole friendly Hive Fleet is seeming much more remote the more I think about it. Certainly, getting friendly with the Knights, getting the Pariah gene, and developing warp-capable Hive Ships could be a win for the Swarm, but how does the Hive Mind know about the Pariah gene in the first place, how do they know that the Knights are willing to cooperate (which they shouldn't all be -- the tension over how far to extend their diplomatic efforts is something I want to get into going forward)...that's an awful lot of trouble to go to, when plan A (i.e. eat everything) is working just fine. --Not LongPoster Again (talk) 05:55, 6 October 2013 (UTC)

Communicating with a Tyranid would be possible without using psychic powers (and I had wondered if the references to Librarians talking to Adelind was a slipup of this type or was just fobbing off all scholarly pursuits onto the Librarians), but it would certainly be substantially more difficult than the current Knights Inductor narrative suggests, requiring first decoding whatever language may or may not exist (Note that Broods still operate in Broods no matter what; one could argue they must have some non-psychic method of coordinating, which may well be verbal!) and then figuring out how to implement it without being in biting/acid-spraying/etc reach.

The problem with a 'super deep infiltration' Genestealer is that it already describes anyone infected by the base parasite. Canon describes Genestealer-infected citizens as often completely unaware of their Tyrannic loyalty, not remembering or otherwise accounting for time spent amongst Genestealers or engaging in epic spy shenanigans (oops accidentally dropped my thing without noticing just in time for someone else to pick it up and walk off type stuff) with zero awareness of the real reason they do these things. Which incidentally means the Hive Mind already knows about hewmon 'love', by the way, since even the base parasite psychically connects cult members to Tyrannic life forms on the planet, including other cult members etc. So the Hive Mind, even if it can't 'download' a cult member's experiences without first getting them near a real Synapse creature, could still grab it through any of its many successful invasions. Which also incidentally means the Power Of Love is not going to cause the Hive Mibd to ally with humans: it hasn't yet, why would that change?

So such a story is not simply against the tone of 40k (which I personally have never cared about), it's invalidated by canon anyway.

As far as a Null-based Gellar Field, why bother? Some Hive Fleets simply drift at low (sublight) speed from one place to the next, but codices describe them using their enormous psychic power to simply warp space such that they travel at tremendous speed without bothering with the Warp. Sublight travel is just stealth mode. Nor is there any reason to believe Tyranids can't travel through the Warp easily: Tyrannic life-forms on Space Hulks invariably survive and multiply regardless, and Tyranids bring the Shadow in the Warp with them if they care to. It's possible they could simply use the Shadow as a Gellar Field. It's possible they don't use Warp travel entirely because it is less reliable or otherwise undesirable for Tyrannic purposes compared against their own methods.

Nor do I see why a 'Nullanthrope' seems the logical variant for any such thing anyway. Null-ness is unconnected to brainpower/psychic power, and is in fact the antithesis of such caused by having no soul and instead being some negative space as far as psychic activity goes. It's unlikely the Zoanthrope 'chassis' would have the most payoff from the Pariah gene.

While I have a personal fondness for temporary cooperation of enemies, Genestealer cultists with infected children don't behave as wanting their child with them: instead they are fanatically devoted first to it, and then secondly to the Brood Lord. (except when canon reverses this or ignores the child thing or otherwise decides consistency is for other settings) So while a cultist might cooperate if it saw this as protecting its Genestealer child(ren), its goal would be first to ensure their safety and freedom and so on, with actually being present being a highly desireable but ultimately secondary goal. Canon has cultists who literally feed their Genestealer child by letting it eat them when they are unable to acquire food for it or the cult as a whole has decided the most normal-seeming members are no longer useful.

If you want a friendly Hive Fleet, uncontrolled mutation is probably a better answer than the Pariah gene. Maybe a Hive Fleet uses Warp travel to reach the Knights, exposure to the mutagenic effects of the Warp massively alters them (establishing why other Hive Fleets don't do it in canon), and the resultant Tyranids are no longer listening to the Hive Mind and have been sufficiently altered physiologically and psychologically that murderdeatheat is not their sole concern.

(it occurred to me my logic is not clearly presented here: to clarify, my operational assumption is that Tyranid physiology and as a result psychology is normally engineered to render them mindlessly receptive to the Hive Mind's signal. If it was simply a matter of the Hive Mind being superpowerful in psychic ability it would logically be able to mind control humans etc essentially at will. This does not occur in canon, even when psykers 'touch' the Hive Mind! As such, there must be some reason it does not occur, and the obvious mechanism is that Tyranids are designed to be receptive to the frequency or whatever of the Hive Mind. This is the best fit to canon I can think of, but isn't necessarily canon's intent, and isn't necessarily the most logical explanation)

Of course such a Hive Fleet would be tainted by the Chaos Gods and they would be trying real hard to get more influence (oops, the Hive Fleet fell to Khorne, which is only marginally different from their normal behavior), not to mention many of the mutations would be lethal or otherwise deleterious, but it would be a collection of Tyranids both able to function as a semi-normal Tyranid grouping and yet substantially removed from Tyranid norms, dodging the problems I've brought up like 'genetically engineered loyalty'. 21:35, 6 October 2013 (UTC)

The Knights Inductor is beyond rewriting[edit]

I've been checking on /tg/, and the reception to the KI rewrite was universally negative- they say that the entire premise is flawed and that it's nothing more than an object of derisive laughter at this point. To quote one oldfag:

"Guy who did a lot of the original Reasonable Marine (and what few pieces of art of them exists) article but nothing to do with the KI here: never wanted any of that bullshit about purified daemons, Nids, etc.

If anything their insistence on reason, while appealing to us and allude to the (failing) USA occupation in the Middle East, was supposed to be a major hindrance that left them mostly on their own. They were *supposed* to have forfeited the firepower and ferocity that kept most Imperial forces strong in favor of far more risky approaches that could just as easily fuck them over as help them.

None of this "They have the most marines and initiates ever" stuff

Knights Inductor, as much as I wanted to like the idea that other people had took my original idea further, is largely bland.

And for that I'm sorry."

In short, the KI are beyond salvaging unless ALL of their current fluff is scrapped and replaced with something that emphasizes that their reasonableness isn't working and will inevitably destroy them (and to be frank, nobody trusts you to take those measures). I would strongly suggest dropping any further work with them entirely (or at least ensure that you keep it all within 1d4chan, as I highly doubt it would find an audience anywhere else).

You're certainly right to not trust me to get all the re-writing done. (I've had "Write more stuff about the Knights Inductor" as item number-one on my to-do list and nothing new to show for it.) I also won't be re-writing "ALL" of their fluff since I didn't write all of it -- in particular, I'm not touching the codex or that "An Investigation into..." short story. (I'll certainly make suggestions for the codex...eventually...and might edit the fluff entries, but I'd feel bad cutting out units willy-nilly.) That said, I don't think "universally negative" is the right word at all -- certainly, that short thread yesterday might have been, but the one before that, in which I laid out my responses to criticism (starting here, search for posts written by "Not LongPoster" -- and by "responses", I pretty much said "Yes, you're right, that's a problem, and here's what I'm going to do about it"), people seemed more receptive. I've said a bunch of what I'm going to do in some detail there, so I won't bother saying it all again, but you're right in that I'm going to keep revisions here for the time being. I certainly don't advertise the Knights on /tg/ when I post anonymously, or anything like that -- people feel strongly enough a bout the Knights to post about them themselves (I'm sorry that I've managed to inspire hatred, but I suppose it's better than if they were forgotten completely). Of course, when I have a totally new story, as with some of the ideas I've mentioned in that thread I linked, I'll put it out there in a heartbeat, since that's one of the things that /tg/ is for, but posting a second revision of a story that I've already posted on /tg/ seems wrong. --Not LongPoster Again (talk) 16:25, 13 October 2013 (UTC)
Checking that thread, while some people seemed receptive to the idea of a rewrite, the approval was lukewarm at best. More importantly, just about every new idea you posted in that thread was considered a bad idea that once again put too much power in KI hands and made them into speshul snowflakes and was lore breaking or overly reliant on pop culture references to boot. I agree with the other anon in that the KIs are seriously beyond a simple rewrite. There is literally nothing to be salvaged from the Aprior Sector.

I disagree about that, and I've always liked the knights. The fact that /tg/ is currently in a period of grimderp wank doesn't invalidate the excellent work that Not LongPoster has done. My personal suggestions are as follows.
The fact that /tg/ is currently in a period of grimderp wank - Statements like this show me you either have no idea why /tg/ hates the KI or actively ignore their criticisms in order to protect your ego. Its not that the KIs are too noble, Farsight and Lamenters alike are magnitudes more noble than the KI and plenty of /tg/ loves them, its that they simply shouldn't exist. Their existence hinges upon several literally impossible factors and then after those impossible things happen, they use out of character knowledge they shouldn't have to powergame their way through all adversity. Brushing off all criticisms as nothing more than 'grimderp trollwank' just makes you guys look like the metagaming circlejerk everyone accuses you of being.
1. Hint heavily that the Sisters of Reason are actually a completely different organization than the original sisters in the Aprior sector. That is, the knights completely destroyed the original organization, then created a new one and forged records to indicate that they had "reformed" them in an effort to get them off the eventual hook for destroying a SOB order. Also add in a few references to how in the past a few "overzealous" preachers with too much influence were assassinated by their more radical followers and the aftermath coincidentally strengthened the hand of the more Inductor supportive wing of the local church.
I thought this was already the case. They utterly genocide an order of SoBs and replace them with no-personality cocksleeves utterly devoted to fellating the KI. Either way, it looks incredibly masturbatory and tasteless to boot and altering some minor detail like casualty count or whether it was old members or new blood that was brainwashed doesn't change this at all.
2. Have the Exodite Eldar be more shifty. That is, hint that they may have helped out a few DE raiding parties on occasion, and maybe add in a few hinted black ops by the Apriori to pressure the Exodites into closer association.
You still haven't addressed the fact that the KIs are literally painful for Eldar to be around thanks to their psychic nature.
3. Have some of the assimilated Tau's hatred of their former master's come from a incident that upon closer inspection is somewhat shifty. Also maybe note that Tau units tend to have higher casualties and a elevated frequency of supply problems, although this is against official policy.
Why haven't these tau joined the Farsight Enclaves? Not only would it be their first choice, but they most certainly would defect to the Enclaves after the KIs shit on them
4. Drop the nids entirely.
5. Add in a few shifty politicians at high ranks in the Aprior Sector Government. Make it clear that the system does have problems
6. Accentuate the general close to midnight feel of the setting. Make it clearer that a whole lot of shit is about to fall on their heads. If they survive they might save the Impirium, but that should be a pretty big if.
All this stuff is minor fixes at best. Even worse, all of them only serve to elevate the KIs and make them look even more brave, noble, and intellectually unmatched in the face of adversity, not unlike the way Mary Sue characters will have some token flaw that only serves to make them more likeable/adorable.
EvilExecutive here, I just now started reading your page, and to my horror discovered that you got caught up in the fallout from my Rewriting project. Look, I am, DEEPLY sorry for everything. I wouldn't be surprised if you'd rather distance yourself from my; and Remmy's, writing project. But it will go on for awhile, as I've got the framework and everything established that would be needed to utterly fix them. People are right when they say that the Knights Inductor as you originally wrote them are irredeemable, but not the Knights Inductor Rewrite that shall follow the Codex. Evilexecutive (talk) 19:04, 24 July 2015 (UTC)
I wish to say here that the 1st Core Tenet of Game Design is that crunch and gameplay should always be placed first before fluff. That tenet is, and will always be followed as an absolute in my rewrite project. You are welcome to join the project as you wish, but please know that you haven't been around for the massive effort of Codex: Knights Inductor. Me, Remmoon101, and Mirmidion all wish to have fluff to support our codex, but the original Knights Inductor can do our work no justice. Evilexecutive (talk) 19:04, 24 July 2015 (UTC)
Now, for my closing statements. I joined up and started Warhammer in 7th Edition, and the idea of tacticool space marines appeals to me in both the terms of Gameplay, and the writing possibilities. I have had absolutely nothing at all to do with your fluff, and no intention of ever continuing it, as it no longer supports the codex that me and remoon have extensively changed for the betterment of GAMEPLAY and BALANCE. The fluff you've written is "Above and beyond the setting", which is based entirely around eternal warfare. It does nothing to explain at all

why the Knights Inductor are sitting in my deployment zone, and why they're fighting whoever it is 24" away in the other deployment zone, and that is its ultimate failing. It appalls me to find out that you were somehow mistaken for me, and that my name was smirched by your old writing from several years ago. Evilexecutive (talk) 19:18, 24 July 2015 (UTC)

There is always a time when we; as writers, as mathematicians, or even as professionals, should look back upon our previous works to see what can be done better. Evilexecutive (talk) 19:18, 24 July 2015 (UTC)


There's no big thing here. I just wanted to say, thanks for fixing my screw up, thanks for keeping your temper, and thanks for helping me avoid it in the future. --SpectralTime (talk) 21:27, 23 March 2015 (UTC)

Not a problem. --Not LongPoster Again (talk) 00:55, 24 March 2015 (UTC)

Are you alive?[edit]

Because you are awesome, and I made the Knights Inductor canon in my 40K game.

I LIIIIVE! I'm glad you like 'em. I keep promising myself to go back and revise it all one day, but obviously haven't. I'm looking forward to the new storyline in 8th edition -- maybe that will inspire me to gitrdun. --Not LongPoster Again (talk) 01:27, 11 June 2017 (UTC)
You should probably talk with me about new work with the KI, I've got it on my list to continue the work on fixing up the codex so as to work with 8th Edition. And now that everything has been set loose upon the internet, it's the perfect time to get things ready for the official release. Evil Executive, CEO of Evil Incorporated (talk) 02:42, 11 June 2017 (UTC)
Anything I can do to help? Just a newbie, but I worked on a couple of published RPGs. (talk) 11:17, 10 June 2017 (EST)
Anything you'd like really. First thing on my list is I'm going to personally overhaul the Silencer Powers and trees, as well as alter the functionality of some wargear. A lot of Wargear and Silencer Powers was my baby, and I'd like to see those done personally. But everything else needs Power Points assigned, as well as movement values attached to every unit. We essentially swap Initiative for Movement, and will drop leadership by 1 point across the board. Evil Executive, CEO of Evil Incorporated (talk) 07:27, 11 June 2017 (UTC)

Splitting of the Imperium and the Primaris Marines[edit]

With the fall of Cadia, the dividing of the Imperium in two and Cawl developing the Primaris Marines, where would the Knights Inductor be at this point? Will there be more writefaggotry on this?


Are you going to keep Ardi in the rewrite?I like the concept of a daemonette made with compassion. I figure one explaintion is that Slaanesh purposely created her that way because she/it was bored and wanted something to toture that won't enjoy the activity. Maybe have a fragment of a human soul used in her creation to give her personality more balance so she not compassion all the time.

The return of the reasonable marines has given me hope, its amazing[edit]

First of all, are you still alive?

Secondly, I bloody love your writing, you are amazing, are you going to post the sequel to "The return of the reasonable marines" any time soon?

And lastly, I sincerely hope that you are faring well this difficult times, thanks for being such a good writer and sorry for my bad english.