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Hi chaps, this is the page where you can talk to me, VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue, although if you wish to insult me, I'd prefer it if you at least make a separate section for it.

I mostly write fluff for the Angry Marines (aka most/95% of their codex fluff) which you can find on their main page and the 8th edition codex. I'm also writing the codex angry custodes,, and will eventually create a main page and tactics page for them once I've got enough fluff together, the rest of my edits are rewriting rules for fan made models/rules and writing the odd edition here and there.

Naut (talk): I guess you know about that guy here, but he recently updated his Angry Marines stuff on Dakka with commissioned artworks and plans to do so in the near future. Might be interesting to be added here, Cheers.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Hi Naut

Haven’t heard from you for a while, I trust your doing well?

And no I don’t think I’ve heard of this guy before, or at least not by the name he uses on dakka dakka, by the looks of it he’s putting in some serious time, effort and hard cash into building himself an angry marine army along with some cool art. I don’t have a Dakkadakka account so you wouldn’t happen to know if he has a 1d4chan account? It would be really cool to be able to use his model photos and commission art in the codex.

I’ve added a few new pieces here and there, but the main piece of art is still in progress:

Have you had any more luck getting commissioned for work?

Kind regards


Naut (talk): Jesus fucking Christ, how awesome is that pic, please? -jawdrop.exe-

Hope you`re doing well too.

Have not been lucky however, though tried a few tings like videos but nobody cares. Meh, not the end of the world, one shitty creator like me more or less out there doesn`t make that big of a difference, I guess.

I am talking to the dude on Discord, seems like a chilled guy as far as I can tell. I guess he plans to commission drawings of all the models that a guy called Vyler on Dakka (did the Angry Stormbird model or example) created. I´ll keep you updated.

Naut (talk): EDIT 2: Guy asks if there is any way to contact you via mail or whatever, since he isn´t sure about editing wikis and stuff. He would like to contribute tons of his stuff here.

Oh hey, he just asked me to drop his mail here: justin dot hilderbrandt at gmail dot com

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Hi Naut

I’ll drop the guy an email, I have a discord as well so I’ll exchange details with him. Would you like to make any edits to the page? Your welcome to of course, with the doc temporarily awol I need all the help I can get the edit the angry marines.

Angry marine battle against chaos demons.jpeg

I’ve also attached the latest update on the artwork, now with added honey badger and awesomeness.

Naut (talk):

If you don´t mind, just add me on Discord to talk about specifics: Naut#7568