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What happens to Kharn? Personally i think between The Massacre of The Loyalist World Eaters on Maccragge and descent to Nurgle would be a step too far for him. Especially since it involves the loss of The Butcher's Nails. After all, Kharn and the World Eaters gave up everything for their primarch, they are that way because of him, but Angron has taken their sacrifice and discarded it like it was nothing. Since its either betray angron or spend an eternity never being more than his expendable assets. So I think this is where Kharn and his brothers get off, but where?

The Sanguinius/Imperial route was one idea I had, but I could also see Kharn joining with either Khorne or Malal. Any suggestions?

Mortarion to Khorne[edit]

Im still working out the details for how Morty goes to Khorne. Maybe he just goes nuts from Typhon's treachery, only to then be on the receiving end of The Night Lord's Shoot first, ask questions later investigation for treachery (i really like the idea that Konrad Curze is loyal, but in some cases does more damage than the chaos worshippers), at which point Garro and his Death Guard abandon him. So Mortarion goes outright nuts.