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MidHammer Drafts[edit]

Hi Washington001, thanks for getting back to me on the MidHammer Drafts Page. I wanted to ask you for some advice, this is the fist project i've ever really contributed on, and I tried to make some changes to remove some of the "brightness" per your critiques.

In regards to MidHammer Which parts you thought were too Noblebright, or too similar to NI? Is it the entire project?

Also in regards to these, am i going to far? would I be better off moving all of this to a User page and spin it off as my own project to present later?

--Wammnebu (talk) 22:16, 22 May 2019 (UTC)

Uh... Aight, so... The premise produced in the MH40k main page was pretty promising. I do like the extra Grimdark in the drafts. However, there is a pretty major conflict of Robby G being alive in the Main but dead here. I dunno, it's honestly not too bright, but it is somewhat...some parts feel a little too dark. --Washington001 (talk) 00:11, 23 May 2019 (UTC)

Big Blue biting it was me taking liberties, but to be fair, from the main page or didnt seem like there were many ideas for him. The setting seemed to be built with Sanguinius, Fulgrim, and Russ in mind. Also having him alive, active, and loyal along with sanguinius, the lion, horus, and magnus seems like the imperium is on easy mode. I'll be honest, I'm still not entirely sure what "grimbright" looks like tonally. I've been working with the idea that its either "bittersweet" or grim without going grimderp. What would be a better way to define it. Can you think of a movie book or video game that would be "grimbright" I could use as a touchstone? I've been using Les Miserables. --Wammnebu (talk)

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I dunno man. I'm just an amateur. --Washington001 (talk) 11:51, 23 May 2019 (UTC)

Same, im about the farthest thing from professional or seasoned. The 1d4chan page doesn't help, since apparently the example for Grimbright is "Mirrors Edge," which is an intriguing idea, and i kind of have an idea for a Grimbright Warhammer like that, but Mirror's edge is nowhere near what MidHammer's page is like, so there has to be a second definition. --Wammnebu (talk) 17:54, 24 May 2019 (UTC)

Hmm... As a general rule, let's make the Istvaan Dropsite Massacre the big one. The IoM goes off to fight, confident in their overwhelming force. They've brought ridiculous numbers of Titans, Behnblehds, Spess Mahreens, Terminators, Mehtul Bawxes, Leman Russes, and Segmentum size fleets. They drop... Everything seems to go fine for an hour. The Leman Russes simply push through minefields, dozer plows making them ineffective. Bolter fire bounces off the armor, and lascannons only inflict a few casualties. Drop pod assaults rip n tear into the backlines... And then daemons. First is a bloodthirster popping into existence, right in the middle of an armored formation. It cuts apart the Leman Russes, and removes the Marines in their Rhino. The IAmen panic, and concentrate fire. The push is rendered blunted by the suicide attack, and the Traitor legions take full advantage. They shred this center push. Elsewhere, shit is still happening. Greater daemons are appearing in the forming up zones, the single Traitor Legion on the other side suddenly gets a massive number of troops which are super hard to kill... The Alpha Legion appeared to be loyal. Then, parts of the artillery barrage went silent. Then as hurt and injured Imperials fell back, they opened up into the vulnerable rear armor of the tanks, and scythed down many Astartes. The Leman Russ crews expected to be safe as long as their front armor was towards the Traitor Fortress. They were stabbed in the back. The field was filled with burning wrecks. A squad of Astartes plays dead while whispering plans, sitting inside of their shattered Rhino. A Chaos Terminator duels a Captain, as bolts zip past. Three Imperial Armymen and a Devastator hunker down behind the ruin of the Leman Russ they were pushing up behind, as a bolt shell tears one of the IA to bits. Artillery batteries, commandeered by the Alpha Legion, drop blast after blast into Imperial lines, as the IA crews are killed, and the reserve companies of loyal Astartes are slaughtered. They do not give up. An organized fighting withdrawal/attack to the formation zones begins. Elsewhere, in orbit, some battleships turn upon their unsuspecting "allies", and send a few wrecks to the ground. All the Loyalist Legions have been mailed, and the IA units are exhausted. Both are confused, angry, and desperate. The withdrawal is similarly bloody, as ten companies and five regiments stay behind, sacrificing themselves for giving the Imperials a chance of escape. The Primarchs get into orbit, as the news finally reaches the Emperor. Daemons begin to appear on the ships, and multiple ships have their Warp Drives sabotaged, and their Gellar Field Generators damaged. --Washington001 (talk) 19:48, 24 May 2019 (UTC)

So do you think it specifically needs to be on Istivaan, or can it be an "istivaan equivalent." I ask because i was under the impression Istivaan was Horus' idea, so if he stays loyal it wouldn't make sense, unless its Horus's trap that backfires on himself. It seems unfair to give such tactical insight to someone like Lorgar.

I like the idea that stage 2 is the Loyalist forces returning to their ships only to find out the ships themselves are compromised.

What about this: Thanks to Alpharius miscommunication efforts and Jaghatai, Magnus, and Russ being trapped in the warp, No one has heard back from any of them, so everyone assumes that Magnus killed him for trying to enforce the Council of Nikea. The Luther and Alpharius collaborate to convince horus that what you have is a full on Civil War with Thousand sons, Death Guard (who are still loyal right now) White Scars, Ultramarines, Dark Angels preparing invasion. Horus Prepares trap for these perfidious factions on Isstivan. Lorgar's Possessed Ultramarines and Luther's Dark Angels are too.

horus brings
sons of horus
iron warriors
imperial fists
dark Angel's
emperors children
iron hands
alpha legion
naval bombardment

More than enough to crush

the ultramarines
thousand sons
white scars
maybe word bearers
But what he actually was fighting was
half of his own legion
the iron warriors
the death guard
half of the dark Angel's
alpha legion
half of the white scars
a shit ton of unspeakable horrors he has never fought before.
ultramarines possessed with unholy power.
naval bombardment

Horus thought he brought more than enough legions and auxiliaries but he wasnt playing axis and allies he was playing diplomacy with a ouija board underneath. He made the fata mistake of thinking he could count on all the legions he brought with him.

Everything happens exactly like you said with the main difference being that Alpharius isn't present or at least has plausible deniability. Mortarion is the Ferrus manus of this Isstivan IV, and after getting shot at by both Loyalist and Traitors, flips his shit, and goes on a Spree for blood. Especially Fulgrim's.

Perhaps we can make this the prelude to the "Little Horus Heresy" i mentioned on the drafts (either that or the successor with little horus staging the dropsite massacre). Then returns back from Isstivan after a long day of eating dirt only to find out the Mournival has turned on him and mutinies. Alpharius, not willing to expose himself to the plan too early, places his forces under the command of Horus only to gawk innocence and claim his own legions betrayed him. He is "suprised when some of his legion betrays him" as he remains in his ship and "flees to relay the bad news." By the time the Loyalists retreat to safety they notice that significantly less ships have joined them from when they started...

At some point later, either the Maccragge ships arrive somewhere to explain what's been going on in Ultramar or Jaghatai, Russ, Magnus are able to arrive to explain what happened, but by that point Dorn is already on his way to Olympia, and no one has heard from The Lion or Horus. --Wammnebu (talk) 22:29, 24 May 2019 (UTC)

how does this look as an out line for Horus Lupercal.--Wammnebu (talk) 16:40, 11 June 2019 (UTC)