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Ushabti are one of the most recognizable of all Tomb King units and are synonymous with them. Standing between 15 to 10 feet tall, the Ushabti are statues made in the image of the gods of Nehekhara, from the hawk-headed Phakth to the vulture-headed Ualapt, alongside other animals such as lions and crocodiles. They were placed within tombs and palaces of great kings and conquerors, eternally guarding these places as representations of the god's protection, favor, and standing with the king. Fascinatingly, Ushabti could walk and fight alongside the Nehekharans long before a certain someone's final fuck you, being animated by the Liche-priest to march with formations of infantry. Ushabti are animated by the souls of great warriors, heroes, and champions of Nehekhara, meaning Ol'Siggy Diggy isn't as creative as we thoug-KRAKOW YOU WOULD DARE INSULT THE GOD-KING OF ORDER WITH FRIVOLOUS ACCUSATIONS?!

But the Ushabti are more than just mere vessels for warrior souls, they are embodiments of both the Tomb King's relentless dedication to their gods, ideals, and culture but also their unceasing spirit in the face of what would be total destruction as an entity on the face of Mundus.

Continuing, beyond even death, to fight to preserve & retake what has been lost, and build up the ashes to something greater.

Nagash's novel trilogy revealed the Ushabti of the ancient Nehekharan weren't statues, but humans blessed with special powers. These blessed warriors are super strong and had super power depending on which gods they've devoted to (Ex. Khemri Ushabti are golden muscular warriors, Asaph Ushabti has snake traits like scaly, snake eyes and swift body, etc), but had no resistance against Nagash's dark sorcery, even Akhan (powered up by Nagash's elixir) himself were able to fell an Ushabti on his own (with a bit of his cunning trickery), the strongest one, in fact, a champion Ushabti devoted to Geheb the Nehekharan god of earth, a monster of a man with lion's mane. After Nagash broke the Nehekharan's sacred treaty by killing his "inherited" queen Neferam, every Ushabti was rendered powerless and driven mad.

If the novels were to be believed, the souls those Lich Priests had summoned and embedded into the statue of Ushabti are the souls of those ancient blessed Ushabti warriors.

Real life[edit]

In Ancient Egypt Ushabti were funerary figurines (either Ceramic or made of worked stone) buried with Egyptian Dead. In short, if you were buried with a Grave Good it would manifest in the afterlife, with the Ushabti being servants to help you out in the next world.

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