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Divine Rank Unknown
Pantheon Scarn
Portfolio Life, nature, the world
Domains None
Home Plane Prime Material Plane (Scarn)
Worshippers Crafters, druids, farmers, hunters, shamans, warriors, wizards

Ushada are the spirits of everything that exists in Scarn, though they are found most commonly in Fenrilik and Termana. The name of the religion centered on them is called Ushadani, and its followers are called Ushadan.


The Ushadan tell that originally, there was only the Land, Scarn, who dreamed and brought forth Father Sun. The two of them brought forth the moons K'dantu, Belsameth's Moon, and the nameless moon, the Grey Moon. With the help of her father and brother, K'dantu adorned her mother with the seas and the mountains, who brought forth the trees, lakes, rivers, animals, and their Ushada, and all other forms of life on Scarn.

Origins of the Titans[edit]

In time, the nameless moon turned greedy and mad, and begun to eat the power and essence other Ushada. The other spirits gathered and argued what should be done, and eventually agreed to stand against him. The mightiest among them, with the exception of Father Sun who refused to hurt his son, attacked the mad moon spirit and ate his essence, strengthening themselves and weakening the nameless moon. After an incomprehensibly long time and many destroyed Ushada, the nameless moon's essence was consumed by the noblest and bravest Ushada, and his body left in the sky. But the those who consumed the essence were also corrupted, and they took new names and forgot they ever were Ushada. And the other living beings named them, The Titans.

Types of Ushada[edit]

The Ushada are divided to four, very loose and broad, groups of spirits.

  • Spirits of Things: Most common type of Ushada, this where spirits of items and objects go along with the sun and the moons.
    • Spirits of Concepts: A sub-group that includes spirits with no fixed forms, meaning things like fire, wind, storms, and diseases.
  • Spirits of Places: Comparable to middle management, spirits of places are in charge of the spirits of things within them. For example, Ushada of the forest is in charge of the Ushada of trees, leaves, grass, and animals, to a degree.
  • Ancestor Spirits: Deceased who watch over their descendants. Nobody knows what does and doesn't turn one of the deceased into an ancestor spirit, so every one of them is honored and remembered lest they bring curses and misfortune.
  • Totems: The mother/father of a species of animal. All animals follow that totem, and are considered to descended from the union of the totem and the regions Ushada.


As the Ushada are literally everywhere, the Ushadan believe that everything requires their aid, or consent at minimum, so they give brief prayers of thanks to the spirit in question before any task. Offerings are made to the Ushada, whether it's to placate, drive away, or request for aid, and are always symbolically tied to them. They are often made privately at the personal shrine of the Ushadan. Some of the Ushadan also give praise to the gods and/or titans, believing them to just be abnormal types of Ushada.

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