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Silhouette of a unicorn rampant in front of a full moon
Aliases The Dusk Unicorn
Alignment Neutral Good
Divine Rank Demigod
Pantheon Oerth
Portfolio Good magical beasts
Domains Animal, Fey, Good
Worshippers Unicorns, pegasi, lamassu, blink dogs, androsphinxes, rangers, druids, fighters, paladins
Favoured Weapon Unicorn horn

Valarian is the demigod patron of French sci-fi comics that get ripped off by Star Wars good magical beasts, introduced in the Book of Exalted Deeds.


Valarian teaches to his followers to have proper respect for good magical beasts that dwell in the woods, and to protect these woods. They are fierce enemies of manticores, lamias, worgs, and chimeras.

Beloved of Valarian[edit]

The beloved of Valarian are women who dedicate themselves to him completely, and abandon civilization to life and protect the woods. The women then gain the ability to call upon a unicorn ally to help defend the woods, and share a telepathic bond with it, that expands to all animals that live the forest as they grow in power, and their aging slows down drastically. They eventually gain the ability to summon a celestial unicorn, smite their enemies, become harder to hit with wooden weapons, and transform all evil beings within 30 feet of her into harmless woodland critters.

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