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Valhallan Ice Warriors fight valiantly alongside Ciaphas Cain, HERO OF THE IMPERIUM.

"Men who fight wars in winter don't live till spring."

– Ursula K. Le Guin


– Russian conscript charging a MG42 nest, to draw fire away from the infiltration team tossing grenades while actually jumping from cover to cover

"Убей еретиков!"

– Valhallan conscript charging a Heavy Bolter nest... just charging one, that's it, Valhallan commanders are unimaginative

Valhalla (no, not that Valhalla) is a giant ice cube somehow inhabited by human life. They had a rather large Ork infestation during The War of The Beast that they learned to combat by bursting from the glaciers under them with big drill-tanks and shooting everything in sight. Eventually they killed off the 'skins.

Valhallans are simply people born on the incredibly cold planet of Valhalla.

As Imperial Guardsmen, they specialize in DYNAMIC ENTRY through ice and snow, often through the use of a curious drill-tank thing called the Termite that has a quantity of flamers mounted on it. They have also been shown to be rather good at holding the line, as if most Guard regiments didn't do that already. They just love wearing green armored greatcoats for some reason. They are the Red Army in Space and it shows: they give not a single fuck as millions of them perish on the field of battle, like all good Russians do. Unless they're the 597th, who are basically the spetsnaz with women in space.

Unfortunately, nobody cares about them (even Russians themselves), as anyone who wants to do Russian Imperial Guard will just go with the much cooler (but not colder) Vostroyans. *BLAM!* there will be no regimental discrimination here!

Notable Valhallans[edit]

  • Gunner Ferik "Stench awful enough to knock out a Plague Marine" Jurgen: Adjutant to Ciaphas Cain, HERO OF THE IMPERIUM. He is a Blank, and favors a Meltagun.
  • Commander Kubrik Chenkov: Imperial Guard officer that is the epitome of sending waves of men against his opponents.
  • Jenit Sulla: Imperial Guard General and (in)famous writer.

Doctrines and Traits[edit]

For such a storied homeworld, the Valhallans produce rather boxstandard regiments. Other than their indigenous drill tanks they're basically poorer, coarser Cadians, fielding the same mix of artillery, armored, and mechanized infantry regiments and churning them out in staggering numbers. What sets them apart is their singular hatred for Orks and almost total indifference to cold. Even Fenris is practically tropical compared to their homeworld, which represents the coldest a planet can get and still be regarded as inhabitable. With an enormous population living in dense underground cities, Valhalla manages to be both a hive world and a death world; and has enough of a feral Ork problem to keep the Valhallan PDF proficient.


Unfortunately, they are no longer for sale. On the bright side, both Victoria Miniatures, Mad Robot Miniatures, and Anvil Industry sell Not-Valhallans, and at semi-reasonable prices, too! The Soviet and German winter infantry from Warlord Games combined with Cadian Lasguns also make for a solid option. So if you still want to collect an army of these manly bastards (and who wouldn't?), you can still buy them, just don't expect to be able to use them at a Games Workshop store or anything.


Valhallan Ice Warriors are the first Imperial Guard Regiment that Games Workshop ever created. They are based on Russian WW2 soldiers during the winter battles.


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