Valve Opened; Or, In The Wake of the Crusade

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This is a companion fluff story for the /tg/ homebrew game Server Crash.

A crackle of static and milspeak broke the silence. IFF neutral, weapons and defense systems stand by, neutrals sighted, Stormfront insignia. Condition shift: yellow.

Drone guns and defense systems turned toward the arrivals. Secondary weapons started to come online. Webfort Valve rarely saw visitors, least of all from Stormfront.

A soldier stepped forward, dressed in a suit and mask similar to a series of games once made by Valve. He squawked several pieces of information to his walky talky, then addressed the visitors.

"Declare yourself. Stormfront personnel are not allowed within visual distance of Valve facilities and protected zones. Violation of the treaty will result if you do not withdraw yourself to a safe distance immediately."

"I have come to barter for weapons and equipment needed by webfort Stormfront. Will you allow us entry or will I be forced to file a complaint with his corpulence?"

The insult to the overlord was not unnoticed. Regardless the soldier produced a small information pad and flicked through it, checked the terms of the cease fire and treaty that Valve and Stormfront had signed many months ago.

"There is a provision here regarding aid in the event of emergency, is webfort Stormfront under some sort of threat?"

The man from Stormfront roared with laughter. His entire caravan laughed.

"Always a month or two behind, you Valve folks. Always a month or two."

"My boy, we're being besieged by /b/. If we don't stop them, they'll be here soon enough and you can ask them about the situation if you like."

The soldier grimaced through his mask. "I'll call the Overlord."