Vampire Hunter

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An anal circumference that makes most titan legions cower in fear.

The Vampire Hunter is an Eldar super-heavy gunship and a variant of the Vampire Raider. Instead of transporting Eldar warriors like its sister, the Vampire Hunter mounts a nose-mounted Scatter Laser, hull-mounted twin-linked Phoenix Missile Launchers, and wing-mounted twin-linked Pulsars. With this weaponry, the Vampire Hunter is able to fulfill its role as a high-speed Titan-destroyer. To protect it during its attack runs, every Vampire Hunter is accompanied by at least two dedicated Nightwing fighters, and is itself equipped with a Titan-grade Holo-field.

The Nightwing fighters are used to fend off any ambushes that the Hunter would be too slow and manoeuvrable to defend against, although certain dicks would most likely use the Nightwings as 'meatshields' for incoming missiles and bullets. Nevertheless, this relationship works quite well between the two aircraft, with the larger Hunter blowing up giant targets whilst being protected enough to leave without being torn to pieces by anti-air batteries.

Like the Vampire Raider, the Vampire Hunter is ECKSBAWKSHUEG with some commenting it to be the Eldar equivalent to the Tau Manta and the Imperium Stormbird. Although the Vampire Raider would be a more closer equivalence than the Hunter due to the former being more of an assault transport rather than being a full-blown flying wall of guns.

  • Length: 26m
  • Wingspan: 26.4m
  • Crew: 3 crew
  • Mass: 58 tonnes
  • Max Speed: 3100kph


On the tabletop, this thing is a Super-Heavy Flyer, and is able to troll AA fire by having a 3+ Evade save in the open (which it cannot take, since Super-Heavy Flyers cannot take advantage of the Jink special rule), so enjoy blowing up that Reaver Titan in the corner while avoiding fire from those five Hydras that your opponent has. Only downside might be its expensive-as-balls price (both in-game and IRL).

Both Craftworld Eldar and Eldar Corsairs make use of this flyer.

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