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Vangal symbol.jpg
Cloven grey shield dripping blood against a midnight blue field
Aliases The Ravager, the Reaver
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Divine Rank God
Pantheon Scarn
Portfolio 3E: Bloodshed, destruction, disaster, famine, pestilence, thunder
5E: Bloodshed, destruction, disaster, pestilence, terror
Domains 3E: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Strength, War
5E: Death, War
Home Plane Citadel of Fallen Tears (Pestilential Abyss)
Worshippers Brigands, Half-Orcs, Horsemen of Vangal, madmen, manticora, murderers, warlords
Favoured Weapon Vangal's Battleaxes (Battleaxe)

Vangal is the god of bloodshed, destruction, pestilence, and terror in Scarn. He's the son of Chern, Lethene, and Thulkas, half-brother to Enkili, and the eldest of the gods.


During the Divine War, Vangal reveled in the destruction it brought, slaying countless titanspawn and being instrumental in disposing of the titans. He hacked apart Mesos, Gormoth, Hrinruuk, and Kadum, and pulled out Gaurak's teeth so the titan could be bound beneath the earth.


Vangal appears a tall, massive, dark featured man with a permanent expression of anger on his face. His hair is woven into crude dreadlocks and he has a thick beard, both of which are matted with dried blood. He wears crude, scarred, gore-covered armor, adorned with skulls of fallen enemies and is never seen without his battleaxes.


Vangal differs from the other gods that he doesn't gain power from the faith and devotion of his worshippers, but rather from the destruction and bloodshed they commit in his name. Most people give him tribute out of fear, for few are mad enough to follow the god of destruction.

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