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Vangheist looking like death warmed over. Because thats probably exactly what he is.

Vangheist is a Warhammer Fantasy character who hails from Dreadfleet, hes a ghost pirate who like most ghost pirates bit off more than he could chew and got more than he bargained for.


Vangheist was your typical Seafaring mercenary, living a typical life on the High Seas, sailing hes ship the Stormbreaker and doing whatever a client paid him for. That is until he was approached by Archmage Albrechtus von Zeich, a wizard of The Wind of Life who paid not only him, but every member of his crew with a full chest of gold so long as they swore an oath to follow his every word without fail, and given the enormous amount of money they were all given Vangheist and his crew skipped the details and agreed outright.

And at first all was fine. Vangheist and his crew were all seasoned mariners who were able to sink a pirates assault before they were even able to get the black flag to the top of the mast. That is until they entered the Sea of Claws. Where their opponents became less and less pirates looking to steal from the ship and more bloodthirsty beasts. But still with the backing of a Mage who could shoot light from his hands they pressed ever onward. However the danger of the journey wore on Vangheist's crew, and not helping was the lack of knowledge of their goal as well as the twisted skies of the north seeming mocking them as they went further and further into Chaos tainted water.

Desperate for answers Vangheist distracted the wizard with a meal in the captains quarters while his first mate, Rotten Einrich, broke into ven Zeich's quarters to snoop for info. What he found was a book bound in living leather that told of a great serpent of living fire that guarded a secret to immortality. That was all Vangheist and his crew needed to hear to redouble their efforts and push forward. And soon they were greeted a great fire-wrym, its flesh made of searing flame, a crest of eight skulls that belched black acid, as it set it self on the intruders to its domain. The crew of the ship lobbed cannonballs into its body while Albrectus fought it face to face from the crows nest sending bolt after bolt of magic at it.

At the end of the fierce battle the denizens of the Stormbreaker were victorious though not a few of its crew were nothing but ash. Having banished the beast back to the Realms of Chaos von Zeich announced that their mission was finished and they could return to port, to which Vangheist responded by shooting him in the chest and kicking him overboard. He wanted the eternal life that lay beyond the beasts lair. He and the crew sailed on til the twisting colors of the sky joined with the sea and blurred together, and Morrislieb grew fat enough to fill the air above them and they crossed into the mad realm of the Chaos Gods.

Whatever Vangheist and his crew found there no one knows, and the crew and its captain have no mortal bodies with which to tell the tale. Existing now only to haunt the dread seas in their ship, now crowned Shadewraith, and spread their curse and misery upon all. And now their tale is spread across all Sartosa toward those who sail the seas, to tell the story of its danger and the danger of betrayal and greed it portends.