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He might look old, but damn does he have a awesome beard.

With the introduction of the Primaris Marines, there was bound to be a Primaris version of the famed Space Marine Librarian to enable psychic support. A Librarian of the Primaris Space Marines serves essentially the same function among Primaris Astartes as does his standard Astartes counterpart.

The only difference beyond his physical enhancements lies in his wargear, as it does for all Primaris Space Marines. The Primaris Librarian blends the noble bearing of the Primaris Captain with a wealth of occult detail and baroque cybernetics indicative of a darker, more mysterious kind of warrior. He serves as both a combat psyker and Chapter lorekeeper and is identical in function to the standard Space Marine rank.

Clad in Mk X power armor, his accoutrements are many and elaborate, from his ornate multi-layered cloak to the detailed wiring going into his psychic hood. He comes armed with a force sword in his right hand, and features a holstered bolt pistol along with a whole host of interesting trinkets such as a padlocked book on his belt (potentially holding some galaxy-shaking secrets…), several large keys to open super-secret psychic doors, purity seals on his cloak so he won't get nommed by Daemons, a backpack for outdoor camping trips and a clasp featuring an Imperial Eagle.

As with all Librarians, the Primaris equivalent adorns himself with a psychic hood to block out the voices of the Warp.

Like most Primaris variants, the Primaris Librarian suffers from a lack of equipment diversity to enable some form of combat flexibility in return for a more powerful punch and defense. Still, despite having more power, the lack of transports save for that ridiculous Gun-Dozer and lack of any equipment choice means that usage for the Primaris Librarian is extremely limited. For now at the very least, a Primaris Librarian is only used at best as a psychic support unit around any conventional Librarians.

The more elite of the Primaris Librarians can be upgraded into the Vanguard Librarians. More can be read below.

Vanguard Librarian[edit]

Usually, you have to choose between Wizard, Rogue, and Paladin. The Vanguard Librarian said fuck that, I'll be all three.

Really cool looking Librarian models with a bitchin' hood, making them look like Scorpion Ermac from Mortal Kombat in Power Armor. These are the first reasonable Librarians PSYKERS in general to appear on the tabletop. For you see, unlike most races' psykers who like to stand in the open and show off their magic tricks, these chaps prefer a more....subtle approach.

The Librarians of the Vanguard Primaris swap out their normal armor for Phobos armor and a camo-cloak, greatly boosting their survivability in cover and letting them infiltrate as well. Although they are cowled in the hooded camo cloaks to keep their identity, they still stick out like a very sore thumb in public. Nevertheless, they gain brownie points for being sneaky Librarians; rather than standing in the open like a juicy target for every sniper in their vicinity, these psykers would prefer creeping up on said unsuspecting sniper before grabbing a camera, whispering in their ear to prepare thy anus and savoring the moment as the cool-headed sniper promptly shits himself, but not before being mindfucked into shooting his superior officers.

For a Librarian to be chosen for Vanguard service, he must have mastered unique battle-disciplines that focus on obscuring the passage of their comrades and wrong-footing the opponent with illusions and hallucinations, in this aspect they share a similiar combat role to the Eldar Harlequin Shadowseer.

Shaping psychic energy about themselves like a cloak of shadow, these psykers guide their battle-brothers through enemy territory to their destination without raising so much as a flicker of suspicion from watchful foes. On tabletop, this translates to having exclusive access to the Obscuration discipline, which lets the Librarian and his allies be even sneakier.

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