Vargas and the Sentant

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This is a companion fluff story for the /tg/ homebrew game Server Crash.

Vargas stood outside the hill and sighed. Sentants were not particularly punctual, but they payed in goods that he could sell to any number of webforts. The valuable commodity? they periodically excreted some of the strongest bonding material available, ideal for patching holes in webfort walls.

He thought about for a moment and decided it could be worse. At least he wouldn't need earplugs this time around. His head still hurt from his expedition to Bay12. No amount of money was worth dealing with those people. He produced a little food bar from his pocket and ate it all“ not that he needed to eat, but it made it feel normal.

Never mind the fact he was waiting on a gigantic ant to conduct trade with. He could remember some parts of his meat life, but it was kind of boring and full of irritations, too. He shrugged it off and produced another food bar. Old habits.

A scuttling noise from the hill raw a large sentant emerge. The size of a small dog, it approached and waved it's antenna. It was Crunk as usual.

/GREEETINGS HUMAN VARGAS/ /HOW ARE YOU TODAY/ /WELL I HOPE/ /HOW IS LOCAL SPORTING TEAM/ The onset of wi-fi telepathy usually made his head hurt, but Vargas snorted. Crunk must have picked that last one off another trader because Sentants don't get many visitors despite their charming personality and demeanor.

I'm fine Crunk. As usual, I have brought a two thousand megabytes of Wikipedian heal fungus and ten Valve military standard sensor dummies. I also have six pairs of synthetic-arms made by webfort /tg/. /EXCELLENT EXCELLENT VERY HAPPY VERY GOOD/ /SEVERAL INJURED BY BAD THINGS FUNGUS ACCEPTABLE/ /SENSOR THINGS WHAT WHAT/

You just plop them down and they will hide the nest from direct scans and other...bad things. The mention of hiding the nest made Crunk wave his antenna excitedly. Soon thereafter he began to spin around one of the carry bags used to hold some of the goods off the vehicle.


Vargas had his sell point prepared already. "See these?" (he pointed to his arms) “you can have some just like mine! Granted it's going to cost a bit more...(Vargas hesitating at the local term)...buildgoop then usual.

/WOW REALLY WOW REALLY THAT WOULD HELP MUCH NO THUMBHANDS SEE/ (Crunk flickered his front two legs to get his point across).

Vargas smiled a little bit. He wished people were half this nice.