Varghost the Giver

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Varghost the Giver after looting and customizing the armor of Captain Quintus Lentulus Batiatus, of the Ultramarines.

Note, this is completely fannon[edit]

Varghost the Giver is a Fallen who has managed to escape Dark Angel retribution. He is one of the few Fallen Angels who have largely managed to live in peace (at least for a time) within the Veiled Region.

After the Fallen were scattered, Varghost found himself alone with no allies in Segmentum Ultima. He realized over time that the Dark Angels were hunting him, and decided to act fast in order to save himself. He lured the Ultramarine Captain Quintus Lentulus Batiatus into an ambush in 666 M32. He captured the Captain, eventually dueling with and killing the Ultrasmurf. Taking his breastplate as a trophy, Varghost has managed to elude the Dark Angels, who no doubt expect to find every Fallen in the Galaxy to be wearing the same exact armor they were scattered with.

Varghos earned the nickname "the Giver" when several Dark Angels tracked him down to Laerys Malneris, a Dead World within the Veiled Region. Knowing that he could not kill all of the Dark Angels present, Varghos offered the Dark Angels "his gift". He then retreated into the Warp, the Dark Angels following him to the world of Maehalar. There, they discovered that the world served as a refuge for other Fallen, and proceeded to engage the Fallen in combat. Taking dozens of prisoners, the Dark Angels discovered to their surprise that Varghos had smuggled himself into the heart of the loyalist vessel, using its advanced targeting arrays to then systematically obliterate the Dark Angels and Fallen who had been distracted by each other. The Dark Angels of The Rock would later discover the heads of the Fallen and dead loyalists strewn about the fortress. After connecting the dots of the heads' locations the lines formed "My Gift".

Varghos displays the words "Qualis Autem Irrumabo" (meaning "what the fuck") upon his loin cloth. This represents his mentality and philosophy, as he seeks "adventure" rather than outright bloodshed and war. This has led him to encounter many colorful and peculiar characters, such as the Lords Paratticus, Gorgutz 'Ead 'Unter, and many others. He once traded a stock of Geneseed harvested from dead Dark Angels who were hunting him to Fabius Bile, in exchange for a rank of Enhanced Warriors. He then tracked down Trazyn the Infinite, trading the Enhanced Warriors for the Daenor Meleris, a Power Sword of extreme efficiency, which he uses as his personal weapon.

Varghost the Giver is a known member of the Ferus Fratres, a Company of "companions" or diverse mercenaries who have made enemies and allies amongst every major faction in the Galaxy.