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"Don't you ever just wanna go batshit?"

Varghulfs, much like Vargheists are mutations of the Vampire strain in WHFB, unlike Vargheist, which arise from blood starved vampires too weak of will to truly control themselves, and sealed beneath Castle Drakenhof like a bad memory to forget, only to break out later as horrible blood and flesh-craving beast. Varghulfs, are vampires who realized that the inner bestial thirst of vampirism shouldn't be ignored but embraced wholeheartedly, allowing themselves to completely lose themselves in rage and bloodlust. Like Vargheist, Varghulfs are powerful, more powerful than their original forms, but of course, overtaken in mind by their carnal and predatory urges. Do not mistake them for stupid reckless beasts however, they may be more bestial in thought, but are now equipped with an insidious animal cunning, allowing them to outsmart their prey and hunt them with tricks and deception.

Vampire Counts Units

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