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You wouldn't want to fuck with this bastard!

Varro Tigurius is one of the most powerful loyal human psykers currently alive. He is so powerful he can beat daemons like a Grey Knight, he can fight like a Terminator, use every known psychic power (and several unknown ones) AND foresee the Hive Mind's plans. Somehow. It is worthy to note this is the same Hive Mind that blots out a psychic power on par with the God-Emperor of Mankind Himself. How one man can use the warp against this is unknown. And he belongs to the Ultramarines. Who would have thought?

In spite of all this, the Daemonculaba still gives him nightmares and the opening of the Great Rift left him unconscious for months.

Also did we mention this was BEFORE Matt Ward wrote him? Except he was Ld9 because due to his awesome powers his soul just shine in the Warp like a giant neon banner with a sign "eat me daemons, I'm so delicious!" on it.

Following his conversion into a Primaris Space Marine, it's said his power has grown to heights formerly thought impossible for a Space Marine to reach. However, there are some among the Chapter who wonder how sustainable that power might be...and whether it might ultimately end up harming Tigurus more than it helps him.


Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Varro Tigurius 165 5 4 4 4 3 4 2 10 3+

Tigurius is DAH BESHT LIBRAHRIAHN EVAR if you believe Ward's fluff, and to be honest he's definitely one of the best choices a loyalist has as far as psykers go, though there are certainly a few who can compete with him. He's an ML3 psyker with access to Divination, Daemonology, Biomancy, Telekinesis, Telepathy, and Pyromancy. He has the Ultramarine standard ATSKNF and Chapter Tactics and Independent Character and his warlord trait allows him to grant one squad within 12" of him the Rending USR each shooting phase, which is nice. He has a unique rule called "Master of Prescience" which gives him rerolls while rolling for psychic powers and also allows you to reroll reserve rolls for units in the same detachment as Tigurius when he's alive. Gear-wise he has your average librarian's loadout of power armor, a bolt pistol, frag and krak grenades, plus he has a relic psychic hood that allows him to reroll psychic tests and the Rod of Tigurius, a melee weapon with Strength +2 AP4, concussive, force, Master Crafted, and soulblaze. Also worth noting that the Rod of Tigurius is rumored to be the same staff held by Malcador in the Great Crusade. Later revealed to not be the staff when the AdMech finds the real thing elsewhere, but we can pretend.

Not only is he ML3, he gets rerolls on psychic tests and generating his powers, so not only are you likely to get the powers you want, you're probably going to be able to pull them off. With his rerolls and the hood you're probably going to shut down your enemy's psychic powers. As for drawbacks... He's a bit soft I guess, with his 3+ and 3 wounds (though he can compensate for that with psychic powers and bodyguards). He's not a beast in a challenge, but then that's not what you're taking him for. Tigurius is really good at psychic stuff, and that's why you want him. Enjoy.

8th Edition[edit]


As of writing, Varro has successfully undergone the same process as Papa Smurf and has become a Primaris Marine with a shiny new (slightly over detailed) model.

Pts/PL M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
Varro Tigurius 130/7 6" 3+ 3+ 4 4 5 4 9 3+

He's been hit by the nerf bat a little. Down to two powers per phase (both casting and denying), but he gains the ability to re-roll powers (including successful ones in case of Perils), gets +1 to Deny rolls and Psychic tests, and he has 3 of the powers from the Librarius or Indomitus discipline. In addition, he has the Rod of Tigurius, which is a glorified Force Stave, granting him +3S instead of +2, not that you want him in combat anyway. On top of that, he can protect an ultramarines unit within 6" of him (including himself, of course, if he likes) with -1 to be hit during the enemy's Shooting phase (regardless of the nature of the attack, if they have way to make melee attacks during the Shooting phase). This ability, while nice, will not protect him from weight of attacks, as he lacks any form of invulnerable save or even a 2+ armor save; don't shove him in front of sniper spam. Still, a nice, reliable HQ for his cost and a bit more resilient now that he's a Primaris.

However, the Precognition psyker spell from the Indomitus Discipline could help him be a little more resilient, granting a 5++ and a -1 to enemies trying to hit, and an admittedly okay-ish invulnerable save.

See Also[edit]

  • Illiyan Nastase - The Rogue Trader-era Chief Librarian of the Ultramarines, people occasionally confuse Tigurius for this guy
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