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Aliases The Great God of the North
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Divine Rank Lesser God
Pantheon Oerth (Suloise)
Portfolio Northern Barbarians, Cold, Winter, Arctic Beasts
Domains Air, Animal, Chaos, Cold, Storm, Strength, Winter
Home Plane Imprisoned in an unknown demiplane
Worshippers Snow, Frost, and Ice Barbarians, fighters druids, rangers
Favoured Weapon Winter's Bite (Battleaxe)

Vatun (pronounced VAY-tun) is the Suloise god of the barbarians, cold, winter, and arctic beasts. He's also Dalt's brother.


After the Rain of Colorless Fire destroyed the Suel Imperium, the houses of Cruski, Frutzii, and Schnai, settled on the Thillonrian Peninsula, and founded a barbarian empire with the help of Vatun's warriors. Eventually he, supposedly, named the king of the Cruski as the Fasstal of all the Suelii and the empires ruler. The empire lasted as long as the Fasstal, and in -110 CY, priests of Telchur, with possible assistance from Belial, trapped Vatun.


Vatun appeared as a huge Suloise man with a beard of snow and ice, and frozen fog coming from his mouth. He wears polar bear skins and carries Winter's Bite, a battleaxe made of ice.


Vatun's followers are unheard of outside the Thillonrian Peninsula, with the exception of the lands of the Scarlet Brotherhood. His clerics preach vendetta and violence against the clergy and faith of Telchur, who imprisoned their god, and seek to release their god by gathering the Five Blades of Corusk. They also battle against devils, as they have found a connection between them and Vatun's imprisonment. Otherwise they seek to help their tribes survive over winter, heal the injured, and aid the warriors in battle.


Winter is a time for culling the weak so that the strong may survive. Snow shall cover cowards and they shall be forgotten by all. The people of the north are the true survivors and will inherit the world when the Great Winter comes to cover the land.

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