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"Velo is a city of punks versus greys, of neon graffiti and high speed chases through rooftops and alleyways. A world where any surface is a road, and any person could be a high speed hero with the right gear, the right threads, the right tunes and, most importantly, the right soul.

"Welcome to Velo City. Go out and make it yours."

VeloCITY ver. 1.42 (May 13, 2018) - Click to download.

VeloCITY: The Wind in your Hair is a /tg/ homebrew system designed to replicate the feel and freedom of running around an urban playground and going anywhere. Taking its main inspiration from the Jet Set Radio and Air Gear franchises, the game's focus is on freedom of movement, radical action, oodles of style, and several varieties of sticking it to the man.

Taking place on the artificial island metropolis of Velo City, players take on the role of "rudies": all manners of young punks, vagabonds and daredevils with a tune in their ear and color in their hearts; their main gimmick is that they rely on the four types of human-powered movement: running, rollerskating, skateboarding and biking. In the urban playground, the players will follow the people of Velo and learn of their ambitions and struggles. Between the police and the corporate overworld, rudies fight to cut out a niche of their own in the city. With varying degrees of power level and a system that plays fast and loose, the game can be as realistic or over-the-top as the players desire.

The initial idea sparked a firestorm of creativity that resulted in numerous threads on /tg/ fluffing out Velo City and its inhabitants. Great interest was expressed in the game as a whole as more and more content was created. Unfortunately, interest died down as the years went on (though there is still interest even today), and between messy rules, multiple sets of rules confusing people, and all other kinds of issues, the project fell into the dreaded "homebrew limbo": it was not quite dead, but no one was holding their breath to see it completed any time soon. On June 25, 2013, however, a completely new design document appeared, taken from the latest design document up to that point and completely rewritten and reworked from the ground up; save for a few particular mechanics, the entire system had been overhauled. New updates are forthcoming including adding fluff, refinement of rules and other upkeep and presentation changes.

The project is supported by the #VeloCITY channel on, for those interested in the system. One may also join the VeloCITY Discord at Keep in note that anything not specifically created by the makers of VeloCITY are copyrighted to their respective owners. The makers don't take any credit, and make no money from this project. The game is currently maintained by Mr. Blue Sky, who also does work on Super Mario RPG.