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"Somebody's poisoned the waterhole!"

– Renegade leader, mere seconds before his whole army died of dysentery
Just because your assassin temple doesn't get as much screentime as the super snipers, morphing ninja infiltrators, soulless psyker hunters and screaming junkie berserkers there's no excuse to stop looking boss .

Venenum Assassins are an Officio Assassinorum clade that specializes in poisoning people (their name is the Latin High Gothic word for venom). They use all sorts of natural poisons, and presumably an impressive array of synthetics too. While one would assume they would just poison food and drink as well as use discreet injectors, they're trained to utilize unconventional delivery methods too, like poisoning chairs (Poisons that soak through the skin and clothes, become only apparent once body heat is applied...). They're also known to use blessed psi-negative poisons to kill daemons or chaos corrupted targets, suggesting that they don't just sit around palaces messing with the seating arrangements.

Despite the utility of such killers, they're a more behind-the-scenes type. Their specialization and training doesn't appear well optimized for battlefield roles, and thus Games Workshop doesn't seem to care much about them. Probably because the "I poisoned the well and caused your entire army to get sick and die" angle doesn't translate well to game rules. Just like the "I hacked your fap folder, Inquisition's on their way".

Homebrew Venenum Assassin[edit]

Name Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Venenum Assassin 130 8 8 4 4 3 7 4 10 4++
  • Special Rules
    • Independent Operative (Cannot join or be joined, cannot generate Warlord Traits if made warlord)
    • Lightning Reflexes (4++ Invulnerable Save, has no penalties on Initiative for charging through difficult terrain.)
    • No Escape (-2 to Look Out, Sir tests vs wounds this model inflicts)
    • Fearless
    • Infiltrate
    • Move Through Cover
    • Precision Strikes
    • Precision Shots
    • Lesser Catachan Barking Toad Protocol: When this model suffers its last unsaved Wound to a close combat attack, center the small blast template over the model. All models underneath the template, except for this model, count as being hit by one of this model's close combat attacks. After resolving these hits, remove this model as a casualty. All wounds inflicted by this special rule count towards Combat Resolution.
  • Wargear
    • 2 Venom Injectors; dual profile:
      • Range -, S User, AP2, Poisoned (2+), Shred, Slow Toxin, Melee
      • Range 12", S 3, AP2, Poisoned (2+), Shred, Slow Toxin, Pistol
        • Slow Toxin: Models that suffer an unsaved wound from this weapon must take a Toughness test at the start of each turn for the rest of the game. If the test is failed, they suffer a single wound with no saves of any kind allowed.

Notable Venenum Assassins[edit]

    • Esad Wire (aka Beast Krule), originally a Venenum who was converted into an Eversor. Bodyguard for Drakan Vangorich. The guy is like Bane on steroids, he was able to "slow time" through his perception and went toe to toe with an Eldar
    • Drakan Vangorich: Yep, the Grand Master who carried out the infamous Beheading. Pretty much an all-round good guy as far as assassins go. Known to be quite deadly and a prodigy and by skill and his superior biology didn't require as many augmentations as his peers. He also was good at politicking (read Threaten and blackmail) during his tenure as a High Lord of Terra.
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