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The Venom, and no, it's not a Batmobile.

The Venom is one of the fastest if not THE fastest unit in both the Dark Eldar and the entirety of 40k tabletop. It is so fast that it is sometimes employed by Eldar Corsairs and Harlequins. If anything the Venom personifies the military doctrine of the DE, fast, incredibly mobile and deadly. The Venom looks like a arrowhead-shaped skimmer that carries an elite group of Dark Eldar warriors into battle. Rather than present one obvious target, Dark Eldar strike forces attack in waves, with a veritable horde of their skimmer craft pouring out of the Webway portals they open in the tortured skies of targeted worlds. In this case the Venom combine forces with the Reaver Jetbike as a first strike arrowhead that is meant to decapitate (both literally and figuratively) the enemy leadership before the more heavily armed units come into play.

Though the Venom's booster engines and the anti-gravitic emitters implanted within are similar to that found on other Dark Eldar skimmercraft, the transport is so agile and sensitive to the commands of its pilot that it can maneuver through a hail of incoming fire, with its holographic Flickerfield confounding enemy snipers and Auspexes. This means that even dedicated anti-air vehicles have a tough time trying to shoot one down. A skilled Venom pilot can even maneuver his craft into those segments of the Webway designed only for the passage of a single individual at a time. It is for this reason that Venoms are very popular with Commorrite hunters and those Dark Eldar nobles of the Dark City's upper spires who enjoy running down their enemies as a form of sport.

Despite its small size, the Venom can carry a small squad of up to 5 hand-picked elite warriors who have been trained to enter combat as a coordinated unit. The Venom is armed with a Twin-linked Splinter Rifle, Splinter Cannon and Holographic Flickerfield.

Brutally nerfed following the 6th and 7th edition changes to defensive weapons, open-topped vehicles, and assault vehicles.

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