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Please note that Vespid are not really this good looking from a mammalian perspective - indeed, like all arthropods, they do not have mammary glands (breasts). Not that this would stop anyone...
Vespid 101. Not as charming as they look.


But in all seriousness, the Vespid (Vesparum mors) are an insectoid alien race allied to the Tau Empire. The reason for the above comment about bees covering this page is mostly due to the fact they resemble bipedal, semihumanoid bees (although they much more closely resemble wasps, which they are named after[1]). They do not, however, have yellow or black stripes and are not known to make anything equivalent to space-honey. In-game, their stinger is inexplicably not venomous. Due to Games Workshop's usual incompetent understanding of basic evolution, they have different eyes for seeing in different spectra based on whether or not the light would be absorbed by *Earth's* atmosphere; look up the mantis shrimp[2] for a good example of how a real arthropod evolves multispectral vision in an alien environment.

The Vespid, or space bumblebees, as said, are allied with the Tau Empire. The reason why the Tau sought out such an unusual race is mostly due to the fact that the Vespid are one of the relatively few sentient species in the galaxy capable of flight, as well as their crystal-based technology and the fact that their native society greatly resembles the "Greater Good". Vespid sergeants wear communion helms to communicate with their Tau superiors, which are basically just radio headsets paired with translators and a chemical sensor/suite, allowing the wearer to speak and listen in the Vespid's native olfactory language to a Tau speaking and listening in the Tau's native vocal language.

The initial violence with which they greeted the Tau and the ease with which peace was established once the helm was invented and given to all their major leaders to wear has led to ominous implications that it might do more to the vespid than just translate for them. But, as with all ambiguously grimdark things the Tau do, the truth will probably never be known. The Vespid are from a purple-colored gas giant with the same name as their species, Vespid. On the upper cloud layers of the planet, the Vespid made homes on floating islands of rock and built hives made of the islands themselves and the crystals they found.

Equipment & Technology[edit]

The Vespids' technology is based around exotic crystals which are only found on the bottom of the floating islands of their homeworld, which they manipulate with the ultrasonic sounds manipulated from their wings.

The Neutron Blaster which the Vespid Stingwings carry, is a unique blending of Tau technology and the unstable radioactive crystals that the Vespid mine. The energy harnessed from the crystal allows the weapon to strip atoms off of the target. Due to the Vespid's wings creating different harmonic resonances within the crystal, they are the only creatures able to effectively wield the Neutron Blaster.

In terms of their own technology, the closest thing that has so far been recognized is their own wings. It is unclear yet just how their wings are used, whether they are flexible enough to oscillate fast enough or are capable of ejecting fluid or plasma to produce lift, is yet to be ascertained. In either eventuality they are capable of flight and are often deployed onto the battle field from the air, enabling them to join the battle in the most suitable location.

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