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Behold...the NOT-Xenomorph Queen/NOT-Predalien.

The Viciator is a massive Tyranid Biotitan akin to the more well-known Hierophant. While less known, the Viciator have been identified with its huge crushing claws or long scythe-like blades, cluster spines and other bio-weapons. How the Tyranids have developed such large biological constructs without collapsing on itself via the square cube law remains a mystery to the Imperium's Xenos Biologis.

Smaller than a Hierophant, supposedly a tank/armor hunter. The Viciator is one hideous monstrosity that yet again, took another page out of Ridley Scott's Alien, or more likely James Cameron's Aliens. What with its mouth-in-mouth look you would think that the Genestealers were enough an homage to one of the granddaddies of Sci-Fi horrors. Even more obviously, it's mandibles probably reference the Predator.

Aside from its humongous mouth, giant scything talons and other bio-weapons, the Viciator is also identified with its somewhat hilarious feet not unlike giant stilettos or high-heels. Turns out that the Hive Mind had a fetish for Drag...

  • Height: 10-12m; approx
  • Mass: 30-40 tonnes; approx

Tabletop Fan-Rules[edit]

7th edition[edit]

Viciator Pts/model: 950 | WS: 6 | BS: 3 | S: 10 | T: 8 | W: 8 | I:3 | A: 8 | Ld: 10 | Sv: 3+ |

Unit Composition: 1 Viciator

Unit Type: Gargantuan Creature

Weapons and Biomorphs: Scything Talons Acid Maw Brainleech Hive Bonded Exoskeleton

Special Rules: Fearless

Acid Maw: Viciators have a large symbiotic organism that resides within its mouth. In exchange for protection, it produces a coctail of volatile fluids that the Viciator is able to spray over a large area. When a Viciator attacks a vehicle it counts any armour values higher than 12 as 12.

Brainleech Hive: Viciators have a weapon symbiote that resembles a gigantic version of a Devourer that is often seen on smaller Tyranid creatures. The symbiotic organisms fired by the mound, generally resemble the organisms fired from the smaller weapon, though they encorporate a strong sheathing of carapace and acidic ichor to increase their ability to penetrate armour.

Range: 36” Strength: 6 AP: 4 Special: Assault 40

  • If an enemy unit suffers one or more casualties because of the Brainleech Hive it is required to take a Moral check at the end of the phase and suffers a –1 penalty to its Leadership.

8th edition[edit]

Quake in fear sources of bio matter, for the Vicator has not been forgotten by the hive mind (is this the Tyranid hive mind or the /tg/ hivemind?) cometh 8th edition.

A Vicator is a single model armed with a single pair of Monsterous scything talons and a brain leech hive. It may also impale it’s foes with it’s thrashing tentacles and spikes.

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv Pts
Viciator * * * 10 8 28 8 10 3+ 950
Weapon Range Type S AP D Abilities
Monsterous scything talons Melee Melee x2 -5 2D6 You may re-roll failed hit rolls of 1 for this weapon.
Brain leech hive Pistol 10 12” 3 0 1 Any unit which fails a wound roll against this weapon must take a morale test at the end of this round of shooting with a -1 leadership penalty. In addition, that unit must reroll successful morale tests.
Thrashing tentacles and spikes Melee Melee User -1 1 Make 3 hit rolls with this weapon instead of 1 for each attack assigned to it.
Remaining W M WS BS
13-28+ 18” 2+ 3+
7-12 12” 2+ 4+
1-6 6” 3+ 5+


  • Death incarnate: Even other Tyranids fear Vicator, and the only thing which prevents guants from fleeing is the iron hard grip of the hive mind.
    • All units (other than this model) within 18" suffer a -1 to their leadership characteristic. In addition, this model is a SYNAPSE creature, but it only has a synapse range if 3” and instinctive behaviour takes effect when a unit is more than 6" away.
  • Unholy speed: Knowledgable opponents know to never take their eyes of a Vicator, as to look away is to guarantee that the creature will be right behind you in a matter of moments.
    • This model advances 3D6” when it advances, charges 3D6” and disgardes the lowest dice value, and can charge after advancing.
  • Vicators acid maw: The vicator’s mouth drips with the most corrosive of acids, acids specifically designed to dissolve the metals which make up the hulls of the tanks of other races. The vicator then coats its limbs with this acid in anticipation of any battles it will face.
    • Any melee attacks this model assigns against units with the VEHICLE or MONSTER keyword gain an extra -1 to their ap characteristic, eg. Ap -1 would become ap -2.
  • Bonded exoskeleton: Despite its size and speed the vicator possess multiple layers of overlapping and intertwined chitinous plating, and although this will not save it from lascannon fire, it is more than enough to render small to medium arms worthless as the creature barrels towards its foes.
    • This model treats all weapons with an ap value of -2 or less as being ap 0.
  • Titanic monster: We’re talking monster hunter end boss levels of huge here, seriously, the models for these things are huge.
    • A model with this rule can Fall Back in the movement phase and still shoot and/or charge during its turn. When this model Falls Back, it can even move over enemy models as long as they possess the INFANTRY keyword and as long as it ends it’s move more than 1” from enemy models. This model may still shoot if there are enemy models within 1” of it as long as they possess the INFANTRY keyword. In this case it can shoot at enemies within 1” of itself or any other visible enemy unit that is not within 1” of a friendly unit. Finally, this model only gains a bonus to its armour save if at least half of it is obscured from the firing unit.


As it stands, the Vicator is an absolute rape machine if you have VEHICLE etc keyword, due to its high strength, high ap and high damage against such models. It’s ability to cover huge distances also means that nothing is safe from its gasp other than flyers, eldar titans and war hound titans, with everything else being far, far too slow to outrun it. Against infantry it has many ways of reducing their morale and forcing them to reroll successful morale tests, ensuring that even space marines will be running home because they “forget they left the oven on” like skaven under superior firepower. Where the Vicator falls down is when any ranged fire is directed at it, as it only has a 3+ save and no invulnerability save, and in the battles where your fielding such a monster your opponent will most likely be fielding their own titans who will chew through the Vicators T 8 and 28 wounds (a single round of shooting from a Dual turbo-laser will probably be enough to kill the vicator or at least make it completely useless. As such if you want to use one you need to keep it in cover and in melee, in melee against a titan without a melee weapon would be ideal.

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