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Battle Cry Unknown
Origin Unknown
Warband Leader Unknown
Base of Operations Unknown
Strength Unknown
Specialty Unknown
Allegiance Slaanesh
Colours Blue with silver trim

"The tyrant is a child of Pride who drinks from the sickening cup of recklessness and vanity, until from his high crest headlong he plummets to the dust of hope."

– Sophocles

The servants of Slaanesh come in many forms, but a unifying trait is an addiction to the sensations of war. The Violators are without a doubt, one of the most crazed in this regard - considering themselves to be the most skilled and most devoted of all of the Prince of Excess's servants. Their icon, a lightning-wrapped dagger, is a fitting one, as the Violators legion is known to go to extremes to alter their bodies and and brains in the pursuit of further pleasures, often extensively surgically and cybernetically altering themselves to further this end. By far the most infamous component of their forces is that they frequently use a neural implants - believed to be knockoffs of similar implants used by the World Eaters - to directly electrically stimulate the pleasure centers of their brains. Fittingly, the Violators consider the integrity of their altered (and often mutated) bodies to be sacrosanct - personal temples to Slaanesh - and will thus only remove their armor in the presence of superiors who fittingly embody Slaanesh's ideals of pleasure and perfection.

They have a personal fondness for close-combat and Chaos Bikers in particular.

In the fluff, the Violators are a small but notable warband, who have a personal murderboner for Khorne's servants. Unfortunately, while the Violators have more than sufficient skill to meet their Khornate rivals blade-to-blade, they have neither the numbers nor fortune to be able to take them on whole-hog, and they have a hilarious tendency to get absolutely reamed by them in the fluff. They were extremely active during the 13th Black Crusade, where they basically rampaged throughout the Cadian sector drawing attention away from any of Abaddon's actually important forces. Outside of operations for other warbands, they are known for their massive recruitment drives, which predominantly involve recruiting the worst of the worst from Imperial Prisons.


It's never been clear where they came from, with the most popular theories amongst experts being a splinter of the Emperor's Children (due to patron god and general sick fuck-ness) or a Traitor warband that initiated from the White Scars (due to their tactic of choice aka a boner for swords and bikes and a lightning sigil).

Notable Exploits[edit]

Their first apperance, in the 3rd Edition Chaos Space Marines Codex.
  • Fall of Torvendis (Unknown Date.M41) - Four hundred Violators were stationed permanently on the Daemon World of Torvendis within the Maelstrom under the banner of the Daemon Prince named Lady Charybdia. Led by the Violators Champion Demetrius, who was entombed in a Dreadnought, the Violators fought a desperate holding action to maintain a grip on one of Slaneesh's sacred sites, located under Charybdia Keep. Unfortunately, Khorne sent the World Eaters, Bloodletters, and the Daemon Prince Ss'll Sh'karr, and the bulk of the Violators present were slaughtered.
  • 13th Black Crusade (999.M41) - Their most prominent time to shine, the Violators were one of the first forces to throw down in the initial assault against Cadia. As is usually the case, most of their operations were centered around causing as much death and havoc as possible and repeatedly recruiting from liberated Imperial Prisons and Inquisition sites. While one of the smaller warbands involved, they were also one of the ones to escape, continuing to raid supply routes and worlds in the Cadian Sector for centuries to come.
  • Assault on Saint Josmane's Hope (999.M41) - The first of the inner worlds of the Cadian System to fall to the Forces of Chaos during the 13th Black Crusade was the Prison World of Saint Josmane's Hope, whose inmates threw their lot in with the invaders in the vain hope of being granted freedom. Unfortunately for them, their liberators were the Violators. The continent-sized prison was almost immediately taken over by the Violators, and many of the guards killed themselves rather than experience the horrors of what the Slaaneshi Marines would subject them to. Even God won't have a problem with suicide when the alternative is capture by Chaos or Dark Eldar. While the prisoners initially welcomed the Traitor forces, this quickly ended as once the Violators were done with murdering the Imperials, and done recruiting promising candidates for themselves, the rest were either shipped to the Black Legion as slaves, conscripted into Chaos Militias, or used to vent the Violators' latent social frustrations. The pandemonium was sufficient that Usarker Motherfucking Creed ordered that the prison be subjected to Exterminatus. Unfortunately, even the tactical genius of Creed couldn't do a goddamn thing about the massive warfleet Abaddon had in space around the Cadian sector. Eventually, Imperial operatives landed on the planet, and did successfully penetrate the prison complex and blow the generatorium grid, causing the entire continent to sink into the planet's mantle. While many of the Violators on-site died, many survived, owing to bringing the Black Legion their tribute at the time.
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