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I am the NOT-Trygon.

The Viragon is an enormous Tyranid worm-like organism capable of tunneling through the ground akin to the more well-known Trygon. You would think that the Nids have enough tunneling units already and should be in dire need of more artillery units that does not suck donkey dick or more heavy psychic units that is actually worth something, unlike a certain other unit.

Appears only in the CCG, but it looks right gribbly and ripe for conversion.

Tabletop Fan-Rules[edit]

Some fan-made rules can be seen here. Although quite outdated.

7th Edition(?)[edit]


Pts/model: 280 points WS: 4 BS: 3 S: 8 T: 7 W: 5 I: 3 A: 2 (3) Ld: 10 Sv: +4 Heavy Support: A Viragon is a Heavy Support choice for a Tyranid army. Brood: 1 Viragon. Weapon-symbiotes and biomorphs: 1 set of Scything Talons (+1 attack), Toxic Miasma and Phage-cell Regurgitation. SPECIAL RULES Phage-cell Regurgitation: Viragons are specially evolved to carry a volatile cocktail of acids, phage cells and tyranid-based viruses. It sprays these out its maw coating everything in a contagious slime. Phage-cell Regurgitation uses the following profile: Rng: Template (Normal games), Hellstorm Template (Apocalypse) Str: 7 AP: 3 Type: Assault 1

Swallow Whole: Viragons have a split-jaw and are capable of swallowing men whole to digest and provide a source of nucleofourtides for the production of Phage Cells. If the Viragon hits with two of its attacks in the Assault phase, it can choose a single enemy model in base-to-base contact and swallow it whole! (no need to declare beforehand; this is an option you can elect to use if you roll enough hits). The Viragon scores no other hits if it swallows an enemy, as it is entirely engaged in cramming the unfortunate victim into its maw. The swallowed model is removed as a casualty, with no roll to wound made. Armour and Invulnerable Saving throws do not apply and wargear such as bionics cannot save the victim.

Gargantuan Creature: As a Gargantuan Creature, all the rules for gargantuan creatures apply to the Viragon. Fearless: Almost nothing can stop a rampaging Viragon; they are Fearless. See page 75 of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. Slow and Purposeful: The Viragon's huge bulk and muscular tail let it drag itself across the battlefield. See page 76 of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. Feel No Pain: The Viragon's armour and flesh is covered in a gelatinous slime that spreads the force of incoming projectiles across the surface of its body lessening the blow. See page 75 of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. Deep Strike

8th Edition[edit]

A Viragon is a single model armed with a pair of Monstrous Scything Talons, Acid Spit, and a Melting Maw.

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv Pts PP
Viragon * * * * 12 55 6 10 3+ 2100 100
Weapon Range Type S AP D Abilities
Monstrous scything talons Melee Melee X2 -4 D3+6 -
Melting Maw Melee Melee User -5 6 Each time the bearer fights, it can give up all its attacks to make one single attack with this weapon. If this weapon kills a model the Viragon heals D3 wounds it had previously lost.
Acid Spit 24" Assault 2D6 6 -5 3 This weapon automatically hits its target.
Remaining W M WS BS S
45-55+ 18” 2+ 2+ 9
35-45 14" 2+ 3+ 9
20-34 10” 3+ 3+ 8
5-19 8” 4+ 4+ 7
1-4 6” 5+ 5+ 6


  • You can purchase one of the following abilities for this model.
    • Hardened Carapace (50 points)
    • Iper-Acid Sacs (150 points)
    • Synaptic Spinal Node (100 points)


  • Swallow Whole: The Viragon is a notoriously voracious creature, and the size of its mouth is perfect for accommodating their craving for flesh. There's nothing that can be done to save a comrade who falls into those acid-drooling jaws as when something enters that abyss, it never comes out.
    • If an enemy model suffer any damage from this model Acid Maw it has to take a Strength test (unless it has the Titanic keyword). If the result is equal or higher than this model's strength characteristic then nothing happens, if the result is lower then that model is slain, remove it from the game without making saves of any kind. This model then regains D3 lost wounds.
  • Caustic Vomit: A Viragon can violently disgorge assimilated bio-mass to shower the enemy with highly corrosive liquids.
    • When this model slays a model that doesn't have the Titanic keyword with its Acid Maw (the Swallow Whole rule counts), instead of healing D3 lost wounds, it can make a shooting attack against an enemy unit within 18" (even between 1" of this model but not of other friendly units) with the following profile:
Range Type S AP D Abilities
18" Assault X * -5 D3 X is the number of wounds the slain model had (if the model had the Vehicle keyword the number is halved). In addition this weapon wounds on a roll equal to the slain model's armor save (If its armor save was 2+ then this weapon wounds on a 2+ and so on). This weapon automatically hits its target.
  • Hardened Carapace: The chitinous plating on the Viragon's back is composed of numerous layers that bond together into an armored shell capable of deflecting even lascannon shots.
    • Subtract 2" from this model's movement and charge distance. The AP of weapons that wound this model are considered two points weaker (-4 become -2, -2 becomes 0 and so on).
  • Iper-Acid Sacs:
    • You can re-roll all wound rolls for this model and on a wound roll of 6 the enemy unit suffers an additional 3D3 mortal wounds. The AP of every weapon of this model (including the Caustic Vomit ability) is considered one point stronger. In addition, each time this model loses a wound, roll a D6; on a 4+ every unit within 6" suffers 2D3 mortal wounds, on a 6 this becomes 2D6.
  • Synaptic Spinal Node:
    • This model receives the Synapse and Psyker keywords, the Shadow in the Warp special rule and a 5+ invulnerable save. In addition, this model knows two powers from the Hive Mind Discipline and Smite. It can attempt to manifest and deny two powers per turn.
  • Subterranean Tunnels:
    • During deployment, you can set up a Viragon underground instead of placing it on the battlefield. At the same time, you can set up a maximum of two <HIVE FLEET> units in the Viragon's tunnel. At the end of any of your Movement phases, set up the Viragon anywhere on the battlefield that is more than 9" away from any enemy models. If there are other units in the Viragon's tunnel, set them up at the same time wholly within 6" of the Viragon and more than 9" away from any enemy models. Any models that you cannot place in this way are destroyed.
  • Underground Reaper: The ground begins to rumble and shift underfoot as the Tyranid horde clashes with its next meal. Combatants scramble as a massive hole begins to open beneath their formation. They begin to run, but it is already too late, as a cavernous jaw erupts from the ground and swallows entire squads whole.
    • Instead of following the Subterranean Tunnels rule you can set up a Viragon alone underground instead of placing it on the battlefield. At the end of any of your Movement phases, set up the Viragon anywhere on the battlefield that is more than 1" away from any enemy models and more than 6" away from any other Viragons set up this way this turn, then roll a D6 for each enemy unit within 2" of it; on a 1 the unit escapes unharmed, on a 2-3 it suffers D3 mortal wound, on a 4-5 it suffers D6 mortal wounds, and on a 6 it suffers D6+3 mortal wounds. The Viragon cannot charge in the same turn.
  • Burrowing:
    • At the beginning of any of your Movement phases, any Viragon can burrow. Remove it from the battlefield - it can return as described in the Underground Reaper ability. A Viragon may not burrow and return to the battlefield in the same turn. If the battle ends while the Viragon is underground, it is considered to be slain.
  • Dense Muscular Tissue:
    • This model has a 6+ save against any damage. If this model is reduced to 0 wounds, roll a D6 before removing it from the battlefield; on a 4+, it lashes out in its death throes, and each unit within 6" suffers D6 mortal wounds, D6+3 on a 6.


  • Faction:<Hive Fleet>, Tyranids
  • Lord of War, Viragon, Monster, Titanic
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