Virtual Adepts

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The Mage: The Ascension equivalent of Anonymous. The Virtual Adepts are breakaways from the Technocrats that see Magic as coding for reality. Plants, trees, trains, that lamp in the corner of the room; find the code behind it, and you can alter and bend reality however you wish. As such, they spend a large amount of time in the virtual world doing their techno-magic hackery. They look down on their fellow traditions, whilst they're seen as too radical by the technocrats, meaning nobody really likes them all that much.

Virtual Adepts with Pattern avatars are moderates of Stasis, whereas their extremist analogues are the Threat Null Technocrats.

Members of the Council of Nine Mystic Traditions
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Akashic Brotherhood
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Celestial Chorus
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Cult of Ecstasy
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Order of Hermes
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Sons of Ether
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Virtual Adepts