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The Visarch is a prominent member of the nascent Ynnari, a faction seeking to bring forth Ynnead, the Eldar god of the dead. Besides being an expert swordsman himself, he leads the Soulbound Vanguard faction of the Ynnari.


The Visarch was formerly a Dire Avenger Exarch named Laarian Starspeaker. He ran the Silvered Blade shrine in Biel-Tan, where he was Yvraine's mentor while she took the Path of the Warrior. When she moved to Commoragh, Laarian followed as well, becoming the leader of a group of Incubi known as the Coiled Blade. Both of these factions would later join the Ynnari.

Beyond this, his past is generally a mystery. The White Seers of the Black Library hold a grudge against him for being a "destroyer of knowledge", an act which he insists was justified. What is quite clear was that he was loyal to Ynnead before Yvraine made it cool. He is clearly aware about the Croneswords and Ynnead being the source of Yvraine's powers upon first meeting her, and mentions being on Coheria implying that he was involved in Eldrad's plot to awaken Ynnead. It is also clear that he wishes to dissociate himself from his past as an Exarch; he is the only known case of an Exarch abandoning his Aspect, which he seems to attribute to Ynnead helping him escape the clutches of Khaine. He regards Laarian Starspeaker as just being one of many souls that dwells inside him (due to his ability as a Ynnari to absorb the souls of the dead), and one that he particularly doesn't like.


Besides his armor, made in the Bel-Anshoc style dating to before the Fall of the Eldar, the Visarch wields the Cronesword Asu-Var (the Sword of Silence), which absorbs its foes' life essence.

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