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Vivien Reid is a Planeswalker from Magic: The Gathering, introduced during Core Set 2019, the first of many new core sets to come unless Wizards of the Coast fucks up the release structure again. Vivien comes from the plane of Skalla, a plane divided between two groups of people: the nature-loving druidic Smaragdi and the technologically advanced Nura. Nicky B was interested in the Nura, and after gathering as much info as he could, he decided to pull an Amonkhet and destroyed the plane. In a last ditch effort, the Smaragdi channeled their essence into a special bow, which was to be used to fight Bolas. This did not go nearly as well as they thought and Vivien achieved her spark just in time to not get burnt to a crisp. Personality wise, she seems like a mix between a Pokemon Trainer and Steve Irwin, but with a rebellious streak. She loves critters and fights by shooting foes with her signature weapon, the Arkbow, which lets her shoot animal imprints that she's collected at people. The rebellious streak comes from the fact that her stated mission goal is to destroy the cancer that is civilization. In her own story, she is seen being a general nuisance to the vampires of Ixalan, wrecking their shit in the name of trying to rescue a dinosaur.

She was last seen on Ravnica, for the events of War of the Spark, because of course she's going to want to get in on trying to beat up Nicky B. Considering her relatively young lifespan in the story, only having been introduced last set, and because we know not every Planeswalker is going to die as a result of War of the Spark, chances are good that she'll be alive to replace Nissa as the mono-green walker of choice.

Viven's Cards[edit]

Not the most powerful Planeswalker ever, but still quite a boon for Green decks if Standard is anything to go by. Her +1 lets you filter out your draws to find more critters to put in front of her, or perhaps some more land if that is what you need. Her -3 can take out a variety of things, especially flying creatures, which are usually very effective at taking out Planeswalkers. Her Ultimate pumps your board into the stratosphere permanently, but usually, you'll end up winning if she stays on the board anyways. A staple in pretty much any green deck, but probably not powerful enough to break out of Standard anytime soon. I guess she also has a Planeswalker deck version of her, but it's not really worth anything.

Her second appearance as a card in War of the Spark is a bit spicier, but less powerful. Appearing as one of the lower rarity walkers, Vivien, Champion of the Wilds is a 2 generic 1 green mana Rare walker with 4 starting loyalty. While she's on the battlefield, you can flash in any creature you want to surprise your opponent at any time! Her +1 augments one of your creatures with reach and vigilance, allowing it to protect either her or your face from any opposing creatures. Her -2 allows you to look at the top three cards for a creature, exile it face down, and then lets you cast that card whenever you want, so long as it's exiled. This plays into her sneak attack static ability, allowing you to flash in big beefy beaters at the end step of your opponent's turn when they're more likely to be tapped out.

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