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Vlaka are a race of humanoid wolves native to the Starfinder universe, introduced in "Alien Archive #2". Empathic, loyal, friendly and group-orientated, the vlaka suffer two great curses. The first is that they evolved on the arctic world of Lajok, which is not only the most distant planet in its solar system, but orbits a dying star - this means their home planet is going to be completely uninhabitable within a few centuries, and whilst they are striving to find some way to save it, so far the best option is looking like the race will have to flee the cradle of their civilization and leave it to freeze over. The second curse is that, for unknown reasons, two thirds of all vlaka are born disabled, being either blind or deaf from the moment of their birth. However, such disabled vlaka are born with natural compensations that allow them to survive and even thrive despite these handicaps. Indeed, even though technologically or magically correcting these deformities is a valid option, many disabled-from-birth vlaka refuse to be healed.

PC Stats[edit]

Ability Adjustments: +2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma, -2 Intelligence
Hit Points: 4
Size & Type: Medium Humanoid (Vlaka)
Buoyy (Ex) As a standard action, a vlaka can spend 1 Resolve Point to restore 1 RP to an ally within 30 feet. A vlaka can’t use this ability again until she has taken a 10-minute rest to regain Stamina Points. This is a sense-dependent, mind-affecting ability.
Cold Resistance 5
Cooperative: Vlakas gain +2 to skill checks for aid another and +2 to attack rolls to provide harrying fire. Creatures using aid another to assist a vlaka gain +2 to the skill check.
Perceptive: +2 to Perception and Sense Motive checks.
Versed: Vlakas can speak, read and write their native language, Vlakan. They also know the signed and tactile versions of this language.
Vlaka Senses: Choose at character creation if your vlaka character is born deaf, blind, or with functioning eyes and ears. Vlakas that are subsequently blinded or deafened do not gain the benefits granted to a vlaka that was born blind or deaf. A vlaka that was born blind or deaf can only gain sight/hearing through effects that grant these traits to creatures with no natural ability to see or hear.
Blind: Blindsight (Hearing) 60 feet, Blindsight (Scent) 30 feet, permanently Blinded.
Deaf: Blindsight (Scent) 30 feet, Low-Light Vision, permanently Deafened, but suffer no penalty to initiative rolls or opposed non-audial Perception checks.
Hearing & Sighted: Blindsight (Scent) 30 feet, Low-Light Vision.


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