Void Fiend

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Looks less like a Tyranid and more like the excrement from Barney the Dinosaur.

The term "Tyranid Cruiser" refers to the various immature Tyranid Hive Ships and overgrown Escort Drones that are roughly equivalent to Cruisers in size. They are arguably the largest threat in a Hive fleet due to their significant armament and the fact that they are not Synapse creatures. This combination of deadliness and relative expendability allows them to be extremely aggressive, racing out to meet opposing craft before smashing them to pieces with everything from ship-melting Pyro-acid batteries to gigantic, hull-crushing claws.

One of which is the Void Fiend, which fulfills the role of a naval cruiser. Its body resembles a sort of long organic spike, with digestive tubes and firing chambers running along its sleek body. Due to the fact that it was released in the early days of Battlefleet Gothic, the Dark Prowler is plagued with a rather goofy appearance and colouration. But judging from its name, it could have been a fast Tyranid ship.

  • Length: 5-6km; approx
  • Crew: Millions of organisms
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