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Void Spinner from Epic

The Void Spinner is the Night Spinner's big brother and what it wishes it could be if it ever managed to grow up. Craftworld Biel-Tan seem to have an intense hardon for these vehicles, being the largest and only users of these tanks on a regular basis. As regular as you can get with the deployment of super-heavies.

  • Length: 18.43m
  • Mass: 70 tonnes
  • Crew: 2 crew
  • Max Speed: 280 kph


For... some reason, the majority of the Eldar considers the Void Spinner as an abomination, as it represents the most dangerous acts that their race is capable of, which is the misuse of their knowledge and power. Although seeing how much Eldar Farseers tend to misuse and fuck up their knowledge and power on a constant basis, this so called 'dangerous acts' is rather....pointless in meaning in the first place. Though the eldar do not object so much to the use of the Void Spinner Array itself but to the lacing of the monofilament webs with a bacteria created for terraforming purposes, to turn planets into maiden worlds or because some eldar decided to use a planet as canvas for an art piece. Thus, most eldar dislike using a tool created to support life and beautify things for war. Craftworlds that use the void spinner, like Biel-Tan, though, don't really care, since they will use anything that could be used for war regardless of their intended purpose.

The Void Spinner is basically a Scorpion super heavy tank that has had the oversized Bright Lances ripped off and replaced with oversized Doom Weavers called the Void Spinner Array. While it shares similar levels of derpness with the Night Spinner due to the whole "let's launch a really light net into the air and hope a sudden gust of wind doesn't tangle it up", unlike the Night Spinner the nets fired by the Void Spinner "also unleash a barrage of bacteria and wraithbone parasites which are the same used in the old times during the seeding, as well as nurturing of the Maiden Worlds. This leads to the scouring of all life from the target as they are not only killed by the constricting and slicing threads of the monofilament, but they are also broken down on a molecular level, with everything from flesh and bones to rock and metal being affected."

The intended result of such an attack could be a more reasonable reason why most Eldar abhor the use of these vehicles. This is because in the minds of the Eldar, the methods used by the Void Spinner were intended to create life by shaping worlds to suit their race, not destroy it. Thus, like flower fucking pansies, the actions of the Void Spinners are typically met with revulsion except by the people of Biel-Tan, who actually seem to have a spine and even testicles to approve of the destruction of their enemy as being justifiable. Although, they use it against Orks to destroy spores. For some reason they don't just use the technology to purge planets of Ork spores in secret. And do that to freaking Ork planets. But noooo that would require getting off their asses and doing shit themselves.

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