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Sure we may lack tanks for now. Too bad our light attack vehicles can reduce your tanks to ash. Oh yeah and we can shoot on our rear, so try to ambush us.

The Voidweaver is an anti-gravity vehicle and Heavy Support used by Eldar Harlequins. Considering their lightweight build, Voidweavers carry an extremely heavy loadout of firepower. However, their lightweight psychoplastics and gravimetric weaves ensure that Voidweavers are in no way encumbered by their arsenal. Instead, the potent combination of versatile heavy weapons, hypervelocity attack runs and polychromatic camouflage make these streamlined vehicles exceptionally dangerous. Boasting a veritable arsenal of heavy weaponry, Voidweavers leave flaming devastation in their wake. Their every salvo sees enemies punched off their feet as storms of shuriken scream through the air, and enemy tanks are vaporized by the deadly Prismatic Cannon.

Operating as ambush hunters, they strike before the enemy realises their danger, and scream away before return fire can be brought to bear. An unusual feature of the Voidweaver is its rear-facing shuriken cannon, which can either be operated manually by the Harlequin gunner or left to follow reactive patterns under the guidance of its targeting matrix. The weapon’s placement allows it to guard the Voidweaver's rear, laying down sawing arcs of fire against any foe foolish enough to pursue the gunship.

On the Tabletop[edit]

The Voidweaver is a mobile gun platform armed with 2 Shuriken Cannons, one is under-slung beneath the front of the vehicle and the second is rear-facing and mounted on the platform on the top of the Voidweaver. They may also be armed with either a pintle-mounted Haywire Cannon or a Prismatic Cannon as well as 3 banks of Mirage Launchers.

Even the location of the Voidweaver's aft weapon possesses a ritual significance for the Harlequins. The vehicle itself is named after the second of the Cosmic Serpent's brood. Legend tells that in his older brother Starweaver's shadow, Voidweaver became ill-tempered and brooding. It would fight at the slightest provocation and reveled in proving its superiority. Its caution became such that it spouted a second head, looking always behind so that he would never be surprised. In the old stories, this serpent never allowed Cegorach to ride upon its back, but after the Laughing God bested it in a trial of cunning the Voidweaver lent its strength to the Harlequins, acting as a sentry and accomplice.

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