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Expect PROMOTIONS and possible mental scarring. Also rape.
SuiseisororitasHQ.JPG This article contains something widely considered by /tg/ to be something absolutely disgusting, like pedophilia, rape porn, or any other disturbing topic, like bathing in your allies' blood.

Vore is one of the most prominent of fetishes seen on /d/, after dickgirls. At its core, it's a sexual fetish about people either eating each other or being eaten by animals, monsters, Furries or what have you.

...Yes. This is real. Hell, it's so mainstream a fetish that, not only are there usually multiple threads dedicated to specific niches of the vore fetish, 8chan has a whole board dedicated to vore.

Just...why is this on /tg/?[edit]

For obvious reasons, this is not a fetish that is possible (or legally permitted) in real life. So, vore fetishists are invariably attracted to roleplay, as it's the only way they can get off. And since they already engage in ERP on the regular, branching out into more normal forms of roleplay is fairly common.

It doesn't help that most fantasy games, especially Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder, are actually very compatible with the vorefag's magical realm. For creature vore-lovers, there's all manner of monsters to threaten to (or succeed at) devouring their players - especially monsters with the Swallow Whole special attack. Dragons, for example. For non-creature vorefags, the abundance of magic and weird races means they can easily work vore into their games. Hell, vorefags have literally written netbooks all about playing their magical realm at the table! FAPP has a character class that specializes in vore.

As a result, whenever a monster or monstergirl thread starts on /tg/ that revolves around a creature with a prominent fandom in the vorefag community, expect vorefags to sneak in and soon start gushing about their approval for such things. This is particularly true of threads about dragons, giants, sphinxes and lamias - or lamia-kin, such as nagas, mariliths and lillendi.

Not even Warhammer 40000, long considered one of the backbones of /tg/, is free of their sticky touch. Indeed, the Tyranid faction draws them like iron filings to a magnet, since not only is their entire faction themed around consuming all life, they readily support that theme with units capable of swallowing enemy models whole in battlefield, and even official fluff stating that even the lowly Gaunt strain is capable of swallowing a human whole, if presented with sufficient safety, time and opportunity to do so. As Slaanesh officially has "Gluttony" as one of its sub-aspects, a vore-themed Chaos Champion would actually be legitimate (if magical realmy). Then there's the canonical Callidus Assassin historical figure "Mother Gullet", who earned fame by swallowing a would-be rebellious governor's beloved infant son whole and escaping with him - although, ironically, the 8e reprint of the Codex: Assassins book would clarify that she actually spat the boy out once she was safely away and he was returned to his father once he fell in line, whereas earlier versions of the story had left it ambiguous if she'd digested him or not. And then there's what the really crazy fans get up to - case in point, the "fanart" above, which was created by one fan to embody their idea for a minor militant order of the Sisters of Battle nicknamed "The Sisters of Gurgle", who commit vore "FOR THE EMPEROR!".

No. Seriously. This is their official writeup from the piece's homepage on Eka, the unofficial gathering place of all vorefags on the internet:

Sheer horror begins here. Uncollapse this tab at your own peril

Proof that no force is safe from the corruption of vorefags.
Witchcraft, heresy and mutation.
Such is the nature of the universe, an infinite sea of unclean worlds and blighted realms. Only the Imperium of Man possesses the might to cleanse existence of its abominable, corrupted filth. Some Imperial forces prefer bolters, others refer to their explosive and plasma technologies. The Holy Adepta Sororitas calls upon the purifying fury of fire itself.
One order of the holy sisterhood takes their righteous inquisition a step further. Conventional munitions and flame leave remnants of an abomination on the battlefield. Pieces, portions and ashes, all evidence of corruption that serves to risk imperial purity.
Only the divinely imbued acids of a trained, hardened and mighty stomach may cleanse the universe of every last trace of the unclean.
Depicted here, the Sisters of Gurgle. Do not mistake their bare and perverted appearance for heresy, for it is merely an accommodation to their holy duty. Armour which inhibits swallowing their enemy whole is forbidden. Not even underwear is permitted, as a capable sister does not exclusively swallow with her mouth...
Observe their exposed chest, stomach and hips. The cloth adorning the neck is elastic and stretches as needed. The decent of a heretical bulge down into a sister's gut is smooth, quick and efficient.
When trained to the highest rank, such a Battle Sister's metabolism is tuned so that she may ingest her enemy, churn them into soup and complete their absorption in no more than 10 seconds. Of course, explosives and high fire-rate weaponry can outclass a Gurgle Sister in kills per minute, but none could ever guarantee such utter erasure of a foe.
In this depiction on the left, an experienced Sister stands tall and proud. Her stomach has purified countless opponents to the Holy God Emperor. She carries the banner of her Holy Order, and stands ready to ingest the wicked at a moment's notice. On the right, a sister shows off her full stomach, heavily laden with sin. An irredeemable Xeno girl, possibly Tau or Eldar, is slowly melting down into a creamy mess at that very moment. Note this sister's composure. Digestion of this nature is inherently pleasurable to the predator. Every wriggle, squirm and motion of defiance, a new wave of ecstasy crashing over her. In spite of this, she maintains her dignified pose.
A Gurgle Sister does not indulge in her duty longer than is needed, lest she be seen as undisciplined, and condemned as a heretic herself~...


As a relatively broad-branching fetish tree, vore fans have created their own lexicon, which 1d4chan will try to help you decipher.

Sheer horror begins here. Uncollapse this tab at your own peril

  • Pred: A character or entity that does the consuming. Shortened form of "Predator".
  • Prey: A character or entity that is consumed.
  • Same-Size: Both predator and prey are approximately human-sized, or at least equal in size. Usually branches into belly fetishism, as such acts result in the pred sporting a visibly distended gut.
  • Micro: One participant is markedly smaller than the other, with the non-shrunken character being about human sized.
  • Macro/Giant: One participant is markedly larger than human sized.
  • Creature: One participant is a distinctly non-human; this is usually used for animals or distinctly non-humanoid monsters - monstergirls tend to get their own tag.
  • Plant: A subtype of Creature vore where the predator is a carnivorous plant.
  • Hard: The act of consumption revolves around the prey being ripped to shreds and eaten, either alive or dead.
  • Soft: The prey is swallowed whole and alive.
  • Digestion: A secondary tag for Soft Vore; the prey is digested by the predator. This is so common a fetish that, in fact, many artists or authors don't even bother to use this tag, instead preferring to mark exceptions.
  • Disposal: For vore works that also cross over into scat (dung) fetishism. The prey is digested and then the story graphically describes the pred expelling the waste products as dung, sometimes with perfectly bleached bones mixed in.
  • Non-Lethal: As stated above, digestion is so commonly used in Soft Vore without a tag that this tag evolved to mark works that don't feature it.
  • Full-Tour: Non-lethal vore where the prey passes through the pred's body and is then excreted like a piece of dung.
  • Endosoma: Technically, it's the official scientific name that encapsulates both Vore and Unbirth fetishism. It's more commonly used as an alternative to Non-Lethal.
  • Reformation: The mid-point between Digestion and Non-Lethal; the prey is digested, but is then brought back to life completely unharmed afterwards.
  • Oral: Normal vore, performed with the mouth.
  • Anal: The prey is thrust up the anus into the stomach, usually as a more degrading version of oral soft vore with digestion.
  • Nipple/Breast: The prey is forced into the pred's breast through a nipple. Usually results in digestion and breast expansion.
  • Cock: The prey is forced into the pred's penis. Obviously. Digestion with this kind of vore results in the victim being turned into semen, which is sometimes marked with its own tag.
  • Vaginal: See Unbirth.

These tags are often grouped together into short two or three-word collections to better define a specific branch. For example, "micro pred" would signal fetish material in which smaller-than-human predators consume human-sized prey, whilst "giantess cock vore" signals fetish material about giant dickgirls cramming humans into their penises.

  • Unbirth

A branch of the vore fetish in which the act of consumption is based on the prey being inserted into the pred's vagina and thus into the womb. Usually non-lethal by default; anything tagged "vaginal vore" is usually the exception. Sub-fetishes include transforming and/or de-aging the prey inside the womb.