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Vorn Hagen was a Chapter Master of the Imperial Fists and was the previous Captain of the 5th Company. He is best known for basically being Dorn 2, and for constantly living in the shadow of his Chapter's own version of I, Cato Sicarius, the one and only Darnath Lysander (except that Lysander is way more better than that faggot Cunto Shitarius). While he's often left playing catchup to Lysander, you could pretty easily argue that Vorn Hagen is a much better Imperial Fist, even if Lysander might be the better warrior, because unlike Lysander, Vorn is actually a competent, level-headed leader. Hagen served alongside Lysander and the previous Chapter Master Vladimir Pugh on numerous campaigns up until the Infestation on Drashin.

As of the 8th ed Imperial Fists supplement, he has died and been replaced by Gregor Dessian as Chapter Master. How he died is unknown as all it says is, "he fell defending Terra", which could mean anything from him jumping down the neck of a Bloodthirster with a grenade in each hand, or him slipping on a banana peel and breaking his neck.

Infestation on Drashin[edit]


In 970.M41 a wild Space Hulk appeared over the planet Drashin and started pouring out 'Nids onto the surface. The Imperial fists, led by Pugh, Lysander, and Hagen, and a few detachments of Imperial Guard responded to the planet's distress calls and a fierce battle ensued on the world's surface. Pugh, in a stroke of tactical genius, decided it was a good idea to dive headfirst into the Hulk with only a few little cuties to serve as backup. After some time without hearing from their Chapter Master, and with their reinforcements blocked in Orbit by The Eldar (those dicks), Lysander and Hagen (but mostly Lysander) led a rescue mission into the hulk to find the missing Pugh. Lysander valiantly cleaved through hundreds of Tyranids and charged through the massive ship with Hagen close behind holding onto his cape so he didn't get lost. The two finally arrived at the center of the Hulk to find that their Chapter Master and most of his Centurions had been unsurprisingly torn to shreds by hundreds of T-Rex's, newly birthed from the Norn Queen that was sitting in the middle of the room. Lysander ordered the remaining Centurions to fire above the Norn Queen's head which caused molten lava to appear out of fucking nowhere and pour out of the ceiling onto her. With the Norn Queen's death, the Tyranid swarms broke apart and were swiftly defeated by the remaining Imperial Forces. Lysander and Hagen (who totally helped) returned to the rest of the Chapter with the corpse of the fallen Vladimir Pugh. The Chapter motioned that Lysander take up Pugh's stead as Chapter Master, but he refused, as it would cut into his valuable time RIPPING AND TEARING the Imperium's enemies a new asshole. Dejected and let down, the Chapter then decided that Vorn Hagen should be Chapter Master, to which he said "Yeah, Okay."

The Man Himself[edit]

Despite continually being overshadowed by Lysander and being completely un-depicted to this day, Vorn Hagen is noted as being a steadfast and wise leader of the Imperial Fists, as well as exemplifying Rogal Dorn's Ideal vision of a Space Marine. Despite all of this he's still no Lysander. God-Emperor, do we love that Lysander.

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