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A Squadron of Vypers.

Vypers are basically larger variations of Eldar jetbikes and are thus more heavily armored and act more akin to a mobile weapons platform - in fact, they are open-topped fast skimmers, not jetbikes at all. Apparently created by artisans of the Saim-Hann Craftworld, these light skimmers operate in support of jetbike squadrons in order to create a flying cavalry unit of sorts.

Unlike standard jetbikes, Vypers are piloted by two crew, a gunner and a driver, who share a psychic bond which allows them to better coordinate their actions; it is common for Vyper crews to be blood relatives, although this is not mandatory. Vypers are not heavily armoured, relying on their blistering speed rather than any amount of plating, but mount weapons more commonly found on larger battle tanks: in addition to twin-linked Shuriken Catapults, which can be replaced with a Shuriken Cannon, the rear heavy weapons mount can carry a Shuriken Cannon, Eldar Missile Launcher, Scatter Laser, Starcannon, or Bright Lance.

Vypers are often grouped into squadrons of one to three vehicles, which when well-trained act as one, capable of redeploying in seconds to find the vulnerable spots in enemy armor or escape interceptors attempting to close with it. Like most Eldar wraithcraft, they can also be upgraded with Vectored Engines, Star Engines, Holo-Fields and Spirit Stones.

Given its use as a heavy Jetbike used to support fast attack units, the Vyper is effectively the Eldar equivalent/rip-off of the Space Marine Javelin Attack Speeder or maybe it was the other way aroun*BLAM*How dare you accuse the Imperium of Plagiarism!

The more elite Black Guardian Vypers.

Black Guardian Vyper[edit]

As with all things Ulthwé, the Black Guardian Vyper is a more elite and thus, more experienced variation of the regular Vyper. Appearing as dark blurs in the sky, the Vypers of Ulthwé zoom in, heavy weapons spitting to blast open the unwitting foe’s heaviest war assets and often in the rear ends. When these squadrons are dispatched in great hunting packs, there is no monstrous mutant or Daemon-possessed war machine they cannot take down in a single pass. Skillfully piloted, they can emerge from the tightest capillaries of the webway at great speed, appearing from nowhere to deal death in high quantities.

As usual, in terms of loadout the weapon options include bright lances, star cannons, missile launchers, shuriken cannon and scatter lasers. There is overall very little difference other than potentially the skill and experience of the Black Guardians themselves and the fact that they are all painted black. In all honesty they are only used borrowed by the Harlequins as a support vehicle once Ulthwé decides to throw the space clowns a much needed bone.

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