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"The year is 2018, ten years after the polar ice caps melted and flooded the planet."

– Voiceover during the WETSUIT intro

The WETSUIT Role-Playing Game is a short diceless RPG based on the 1993 television show of the same name. Each PC has three stats: Haircut (Social ability), Glasses (Mental ability) and Wetsuit (Physical ability). Each stat is given a rating from 1-5. The PCs also have several double-edged descriptive traits like "Former Terrorist" or "Refugee". In a conflict situation, the player uses one of their three stats to form the base number used to beat the conflict.

Useful traits are added to this number ("useful" being defined as "both the player and the GM agree that the trait might matter in this situation") and the final total of attribute points and traits must exceed the set difficulty number or you fail. Other PCs can help you out by lending you a relevant trait of their own if you can't quite beat the difficulty number.

The setting is the same as the TV series: the flooded Earth of post-Crisis 2018. The PCs are assumed to all be members of the Beacon's crew, tooling around the world fighting crime and solving mysteries.

A scan of the game book was recently posted on /tg/ - the archived thread is here.

The game itself can be downloaded from the right image.