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Killing a fat Muggle for being annoying. THIS IS WHAT WITCHES ACTUALLY BELIEVE

Witch Girls Adventures is a role-playing game published by Channel-M. It has been described as Harry Potter-esque and also shares similarities to the cartoons Winx Club and W.I.T.C.H.

It uses the "Drama Diaries" system, where your character's stats are represented as different-sized dice, from 1d2 (i.e. flip a coin) to 1d10. Checks are made by rolling your stat die and adding a relevant skill's ranks to the result; every check has a difficulty number ranging from 4 to 20+. For example, if your character's Body stat is D8 and your Athletics skill is 5, you roll 1d8+5 for Athletics checks.

The game is primarily aimed at a tween/teenage female audience; its stated objective is to introduce young girls to RPGs. Due to its combination of under-age magic-using girls, vore and shrinking fetish overtones, and obvious promotion of violence for trivial reasons, it is also guaranteed to spark the imagination of /tg/ whenever it is posted.

An unofficial Harry Potter supplement is also available; the game's creator statted most of the books' main characters to be played at conventions.

Honestly it makes a better supplement for your next Hunter: The Vigil session than a setting in of itself. But if you have to play it make sure to roll up a backyard Grey Knight equipped with a powered exoskeleton driven by a lawnmower engine and a halberd sanctified by a local priest. Also make sure to scream, "This is the judgement of the righteous!" when you cut the little monsters down in the name of the Emprah.

The game's creator Malcolm Harris is notorious now for Kickstarter patron theft after two successful projects resulted in nothing for his backers, but fresh (secret) sales of Channel M products at conventions and online.


oh dear god there's a webcomic





  • According to this blog, Magical Witch Girl Bunny was created by former Disney animator Elizabeth Watasin and first appeared in the 1997 Action Girl Comic #13 as “Bunny, The Good Lil’ Teen Witch.” In Acton Girl #13 Bunny meets, flirts and initiates the first kiss with Dean, her Vampire Butch girlfriend.


Pretty Little Witch Girl