WGS1: Five Shall Be One

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Five Shall Be One is a second-edition module for Greyhawk, whose residents have no idea what's coming. It is tagged WGS1, a portmanteau of the WG and S lines, in part to evoke S4: Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth and WG4: Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun.

Lorraine Williams commissioned this series in her bid to tear apart everything Gygax and the 1970s-80s generation ever worked for. Carl Lynwood Sargent wrote this opening movement, sort of a job-interview for From The Ashes. The Nu-TSR "metaplot" is not (yet) intrusive.

In it you start at Rookroost in the Bandit Kingdoms. The five ancient "Blades of Corusk" can, the northmen agree, become a bigger and badder blade if they are merged together. Off we go to hunt MacGuffins, in places like the Lair of the Shadow Dragon. This culminates in the orc city Garel Enkdal in the Griff range - as in, under it, Misty Mountains style.

Pretty basic S-/WG-series treasure-hunting in short, except for DUN DUN DAA the Prophecy. There's more in the WGS line, and Nu-TSR is going to make sure it happens. It's all to culminate in the Greyhawk Wars. Suffice that the Suloise barbarians of the far northeast unite under their god come to Earth, Vatun. They're to wreak havoc. SPOILER (or not) Vatun is an agent of Iuz. But for WGS1 alone, you can ignore that stuff; in which case, feel free to stick with the looting, as God and Gary (would have) intended.

The hungerswords in the first Eldritch Might book, and in the Ptolus setting, use a similar trope as the Five Blades.