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An Ork Waaagh which has Rapper Gangsta, Yakuza, and 1920s Gangster as its inspiration.


Long time ago, an Ork Rok called 'Da Moon Saila' crashed into Statenia, a Hive World. The Orks inside quickly formed a Waaagh, and overwhelmed the Hive World's Planetary Defence Forces and Imperial Guard regiments. They almost wiped out the Hive World, but some bright git thinks that some 'umies should live, so the clan would get a steady income of bitz, and manage the Hive World they now call 'Shoo-line'. After they spread into every nook and cranny of the Hive World, some of the Orks start forming their own groups, dubbed 'Familiez' or 'Gangz' around influential Nobz. Even though they're still loyal to the Waaagh, they often squabble for power amongst each other, and stuff like Trukk drive-bys're becoming a common sight. They've fought a lot of races, but they keep running into the Tau blueboyz and the Imperium of Man snooty 'umiez.

Moar Fluff[edit]

The Waaagh's dominant Clan is the Bad Moonz, which explains their fancy of guns and wealth. Unusually, they have a lot of Painboyz, most of them for grafting Tau bitz to the skin or teef as what they call 'bling bling', or to tattoo the backs of influential Ork Nobz with their deeds. They like the color black, and it is reflected in their battle tactics, which is using more kunnin' den brutal. They also use tactical Trukk drive-bys as their signature 'move', often killing the higher-ups of the enemy to demoralise them. Also, they may have some connection with Dark Eldar smugglers, but this info is unverified as of late.

Rising Sons' Influence[edit]

It is said that some Orks that survived encounters against the Rising Sons Space Marine chapter have returned somewhat changed. Maybe they saw something in the Rising Sons that they want to emulate, and this idea spread to some Orks inside the Waaagh Tang Clan. From these 'Weeaboo Survivahs' as they became known, the tradition of calling their Nobs as 'Waaaniki', full-body tattoos, and the use of modified Choppas called 'Cutty-Noives' emerged. Of course, other Orks within the Waaagh view this as un-Orky, and thus squabbles frequently develop between the 'Yakuzorks' and the more traditional 'Gangstaz' and 'Familiez'.

Battle Tactics[edit]

Since they have adapted well to life in the Hive World, the Waaagh Tang Clan is adept in urban warfare. Their Trukk drive-bys are also used in their battles, where they will attempt to reach the enemy's HQ and riddle it full of holes, in an attempt to kill the high ranks and demoralise their enemy. Their Flash Gitz use retrofitted Tau guns for their Big Shootas, adding circular magazines and a barrel grip. Some Orks call these Big Shootas 'Da Orky Type-writa'.


It is interesting to note that the Nobz are usually called 'Leftenants', with the exception of the Yakuzorks, which call their Nobs 'Waaaniki'. Their Warboss is usually called 'Boss' or 'Don', although some Yakuzork groups call them 'Oya-bunz'. Their Flash Gitz are sometimes called 'Made Boyz' or 'Foightin' Boyz'.

Some Kult of Speed followers within the Yakuzorks have created their own group called the Roicaboyz, and they can often be seen in Yakuzork territory driving their Trukks willy-nilly. They have also mastered the art of drifting their vehicles over any kind of terrain, which makes them valuable combat assets to the Waaagh.

Some of the newer Ork generations are known as Rap Battlaz, musically-endowed gits who yell in rhymes. Usually, two Rap Battlaz would 'duel', taking turns performing to determine who the winner is. Usually this lead into actual fighting, and the loser side would plan a taktikhul drive-by afterwards. As a side effect, these rhyming chants performed by Rap Battlaz can rile up the morale of Orks in the Waaagh, and strikes fear upon enemy ranks. Some Mekboys are even equipping the Waaagh's Trukks with what they call 'Boom Boxes': extra-loud amplifiers which plays these Ork rhymes on demand.

Most Doks and some Warbosses usually play a game called 'Galf' in the lulls between Waaaghs, picked up from the former elites of the Hives they now control. It involves using a special crooked stick (the 'Galf-stikk') to hit a 'Galf-ball', in the hopes the Galf-ball hit some git's head squarely and knock the git out. The Galf-ball can be anything from an albino Squig, some unlucky Grot painted white, or even skulls, as long as it's round-shaped and white in color. Sometimes, the Galf-stikk is enhanced with rocket addons, but most Orks prefer using ordinary, un-rocketed Galf-stikks.

Other sports besides Galfing which the whole Waaagh enjoy includes Blazte Ball, which is a variation on the ancient Terran pastime of Base Ball. Instead of a ball, the batter (Batta' Boy) tries to hit a live grenade ('ball') thrown by the pitcher (Throwa' Boy), the main difference being the 'defending' team runs away from the 'ball', and the Batta' Boy tries to aim towards the opposing enemy's members. The Throwa' Boy's objective is more or less similar to the Batta' Boy, in which they're trying to arm and throw the 'ball' as fast as possible towards the opposing team's member currently in the field (which usually mean the Batta' Boy). To promote sportsmanship, a neutral party is usually chosen to decide if a kill is legit or not, and the unlucky git that gets that position is called the 'Umpire Nob' derisively (although it is not uncommon for Umpire Nobs to be actual Nobz). Blazte Ball games are usually over when either the opposing team is obliterated, or both teams are obliterated, or the stadium collapsed. Besides the game itself, post-game riots are also a common pastime, often stemming from heated debates about scores or the Umpire Nob's judgement.

Another sport the Waaagh like is Bloxing, in which two Orks duel against each other, usually non-fatally. The two combatants must stick both their hands in a Squig's rear end each, and they try to make the agitated Squigs bite the enemy. The fight ends when one of them falls three times in a round, or one of them falls and doesn't get up in ten seconds or after the 12th round ends, were a jury checks which Ork has the less bite marks on them, and declare him the winner.

Notable Citizens of the Waaagh Tang Klan[edit]

The Gorkfatha The Gorkfatha, or Morkfatha sometimes, is the biggest, strongest, and cleverest Ork of all the klan. He is the only survivor of the original Ork raid and, even if he had a name, it was long forgotten. For obvious reasons he is the top guy of the whole klan, the one who controls all the families, and he is the leader mainly because he made the klan work. After the assault and take over of the entire Hive World, the original Warboss was just a brute grunt without vision of future, something a small, weak and wounded in the throad Ork noticed. The little Ork had a whole vision of a proper future for the WAAAGH. The little weak Ork just took his Cutty-knoif, a weapon he looted after battles against the Rising Sons and the Tau, and clearly cut his Warboss' head in front of everyone, making his severed neck a fountain of greenblood the little Ork was covered in.

The surprise of all the Waaagh was followed by a loud WAAAGH across the planet. If a proper Warboss couldn't defend himself against a little weak and wounded Ork, he didn't deserved to be Warboss at all. The new WAAAGH field generated made him grow, even bigger than his original boss. His first order was to spare the rest of the Humans on the planet, and them his plan was on: Prostitution, drugs, alcohol, illegal casinos. His plan was simple: Keep them afraid, keep them happy, keep them busy. With those three bases, he secured his control over the planet, preventing riots, keeping them working like grots in the maintenance of the Hive World.

He looks like a really overgrown Ork thanks for the respect and faith the rest of the klan has on him, almost thinking he is touched by Gork, or Mork, it depends on the mood. He wear a whole black slick suit with a hat on his head. His expression was cold, calmed and serious, something almost impossible in an Ork, and he used some hair from a Hairsquig to make him a fine white beard. He never cried, yelled or screamed mainly because his throat was wounded and when he decides to talk, he does so in a weak quiet whisper, something everyone learned to fear, because he mostly talks before someone dies in one of the most gruesome, dirty and painful ways.

Once in a week he meets with all the family leaders so he can have a good control of everything.

Tiga in da Woods Until recently, the top Galfa on the planet was "Tiga in da Woods", but he was exiled from his house when it was discovered that he was fighting in battles that the rest of the house didn't know existed. Since that time, he has come with the closest ork analogue to the human condition of "depression", meaning he occasionally is only a little happy after a battle. While he still fights for the Waaagh Tang Klan, he no longer finds himself winning Galf Games, often taking three or four more Galf-Balls to knock out a git.

Ghostface Killah the Kommando

Masta Killa

Ol' Doity Bastid A Runtherd who tended to the sewage systems of the hive world. A veteran of the crash of Da Moon Saila. Took up Rap Battlan until he died.

Method Boy


Ar Zi Ay and Gee Zi Ay A rare case of Ork 'twin', in which one spore produced two fully mature Orks. They have a kind of personal waaagh field which acts like telepathy. They have also decided to stick with each other, and have risen through the ranks into a pair of tough Made Boyz. Now they serve as bodyguards to any Nob they think is worthy enough for their strength.

'Two-Pak' Shooker

'Da Notoryouz' Biggie Smallz

Condensed Timeline[edit]

  • The Ork Rok 'Da Moon Saila' crashes into Hive World Statenia, demolishing the PDF, IG regiment, and most of the Human government there.
  • Gorkfatha usurped former Warboss, decides to spare the civilians. Gorkfatha became De Facto Warboss. Start of the Tradishnul Gangsta Kultur.
  • Skirmish with Rising Sons and rise of the Yakuzork Kultur.
  • Newer generation Orks develop Rap Gangsta Kultur.

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